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    Long Distance Dating?

    I don't know if this is even something I want to pursue.. My last 2 relationships were with people who lived out of town. One was about 4 hours away from me me here in Texas and the other was about an hour away. There were always reasons why either of us couldn't make the commute, and more recently my last boyfriend ( fiance actually ) was just always so unavailable to visit or for me to visit for only God knows reasons. To make a very long story short.. I went to a wedding about 1.5 hours from my home town. I met someone, and its scary how many things we have in common although personality wise we are distinct. Any how he is a great guy from what I am getting to know about him. We have been talking and texting over the phone this past month and we met for dinner one of those nights. I really enjoy his company and he told me he is very interested in me and I in turn said, I am as well and would like to see what will happen. Hind site is 20/20.. my last 2 relationships were long distance and I was not happy. I need time not a TON of time but some good time with the person I am dating. I am caught in a hard place right now. I am really unsure what to do. I like him and I feel like it could be something .. but I also dont want to fall into the same crap as before with the no time no commuting etc. I have no idea what I am doing. It would be nice to have a local companion.. but that never happens for me. Please any advice would be great
  2. ladivaluz806

    Long Distance Dating?

    Well at this point I am very excited and I try to be as optimistic as I possibly can. Every time I start to feel like he will be like my ex was , he unknowingly proves me wrong. So far so good !!!
  3. ladivaluz806

    Long Distance Dating?

    Ah.. thank you all for your input.. I am so hopeful after reading your posts. I will keep moving forward and look forward to what the is in store for us
  4. ladivaluz806

    Long Distance Dating?

    I agree with that @@OKCPirate, yes it is tough to do but I shouldn't project that on him. He seems to be pretty amazing from what I have seen thus far. We each have one child left at home , both girls, both 16 and actually 3 days apart on their birthdays, among many other things. I've never had a boyfriend who lives in town since I've been divorced since 2001.
  5. ladivaluz806

    Long Distance Dating?

    I want to be hopeful... But my stupid past experiences mind blow me and I already tend to overthink quite a bit. I guess its true what they say , who ever they is.. You make time for what is important to you.
  6. ladivaluz806

    They seemed sane...Dating horror stories

    These stories are getting better and better, sheesh the fact that these are real stories is mindblowing!!
  7. ladivaluz806

    They seemed sane...Dating horror stories

    Ah.... so much to look forward to in the dating world... I dont do online dating, I have in the past and it was horrible. I'll just hold out for the good old fashioned way . just meeting people. I know thats not very ambitious but I also am in no rush. Love the stories though lol I have a fair share as well!
  8. I feel like my sleevie is more restricted now at 4 months post op than in the beginning. Could this happen?

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    oops i may have added too much to that one LMAO its: ladivavsg ☺
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    I love IG and the support there, ladivaluzvsg !!
  11. ladivaluz806

    Are There Any Single Sleevers Out There..

    Single , excited to see what is in store for me, 4 months post op ☺☺☺☺
  12. ladivaluz806

    Inverted gastric sleeve

    hmm interesting, is this what you are considering having done?
  13. ladivaluz806


    Every diet ive ever tried has worked great, its maintaining that i have issues with and most WLS patients are the same. WLS requires a change in eating for sure to be successful as well. To answer your question, yes you can be successful losing weight with dieting programs, its the maintaining part that is tough for most of us. Sleeves are an amazing tool no doubt
  14. ladivaluz806

    Inverted gastric sleeve

    Interesting , this is also the first ive heard of this .. I would like to hear info on this as well.
  15. ladivaluz806

    Eating my feelings...

    Thank you, each day is getting easier and I would hate to gain back what has been very tough to lose. I just didnt give a crap for a few days, but i feel better now. In the grander scheme of things I know in my heart I am better off. Thanks for providing the shoulder ladies
  16. You will do great! Congrats! !!
  17. ladivaluz806

    Day 19 Post Op.....

    Awesome! Congrats!
  18. So basically i am getting the feeling that we are supposed to be on a low carb diet from now on , does that seem pretty accurate? I have been stalled for 2 weeks sitting between 240-243. Ive been eating low to no carbs for breakfast and lunch and then having a little for dinner. Should i just cut them down for dinner too? I cant say i am having tons maybe a few from crackers or a small portion of potato, or even flat out bread.
  19. ladivaluz806

    Project Runway, Fashion, and Plus Sizes

    It was my absolute FAVE, shes very creative and has an amazing eye for style geared toward plus size women Cant wait to see whats next!
  20. Hi! And yes everyones sleeve works diffrently, personally for me to lose i have to keep my carbs at 50g or less per day. Less if you want to lose faster I supposed. But I keep it 50g which some days I dont reach that amount. My dr said to eat my protein first, and IF i have room i can have a veggie carb. Bread is hard to eat so I rarely eat it , but I do love a toasted corn tortilla at least once or twice a week. I eat it because it is within my 50grams. You will be able to eat, again like you said its about moderation. I can still eat a whole cake I am sure, if i pick at it all day. In my mind I know I shouldnt so I dont. The sleeve doesnt fix or change the mind for sure. Its hard but not impossible to do and once you get started its easy to follow your drs plan. High proteins first, lots of water (sip all day) and low carbs. Good Luck!
  21. I remember feeling this way too.. I got a little cup of ice and added a little lemon to it and a dash of salt. My dr didnt seem to have a problem with it but MAN it was heaven to me.
  22. ladivaluz806

    Band to sleeve

    Hi! I am a former lap-bander who revised to the sleeve in April. I had my LB for 9 years and at the end of the day i lost 26 pounds total with it. I did a revision and I am very happy with it. Id do it again in a heartbeat!
  23. ladivaluz806

    What do you tell people?

    I will start off by saying to each his/her own. I work with 2 women who choose not to tell anyone they had WLS. One of our coworkers ( they are all supervisors) came to my office and asked me about my surgery, to which I am very open about. She spilled the Beans about the other 2 women who have had it and are keeping it a secret. Even one who is my supervisor with whom we have discussed on several occasions WLS and how she said she was going to Mexico to get it done one day. She keeps it a secret as well. I could care less if she or anyone wants to share. I can say that I feel that I find it deceitful to want people to think you did this without our new "tool". All of a sudden your workout and eating habits that were never successful before all of a sudden are working great. Some fear that they will be judged for having surgery, others really want people to think that their miracle diet is working. Its bull in a handbasket, and I am proud that i had WLS. It saved my life. Lies are hard to keep up with. No thanks.
  24. My Dr. stated that it was just to get my used to how I would eating post-op. I lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks doing this.