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  1. Breaking up with food was the hardest part of this whole journey for me. And even a year+ out, I still miss food. Some days are worse than others but it's still a struggle. Food is involved in so much - social events, celebrations, traditions. I know how my brain works and I have to be really restrictive because I cannot have just one bite - especially of certain things. It's actually easier to avoid the bad stuff entirely than it is to fight with myself if I have a bite. I have very minimal self control. I LOVE my new body though...and I've loved seeing the progress that comes with being good. You need to break up with food the same way you'd have to break up with an abusive relationship. it hurts for a long time...you miss it...you think you need it for comfort and support. Truth is, you don't. You'll be happier and healthier without the junk. You'll find your 'zone' and you'll feel so amazing when you stay in the zone, you won't want to stray. You can read about my food break-up on my blog if you like - www.gastricallydifferent.blogspot.com.
  2. 11 months post op. I've been religious about logging every.single.bite on myfitnesspal since 2 weeks pre-op. Once I started eating real food, I was at about 400 calories a day. I worked my way up to 700-750. But I haven't lost more than 5 pounds since early March. The last 5 or so days, I've increased my calories to around 900 and lost three pounds. Could no loss be because I wasn't eating enough? I workout at least 4x per week at 75 minutes a workout - 60 cardio and 15+ with resistance. I'm down well over 100 pounds now. I just wish I knew the magic secret to start losing at a more consistant rate - I'm less than 30 pounds from goal now!!!!
  3. Celebrated my 125 pounds lost with some ink - my first!!! I knew as soon as I started this journey that I would document it in some way with a tattoo. After reading some of Glennon Melton Doyle, I knew what I'd want my tattoo to say - "I can do hard things". Just because something is hard or challenging isn't an excuse to not do it. I have done hard things, I will do hard things, I CAN do hard things. Now every time I look at my feet, I'll be reminded that I am strong and capable of doing hard things. The flowers are just some plumeria that remind me of tropical vacations.
  4. Amylou


    This is the one thing I haven't been "good" about. I jumped back in with coffee at 3 months post-op. I'm not one to drink it all day long but I do have my two cups in the morning with sugar-free creamer.
  5. Amylou

    Plugged up....

    Water water water water water water and water. Exercise too.
  6. Amylou


    I had an upper endoscopy last year - 6 months pre-op - and I was scared out of my mind but it wasn't a big deal at all. I asked for some anti-anxiety meds as soon as I got there and they gave me a valium. Then when the procedure started, the drug they give you is amazing. The spray they use to numb your gag reflex tastes horrible but that's the worst part of the whole deal. It took me longer to come out of the twilight medicine than the entire look-see took. I was starving when done and we went and I had some oatmeal afterwards - no sore throat or anything. I know it's scary but it's a good prep to see how you'll do when the big surgery day comes!! Just relax and if you need something to calm down, ASK for it!!
  7. Amylou

    I said "No Way"!

    I am SO happy for you!!!! What an amazing feeling!!! GO YOU!!!
  8. Stalls are part of this journey. Your body does not want to give in to your new ways without rearing it's opinion too. Just stay the course. Follow the rules. Be diligent about logging food, drinking Water, focusing on Protein intake, exercising and sleep. The scale will move again!!!! Do not give up. I've had stalls that lasted one week and I've had one that lasted a month. Just stay the course. You got this.
  9. Amylou


    I love it. Seriously, I'm not a big gym rat but I look forward to my 9 Round workouts!!
  10. Amylou

    Need support...

    It DOES get better. The sugar is leaving your body kicking and screaming. Detoxing and shrinking your liver is a grueling process. The first 4 days are rough. However, the reward is great. Hang in there. Follow your plan to the letter. Vent to us on the board. it's hard work but so worth it.
  11. Amylou

    Any singers out there?

    I'm 13 weeks out from surgery today - so far, I've heard zero difference.
  12. My kids are 10, 4 and 2. I was home for 2 weeks in June and their normal lives continued as if I was at work - meaning they all continued in daycare. Mornings and evenings were tricky for my husband as I wasn't driving for the first week but I'd still get up and help him get them all ready and then I'd go back to bed. My mom came over every day to help me during the day and keep me company. My younger two were the ones who didn't understand what was going on - still wanted to crawl all over me and be picked up. After I showed them my tummy - with all the bandages and bruises, they were much more gentle with me. 3 months out, they still don't get why they don't see me eat or why I rarely sit down at the dinner table with them. Someday they will though. I think your kids are old enough to at least help each other if you can't.
  13. Complications are real...they are...but I think a patients attitude going into surgery can vastly improve the complication slippery slope. You cannot control everything about this procedure. Be patient with yourself. Follow the doctor's orders down to the letter. Do not do what they tell you not to do. Walk. Drink Water. Drink water. Drink water. Walk some more. Nap. Most importantly, think positively. If something feels horribly wrong, then get it checked out but seriously, this is major surgery. You're going to hurt. Life is going to be different afterwards. But SOOOO much better.
  14. I'm 3 months post-op today. I haven't had my first post-op drink yet - but I did have 3-4 sips of my husbands margarita a couple weeks ago and I was feeling it big time - like I didn't think I could drive.
  15. I'm on citalophram - the generic for Celexa. I'm on it due to depression and I have been for many many years. It was not an issue to get approved for WLS at all.
  16. Amylou


    I eat sashimi regularly. I can't eat much - usually 6-8 pieces depending on the size - and I stick to fish - no eel, no octopus, nothing too crazy. I am also careful about how much soy sauce I use as it's so full of sodium that I struggle to catch up with Water later. I've tried a few pieces of a hand roll here and there but yes, the rice is a problem for me and just not worth it. Ahi Poke is an awesome 'starter' at some sushi joints - which is Ahi chopped up in tiny chunks with chili oil and seseme oil drizzled on it. It's awesome and totally OK for us to eat.
  17. Amylou

    I HATE exercising! What Should I do?!

    I've never been a gym rat but now that I'm down 40 pounds since my surgery, I'm feeling more confident about working out...and the trick for me was I found something I LOVE. I do a circuit training kickboxing workout twice a week that I sincerely look forward to. The other days, I hop on my treadmill or my elliptical for 45 minutes to an hour and watch something on tV at the same time. Do I love that?? Not so much...but I can do it without pain and I feel amazing afterwards. Find something you love. Do some research - try different things - our Community Education offers a ton of recreation for kids and adults...that's an inexpensive way to try out some activities.
  18. Amylou

    is something wrong

    You need to determine if you're experiencing 'brain hunger' or legitimate hunger. If I feel a pang that resembles hunger, it's my sign that I need to drink more Water. I do not feel real hunger anymore...however the water hunger, I do feel.
  19. Barely any pain. Could have easily made it thru with just the Tordol.
  20. I had shortness of breath for the first week to 10 days - and I believe it was a pocket of gas sitting under my sternum. It went away during the second week of recovery.
  21. Amylou

    I'm afraid!

    First of all, fear is normal. I think we'd all be concerned if you joined saying "I'm not afraid at all!!". Deciding on WLS is a big deal. It's a gigantic life change. It's permanent. It throws your entire life out of 'norm' into a new normal. I don't think that the surgical plan from sleeve to RNY should be a game-changer. You will still get amazing results from a RNY. I had mine 8 weeks ago and am down 31 pounds since surgery and 51 pounds since the pre-op diet. I had some extreme anxiety before my surgery - one day I'd be super excited, the next day I'd be freaking out and wanting to run and hide. However once the day came, I just did it. And I don't regret one single thing about it. Recovery wasn't bad AT ALL. Slowly introducing foods back wasn't horrible at all. The entire process has been so much better than I thought it would be. Yes there are moments of difficulty...but in the big picture, they are just that - Moments. Not hours, not days, not weeks of hating my body. They are mere moments of self-pity. I would have been way more nervous about the sleeve!! I was told that there's greater chance of leaking and infection in the sleeve procedure. The RNY is the 'gold standard' and the procedure that's been practiced for the longest period of time. Feel confident in that - hundreds of thousands of people have had it....and lived to tell about it!! You will enjoy this forum - it's very supportive and there are hundreds of people who have been right where you are.
  22. It's not a huge concern because I have plenty of hair - PLENTY of hair - but I'm noticing more coming out in the shower when I wash then usual. When does hair loss happen typically? Is 8 weeks post-op too soon?
  23. I'm 7 weeks out and have had pizza already - super saucy, not a ton of meat toppings, didn't eat the top crust...but I have enjoyed 1 small slice on two separate occasions.
  24. I had my RNY done on 6/22. Recovery was a breeze and I'm back to work this week. I also graduated from the liquid diet to pureed food this week. Kinda confused on what I can eat but I picked up some thicker Soups for a start and of course, my bff Greek Yogurt. Today, I had some cottage cheese. OMG. It tasted AMAZING. Like - I cannot believe how great it tasted. I also have had this weird feeling all over my tongue like I've been sucking on a cotton ball...no matter how much I brush my teeth or how much Water I drink, it's there. I emailed my NUT and she suggested some sugar free candy to suck on. So I picked up some peppermints and they tasted amazing too!! I feel I'm eating for the first time ever all over again!! Also, who stalled out at week 2? The scale hasn't moved since Wednesday.

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