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  1. I am right there with you guys, the liquid diet is for the birds! I fully understand it's purpose, I just wish it was 2 weeks long instead of 3 weeks. So ready for a scrambled egg with Cholula on it!(it's a hot sauce) I hope my sleeve can handle the sauce....

    As for the Protein shakes, I am using the Premier Protein premade shakes. They come in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry and are all pretty tasty. Tomorrow, I am going to try adding some PB2 to the chocolate one and seeing how that goes. I am having a problem getting more then 1-1.5 in a day though. They are 30 grams of Protein each, so if I keep having 1.5 thats 45 grams of protein. Really wish I could choke down the other half and get 60grams. Maybe as time goes on? Anyone else having that issue of not meeting 60G protein goals in the first few weeks?

    Also, LUCKY! I wish mashed potatoes were on my full liquids diet! That sounds delicious right about now.

    I had PB2 in my chocolate shake this morning and it was awesome. I think it will be good in vanilla, too. 1 tablespoon has a couple extra grams of protein. And the unjury has flavorless protein you could add to beef up each smaller portion. Haven't tried yet, tho.

  2. I was out to dinner and movie with a friend and a friend-of-a-friend. I really didn't expect the other friend to be there but I was itching to tell someone and see how it went, so I just blurted out I have some news to share and told them I am looking at WLS. The other friend got all excited because she had lap band years ago and it was the best thing that ever happened to her. I was so glad I shared ... I got a lot of support and a new WLS buddy ???? My mom, dad, and hubby all know and are supportive, too. Only one person has said not to do it ... but after explaining why he changed his tune. I can't imagine I'll lose a friend over this but if I do, it's their loss.

  3. Getting off meds. Doing anything active with my family .... kiddos love to go on bike rides, hubby wants to go kyaking, and I'd love to go for a jog with my oldest. Losing the pudgy look. Wearing dresses again. I wear shorts, go swimming, and take pictures with my family now, tho I know I look overweight ... I'm actually surprised each time I see myself in pictures because I do not feel like I look ... so I'm looking forward to looking the way I feel. I got over a lot of self esteem issues in the last two years. Learned to love who I am, as I am. I think this will help tremendously after I have wls. Can't wait!

  4. Congrats on all these wonderful, positive changes you have brought into your life! I can totally understand wanting to just be with him and this not be an issue. However, it's clearly still an "issue" for you psychologically or you wouldn't be so focused on surpressing it. Chances are, he's not going to have any negative feelings about it. I even bet he'll fall more in love with you because who wouldn't fall for a girl who has overcome such adversity? You'll be an inspiration to him, you'll see. When the time is right, you can tell him. But don't be afraid to tell him for his sake. When you're ready.

  5. I have slacked off with my diet and Water intake. Today is the day I am getting back in control. Now with that said I haven't done that bad but I will not go backwards. We work way to hard. I like the way I feel. I like the things I can do now! Forward on!!! ☺️

    This has got me all fired up! Thanks ????