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  1. 14 months since my surgery and it still happens I thought I was the only one who did this good luck
  2. alicia54


    wow so impressed i lost almost 100 in 11 mo question do you feel as thin as you are
  3. I just hit 144 this morning so excited

    1. Travelher


      In my fantasy I would be able to hit that weight. :). Congrats

    2. Raymia



  4. found the most amazing shampoo NUTRI-OX found it at sally' hanson cost me 11 dollars and worth every dime used it for a few days and my hair looks so much better thought i would pass this on

  5. alicia54


    @kcsunny so hard to eat or drink much loss of almost 60 lbs you need to talk i am here
  6. alicia54

    I feel like I can hold too much..

    had my surgery in jan and still eat a few bites
  7. I hit 164 have been getting things in jr section and did not even realise it until a few weeks ago big problem still think i am bigger than i am solution full length mirror feeling good about myself

    1. kmorri


      That's great!!! Congrats on your success!!!

    2. alicia54
  8. alicia54


    blooming prairie had mine in rochester jan 20 16 so glad i did it
  9. it is new to you but it was the best thing i have done for myself i am just through my 3 month out losing 40 lbs was great it is a process to get used to. i still eat a lot less than they they say about 1/4 cup and now they say i can have reg food lol ok so i tried to eat a little bit of chicken with no room for anything else i was told a lot of people go through this for up to six months so try to relax you got this and you can always ask anyone here for good advice
  10. mine was done in rochester the best thing i have ever done for myself good luck
  11. I am 62 had my by pass in jan no heart burn since losing weight and walking better good luck to you all
  12. 195.4 so happy

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    2. BonnieJo


      Wonderful!!! Congratulations !!!!

    3. ShrinkingPeach


      Big smiles and high fives!


    4. alicia54


      thank you guys you areall so great


  13. a month in and I hit wonderland so happy however I still do not feel well. started spotting since I came home. and still have trouble trying to eat just never hungry yet any ideas out there

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    2. jane13


      Hang in there newbie - it will get better and congrats on entering ONEderland!

    3. alicia54


      have not seen that number since early 20s


    4. TheRealMeIsHere!
  14. i was given this silver canister called queezy it smells like mint and it did help lots os little sips and getting up and down will help my surgery was on the 20th i feel better than i can remember take things easy
  15. had my surgery on the 20th little problems with the heart and a few other problems so now start the journey for the rest of my life

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    2. Stevehud


      this isnt easy, but with a little love, and support, and a lot of trying and wanting it, you're gonna make this happen for you. This is all about you!

      You can and will get there.

    3. alicia54


      having problems with liquids so far blood sugar in low 100's thank you for the support pretty much on my own here


    4. Stevehud


      anything i can do to help, even if you just need to rant , just give a shout.


  16. my surgery date is the 20th. a lot of family know about my surgery but more concerned with problems that have been going on so they do not even think of the weight loss part of it. the biggest critic is my younger sis and she asked her dr. what he thought and he told her medical problems are the reason and weight loss the best results that shut her up good luck to you on this journey
  17. tuesday I go for some more test and wednesday is surgery so confused though not told only liquids or anything other just no blood thinners for 5 days or nothing to eat after 7 pm tuesday just kind of wonder if anyone else has gone through this the way i was told also wonder what new test they are looking for last week I had a lot more done

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    2. alicia54


      thanks yep my liver is the only thing they said was in good shape not going to eat solids till then just in case ali


    3. TheRealMeIsHere!


      I didn't have to do a liquid diet or anything special, either. Just nothing after midnight, the night before. Good luck!!

    4. alicia54
  18. alicia54

    Nutri bullet or similar?

    I have a ninja and just love it
  19. alicia54

    January 14, 2016 surgery

    after almost 2 years I got the call today Jan th so excited I have a meeting on the 15th however not sure of the liquid diet any ideas ali
  20. well I am back so much going on dec I go in for the last meetings wish me luck please the dr. says he thinks my heart is strong enough for surgery so excited about that I just finished another 6 months wit the dieticion so now about how long before surgery

  21. alicia54

    Looking for a friend

    you all found a great place people really do care ali
  22. so sorry about what is going on better to fix the liver problem to get healthy then the whole new you will be ready to feel good and look good. good luck ali
  23. well my nut is not much help I showed this site to my gp and he was quite happy that I found this site he also says he will recomend this site for others. having said that he says just agree with mt nut and keep asking you all for the good advice. having to wait until the 1st of the year is so they can keep a close check on whats going on with my heart he says losing weight is good but losing life not so much. so i will keep on learning more from you all thanks ali

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    2. alicia54


      thank you gals for the support i feel a bit more in control now

    3. peg from Minnesota

      peg from Minnesota

      The heart thing is very important!!! I have that problem also and it was scary and I guess doctors know best.


    4. peg from Minnesota

      peg from Minnesota

      The heart thing is very important!!! I have that problem also and it was scary and I guess doctors know best.


  24. know the disappointment sorry to hear it but it happens a lot