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    HELP! Cant stop eating!

    No need to be rude Babbs just drives me nuts when people don't accept you can feel hungry and blame it on thirst etc. My surgeon and biological studies says it's totally normal for hunger to return in this time frame body finds away to produce gerhlin with stomach left n the sensation of hunger aka sensation in your stomach is the stmach contracting n rubbing together when it's empty part hormonal driven part mechanical by knowing it's empty. That's in its very simplistic terms. on here though many ppl just parrot the same responses n ignore biology and lay blame at the person. No one on here can take the high road with just 'stop eating n follow your meal plan' as we all needed surgery to fix our over eating issues. If it was so easy blendgirl you shouldn't have had surgery n just stopped eating so much as your helpful advise says. Sharon1964 I liked your response.
  2. Beachsprite

    HELP! Cant stop eating!

    I know how you feel the hunger is back big time. And no its not thirst or reflux and yes I have all my protein. The battle is real and I feel your pain! I hope someone has some better advice than the stock replies
  3. Beachsprite

    Ideal size?

    My size goal I think in US sizes is a comfortable size 10. Not been that for a decade. I should be that around 150lb.
  4. Beachsprite

    Valentine's Day Weight Loss Challenge

    Hi thank you for doing this I work full time with 3 young kids and know how hectic that is!! My starting weight is 181lb and goal is 165
  5. Beachsprite

    Dare I Ask?

    it has taught me to be grateful for my body imperfections and all. pre being morbidly obese i was always a little chubby and hid ti away ashamed and always comparing myself to others. Then I got really big and missed that slightly chubby body that could run and jump and play sports and go on long walks - now i'm slowly getting back to slightly chubby (and a little baggier and saggier) rather than morbidly obese i'm so happy and grateful for the better range of movement and fitness and i'm very grateful for the body i have now and morphing into. It's never going to be tight and toned but i'm not going to compare myself to those that are and just be grateful for what i am. It has also been an interesting soical experiment with how people treat you, i've always got on well with men when i was much slimmer this was seen as a threat to other woman and many used to be pretty horrible to me (start rummours and bullying), but even though i'm the same when bigger women saw me as less of threat so nicer to me even though i hang out with guys mostly. will see if attitudes change again when i get smaller or if people just reliese i'm no threat i'm just a tomboy at heart Finally it has taught me not to be so self defacing - i frequently mocked myself and my weight to make other's feel more comfortable around me almost like - i'll say what people are thinking so they don't say it or think i didn't realize i have a weight problem etc. I won't and don't do that anymore even though i'm still big.
  6. phone, charger, body wash/shower gel and deodorant other than comfy clothes to go in that all i need the whole time all meds and food and water etc were provided.
  7. how about a Fitbit or Garmin Vivosmart activity tracker? It's what iv'e got a few people I have one myself and greatly increases my activity by trying to meet my step goals everyday.
  8. Beachsprite

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    weighed in at 182lb for the 14th of dec
  9. Ok so i'm still big and I've been this big or bigger quite a long time, however the nearly 50lb loss has apparently made me a tiny bit less invisible to the opposite gender. And quite frankly rather than being complimented by it it's freaking me out and making me feel uncomfortable especially since i'm married. Which is sooooo weird to me since i spent my teens and early twenties being a bit of a flirt, I had always been a man's woman if that's a thing, i'm in IT, i love fishing and martial arts etc and when i used to be younger and much slimmer i a stream of boyfriends and flings as well as always having close male friends. BUT I've now a married mum with 3 young kids and spent the last 5 years hovering around morbid obesity and losing all interest in that sort of thing and happy being invisible. Anyway it's nothing major but I have a feeling it might get worse the slimmer i get but I just don't know how to handle it anymore any tips - especially since i'm married and have no interest in anyone else? I just seem to freeze up like a deer caught in headlights and wonder what the hell??
  10. i was back on a week alter and was fine
  11. HI Everyone! I know people always say inches are more important than lbs etc but man it's frustrating i'm close to my 50lb down mark now (hoping to meet that for my birthday next week!) and obviously i'm pleased so far BUT I've only dropped one dress size, I was a US 18 and now i'm a 16. I only have two pairs of work pants i rotate while going through weight loss and plan to do the same until reach goal, the size 16 ones I have are looking baggy and shabby and i have a conference to go to in a few weeks i need to look smart for. So I rocked up to the shops expecting to be a solid 14 but no... couldn't get a single pair to do up over my stomach need to lose another good 3-4 inchs there to go down a size! I must have just stretched out the (cheap) fabric of my current ones making me think i'd lost a size I was really disappointed. So still a size 16 after nearly 50lb loss and looks like i'll need to lose at least another 10 taking me up to 60lb lose to get there. Anyone else having to lose 30lb+ to lose a single size at my kind of weight? So frustrating those "normal" clothes sizes seem just out of reach and with it the racks of variety!
  12. Beachsprite

    First 5K

    That's great! That's one of my goals for maybe around March time to do a 5k seems a big ask but I'm going to do that couch to 5k thing over a few months - did you do that too?
  13. try protein bars instead that are soy based- i can't have protein shakes or milk based (WHEY) bars - but i'm doing ok - you wouldn't lose that much muscle in such a short time - it's more likely caused by anemia or thyroid issues or an electrolyte imbalance especially if you are not drinking enough- so as others have suggested go see someone and get blood works done. Also beef jerky, eggs and meat and beans etc all good sources of protein you don't really need shakes at 3 months out - they help sure but not 100% needed.
  14. Beachsprite

    3 months hair loss

    I'm on week 3, and this week it's twice as bad as last week and last week was bad I've been through this a number of times before but it's never easy, i have a bob haircut between jaw and shoulder and fine hair to start with. I am keeping it this length at least for another year until it stops falling then the regrowth about catches up. then i will grow it longer again. oh yeah an i officially blocked the shower drain filter with my hair the other day! - a neat trick for someone who has fairly short hair!
  15. Beachsprite

    I need help..vitiams

    i have the same issue - apparently some people are very sensitive to the iron supplements which many of the bariatric ones have quite a bit of in them. I have to have a quarter of a chewable one at the time which makes me quesy with food, but if i had a whole one i'd power vomit that thing up within 5 minutes :|
  16. Beachsprite

    What is your Anthem?

    Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
  17. Hi all, well an update on me - i've lost 53 since pre op diet can't be bothered to calculate from surgery date! I'm averaging 1kg a week which is 2.2 lbs - sometimes nothing something more but normally around that. My wins : I'm well over half way to goal, I have just about dropped 2 pants sizes, I bought my first woman fit t-shirt yesterday for the first time in years as i normally just wear my husbands baggy casts offs I also bought a couple of bras that fit properly - until i got them i hadn't realized how baggy and unsupportive my old ones were! I can finally see the changes in the mirror- more so with clothes on than off still look very blobby with them off! I have more confidence - i don't feel like everyone stares at what a fatty on a motorbike, and have started getting changed in front of my husband where as before i'd hide or do it in the dark. I'm much more active and thanks to my wrist pedometer hitting goal steps most days. I've enjoyed buying a couple of pieces of clothing i actually like and not just what fits and doesn't look overly hideous - i'm just boarding on "normal" sizes My Difficulties: Hair loss has been going on a few weeks now and i have thin hair already so not ideal. Multi vitamins make me vomit, it's hard to get them in i try a quarter of a chewable one at each meal but still makes me queasy. So yes wins outweigh the difficulties Anyone other August Sleevers want to share their wins and issues?
  18. Beachsprite

    Support group help

    I agree you should give it ago. We don't have support groups here but if they did i'd love to see someone with a big before picture of themselves and standing there in the flesh as proof and an inspiration that it can and does work with some effort! p.s. you look great in those jeans!
  19. Beachsprite

    Protein Options

    i can't handle them - became lactose and galactose intolerant, freaked me out during puree/liquid stage as i was struggling to get protein in, but i ended up blending meat with a little veggie soup and having savory protein shakes well not shakes but you know a high protein soup/gravey that was yummy and obviously not sweet!
  20. it's complicated....... but here are the factors i've identified: 1) I have always been an overeatter since childhood - i just loved food and craved carbs, i'd sneak food etc. - but because i was very sporty i kept the weight off, i was borderline normal/overweight, but i imagine if i wasn't sporty i'd have been obese. 2) When moved countries gave up sports and met my husband and got a bit too comfortable so maybe a 20-25lb gain there Then..... 3) This is chicken and egg issue and TMO... but either having kids killed my hyper (borderline nympo) S drive and i replaced one addiction with eating even more food in the form of a carb addiction..... or gaining weight while pregnant etc killed my S drive as i didn't feel good about myself anymore - it's all a bit mixed up which caused what. Anyway times that by 3 kids in 4 years while working full time all added to no time for hobbies or anything for myself and money as tight so i took pleasure and comfort and reward in food. OF course there was dozens of dieting attempts and sometimes i'd lose 50lb then rebound very quickly. So no one reason but I do believe i was born with a stronger drive to eat than most since i remember being very young and sneaking food /day dreaming about my next sugar fix which none of my siblings did.
  21. Beachsprite

    Can You Stop at “Just One?”

    So for me if a cake etc was at home that i liked - i'd keep picking at it all the time- so i don't buy them. However i can have a little bit of birthday cake or a couple of chocolates at someone elses's place/party and then not have anymore or and doing that doesn't trigger me rushing to the shops to buy more. So i don't deny myself a little bit if it's not at my house but i avoid buying them to be kept at home. I have a family though who still have treats - i just get ones i don't like so i'm not tempted i.s. ice-cream flavors i don't like, chocolate with nuts in that i can't stand but my family likes etc. So yes i can have one and leave it at that outside of the home, but if it's staring me in the face (or hiding in the cupboard!) at home or in my office desk drawers then no i can't control myself.
  22. mine was fairly progressive, although not quite that fats, mine was no liquid stage straight on to purees - I was swollowing pills and eating yogurt hours out of surgery. Purees was a week or two, then soft foods (mushed tuna and eggs on a light cracker etc fine) for a couple of weeks and then normal food as tolerated. I had no issues with this speed and healed perfectly. the thing that shocked me the most was swallowing these great big pills hours out of surgery - it as a little sore but the surgeon insured me it wouldn't do me any harm (he's done hundreds and hundreds of surgeries)

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