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    Nail polish/Acrylic nails

    Your nails and feet are fine. They will put the oxygen monitor on your index finger regularly, you are going to regret being raggedy after surgery. [emoji1]
  2. I have too read there's not any long term data, but it can be concluded on your own. They remove a large portion of your stomach. This gives the individual an opportunity at a fresh and jumpstart. It give an opportunity to reset the body while producing drastic results in the beginning. If you choose to avoid being serious with lifestyle changes you will have to start over and go to the last resort of bypass. If you feel that strongly long term results, effects, and possible revision its up to you to make the changes stick and be successful.
  3. My surgery is scheduled for 01/14. I have been trying to stick to my pre op diet, but it's been a struggle. I'm nervous about shrinking my liver enough to be successful. Any advice...
  4. MsAshley0307

    Surgery Date January 13th.

    my appointment is at 12:30p tomorrow if it makes you feel any better
  5. MsAshley0307

    Surgery Date January 13th.

    I went back and forth with the idea of getting surgery for years. I finally decided why not. Nothing has been effective for me and thousands of dollars have been wasted and more weight gained. I decided that's it's for me to finally move forward with surgery. My only regret at this point is not doing it sooner.
  6. Great idea! I'll past one coming home.
  7. MsAshley0307

    Liquid Diet Diarrhea

    This has been my experience. I don't understand it. I had one day of running to the restroom now I can barely go.
  8. MsAshley0307

    Share your profession

    Special Education Teacher
  9. MsAshley0307

    Struggling with pre op diet

    and you saved about $100 ???? I look forward to saving money on food!
  10. MsAshley0307

    Struggling with pre op diet

    I see a lot of trainers doing that. I thought it was funny and ridiculous at first, but now I'm so on board.
  11. MsAshley0307

    Struggling with pre op diet

    so true I haven't been cheating for that reason. I just try to avoid being ridiculously hungry. Lol
  12. MsAshley0307

    Struggling with pre op diet

    I was thinking that way too, you're right. I appreciate it.
  13. MsAshley0307

    Struggling with pre op diet

    I have been drinking water like crazy and I added veggies to my diet.
  14. MsAshley0307

    Struggling with pre op diet

    Thank you. I'll look for them. Someone on here mentioned they had found flavored sipping broths. I would like to have some on hand for afterwards
  15. MsAshley0307

    Struggling with pre op diet

    protein bars, soups, and protein shake. All which Are hard to eat because the taste is horrible
  16. MsAshley0307

    Struggling with pre op diet

    It's hard going from regular food to this. I'm nervous about being rejected because of my liver size.
  17. MsAshley0307

    January VSG

    I'm scheduled for January 14.
  18. MsAshley0307

    Surgery dates?

    that's so soon! Good luck to you!
  19. I looked it up. Sounds good. Sounds better than sipping regular chicken broth all day. Let me know what you think I want to order some.
  20. MsAshley0307

    Hello My Heros!

    That's really helpful information! Thank you!
  21. MsAshley0307

    Anyone kept their procedure a secret?

    It's tough. You are not cheating, but you are doing what works for you. Many people don't understand that and will become negative. It is important to have some support. Perhaps you can find someone you can trust by bringing it up in an indirect way (like refer to it as someone else's decision) and see the reaction.
  22. I'm happy for you too. Sometimes we have to teach ourselves when it's ok to be selfish. This is a perfect time. You will be fine ( in all ways, girl ????????) you deserve it. Mini strokes are not something to take lightly. I wish you nothing but the best. I'm with you.
  23. From my experience they don't require a specific amount of weight to be loss, but want to see something steady to show you can follow a program of some sort. My cousin and I both went through the process. We both had concerns about losing too much weight, but it was told to us that it's better to lose what you can in order to have a safer procedure so I would recommending asking your doctor/surgeon more questions on it. Don't get too comfortable eating everything you want to shrink your liver and not have complications.
  24. I'm in CA date scheduled for January 14. The hoops for insurance are definitely more nerve wrecking than than the procedure. It gives you one more things to have to worry about, but by the grace of God things are working out.