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  1. Daveo

    The Biggest Loser

    lots of horror stories with that show, I really watched it to see what the temptations were going to be.
  2. Daveo

    Love at First Swipe

    I want to watch that show now!
  3. Daveo

    The Biggest Loser

    @@Babbs lmao! but I want to hear what you have to say!!!
  4. @@stasy-prime I'd say if you are on the liquid stage then that's the perfect time! lol cheese at the soft food stage. lol Really depends on how you feel. I had a drink like 2 months after my surgery and it hit me hard but mainly because of the sugar in the mixed drinks I had. All surgeons are gonna say at least 6 months to a year so just do what you feel is right for you.
  5. Daveo

    My 600 Pound Life: 2016 Season

    Did anyone watch last nights episode? I couldn't believe that dude came up to her in her truck! She did a good job though of losing weight for surgery.
  6. I used Milk of Magnesia when this happened to me, worked great.
  7. Daveo

    Does anyone have Health Plan of Nevada?

    I had HPN when I got my surgery and it was a pretty easy process. I didn't have to lose weight I just had to make sure I didn't gain any.
  8. Daveo

    Chat Room

    @@lamulatona was today your surgery? how are you feeling?
  9. Daveo

    Online dating

    I tried Okcupid and POF, honestly those ones are not working for me. Maybe It's because I'm in Nevada that there are more "working" girls on there. A paid site such as Eharmony or Match would be my next choice once I lose more weight. At least I know at some point in the communication they have to be a paid member to communicate. lol
  10. Daveo

    Cottage Cheese

    I love it with peaches
  11. Daveo

    Chat Room

    @@lamulatona on the top under patient you can select the chat room
  12. Daveo

    Chat Room

    what time is anyone going to be in there? I'm going in now.
  13. Daveo

    Chat Room

    I'm happy with mine
  14. Daveo

    Chat Room

    I tried several times going in but nobody was there so I'd wait around but nobody ever came in. lol I like the idea of the chat room! It gets boring here at work sometimes.
  15. Daveo

    My 600 Pound Life: 2016 Season

    @@KristenVSG2014 I can't wait to see her story!
  16. Daveo

    Fat Doctor

    @@sassyfrass23 Dr. Now is doing pretty much all the plastics except for breast implants. I believe he sends them to the wonder twins. Oh and they end up sending some patients to Dr. Now because he is better with varicose veins and other things.
  17. Daveo

    Fat Doctor

    Dang my youtube is gonna be filled with Fat Doctor and now Weight Loss Ward! thanks for the new show to watch!
  18. Daveo

    Fat Doctor

    ......well, @@Daveo ? :'( That was so sad :-( Watching his episode brought back a lot of what I was feeling before WLS, I had the same mentality going into it. Either way the there was not going to be anymore pain. I really was so sad for him. All the things he wanted to experience, the different textures he was so excited to be able to feel. Living life in front of a desk and computer was all he had. So sad.
  19. Daveo

    Fat Doctor

    I'm watching Daniel's episode now
  20. Daveo

    Liquid diet pre op

    I actually didn't have a liquid pre op diet. Sounds horrible! I just watched what I ate the week before. No food funerals though. Hang in there!
  21. Daveo

    Telling people

    Congrats on the upcoming surgery! I told mainly my close family and some people at work because I would need the time off to heal. Just a note, take two weeks off if you can. I took one and wish I had taken two. But yeah I only told a hand full of people. I told others once I started losing weight and they asked why I was eating so little. It's really nobody's business but you will get questions.
  22. Daveo

    Fat Doctor

    I think I will watch both those episodes tonight.
  23. I still enjoy a good steak with asparagus spears! Can't eat much of the steak so I usually share it but that's my favorite.
  24. My highest was 517 but at surgery 467. I'm a year out on the 15th of this month and currently at 320. 147 lbs so far with VSG.

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