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  1. tinab08

    New here

    I had my sleeve done in 2015 lost about 80 pounds 5 years gained it all back and then some finally got the courage to getting the bypass done now im scheduled for march 8 2020 im excited and nervous i really hope this helps
  2. tinab08

    A new surgery date

    Im feeling the same so many emotions at once my surgery is march 8 good luck on urs!
  3. tinab08

    Got my date

    Congrats on ur date just waiting to get my approval hopefully around 2 weeks they said
  4. tinab08

    5 months post op

    Hi sonya I am 5 months post op and ive lost 61 pounds so far i to read that ppl r losing crazy amounts of weight for 5 months but as for me im in no hurry im doing what i can and pacing myself i get excited when i step on the scale and see the results im just happy losing and not gaining Good luck to u
  5. Hi everybody just curious im 3 months post op and i have lost 50 pounds to me i feel like im not losing enough weight can u guys share how much weightu have lost for 3 months in just trying to see if im doing ok Thanks in advance
  6. Hi like i said already had my sleeve done i have lost 50 pounds so far i feel like its coming off slow i cant tell any difference in how my clothes fit i also have a football size hernia im guessing thats whats making my stomach buldge out im constantly constipated feeling very nautious has anybody felt like this and any advice for constipation besides stool softeners (tried those) i guess im trying to figure out y i cant see a difference in my body any advice anybody?
  7. Can anyone 4 week post op losing weight with excersice tell what kind of excercises they r doing and for how long cause i am walking but not everyday and the days i dont walk i feel lousy any advice will be appreciated
  8. tinab08

    Depression, Anxiety and Anger

    Trust me your not the only one i did all the research i could before asked alot of questions but not once did anyone or any doctor talk about the depresion i was feeling it started from the first day i was in the hospital believe me i got hit hard with it noone to talk to about it i was really scared and yes ill say it i regretted having my sleeve but now 14 days out ive learned not to let myself be down and focus on the big prize i have lost 25 pounds in my first week just so u know it will get better best of luck
  9. Sounds like heavan !!!!
  10. tinab08

    Looking for a friend

    Hi kathy im doing good so far the first appt will be nerve racking hang in there if u want to talk or ask me questions please feel free ive been post op for 12 days
  11. tinab08

    Looking for a friend

    Trust me if there is anything ive learned since ive had my surgery is being around positive people it helps u get through tough times im here if at anytime u wanna talk
  12. tinab08

    Hate chewable multivitamins

    Hello everybody i heard of a product that is a patch vitamin i havent tried them but i went on there website and looked there was a multivitamin and calcium and a bunch of other ones i just dont know how effective they r for us bariatric patients heres the website if anybody wants to check them out patchmd.com
  13. tinab08

    Looking for a friend

    Im doing ok thanks for asking im still in the hospital walking eating ice chips having pain but they r controlling it
  14. tinab08

    In the hospital

    Thank u im trying
  15. So now im finally post op but still in the hospital i got my new sleeve yesterday honestly not in to much pain the only one that hurts is under my belly button cause thats where they pulled out stomach ive been walking around and havin ice chips but i cannot bend boy that hurt !!!! My surgeon says maybe a couple of more days before i can go home So if anybody has any questions to ask me ill be happy to answer if i can

PatchAid Vitamin Patches