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  1. AllthingsApple

    DS veterans lend me your history

    I guess I'm at an advantage there as I work from home, but the Poopourri will be a help to you at work. You'll also learn those foods that make you gassy and you can avoid those during the work day. I had my surgery in August 2015. I'm down 105lbs from my highest known weight recorded in January 2015 of 295lbs.
  2. AllthingsApple

    DS veterans lend me your history

    Hi Ridgerunner! Unfortunately I don't think you can get around the foul smelling gas or poop on this one. Just given the small distance food has to travel to be broken down/absorbed it's going to come with the territory. The only suggestion I have is purchase some Poopourri (you can find it at Bed Bath and Beyond) and spritz the toilet before you go. Other than that, it's a small price to pay for the big payoff!! I'm down 105lbs and could care less about the stink[emoji4].
  3. AllthingsApple

    What Fitness Tracker do you use?

    Fitbit Blaze
  4. AllthingsApple

    FitBit Blaze Accuracy

    I've had my Fitbit Blaze for about 2 weeks now and I love it! I especially like how you can choose the type of workout you're doing. The app also breaks down when you are in fat burn mode or cardio. I can't say that I have any complaints at this point. I think it's worth the money if anyone is interested in a Fitbit. I previously had the FitBit Charge.
  5. AllthingsApple

    5 hours til surgery!

    Please keep me in your prayers! I'll be heading to the hospital in a few hours and I have a 7:30 surgery time! A huge thank you to everyone for their support on Bariatric Pal????.
  6. AllthingsApple

    5 hours til surgery!

    ZetaStar I hope everything goes smoothly for you and you're able to get a surgery date soon. Best of luck and please do keep me posted!!
  7. AllthingsApple

    5 hours til surgery!

    Hi ZetaStar! Thanks so much. I had SIPS which is Stomach Intestines Pyloris Sparing surgery (I think it's also called DS in some circles). Basically it's a bypass below a sleeve surgery. It's been great! I feel great and am so happy I decided to have this surgery. I'm down ~81lbs and counting. I have so much more energy now and am amazed at some of the changes in my body. Everything has slimmed down even my feet! I sleep so much better having lost weight and I just feel good in general. ????Non scale victories are amazing too. I can cross my legs, tie my shoes without huffing and puffing, and can walk miles without pain or discomfort! I've even done some of the couch to 5K program which I never thought I'd be able to run at all. It's been amazing and I'm excited to see what the future holds. Are you considering the surgery?
  8. AllthingsApple

    5 hours til surgery!

    I was discharged yesterday just before noon so I'm at home now and feeling great! It was nice to sleep in my own bed last night and I took a wonderful shower this morning. Also super excited to now be on full liquids YAY! Cream of chicken soup is calling my name ????
  9. AllthingsApple

    5 hours til surgery!

    Thanks @@_Kate_, @@Mountaingal, and @! I awoke in recovery yesterday without any pain except for lots of pressure in my chest which they said was gas pressure. I walked quite a bit yesterday and now I'm really understanding just how small a sip is ????. But I feel great this morning. Thank you all again for your support and prayers????.
  10. AllthingsApple

    Anxious over approval ????

    Hi All, How long after being informed that your packet was submitted to your Insurance company did you start calling and following up? Also has anyone had success getting their Dr's office to call and expedite things? I was submitted on Monday and have called about 4 times already in 3 days. Thanks in advance everyone!
  11. AllthingsApple

    Anxious over approval ????

    Sorry guys, long time no post????. Well, I'm going in for surgery tomorrow morning at 5:30AM with surgery scheduled for 7:30AM (5 hours away!!!). I'm actually going to have the SIPS procedure done which is like a bypass below a sleeve. I'm excited and not nervous at all but I'm expecting it to hit me when I get there. Please keep me in your prayers. Thanks to everyone for the awesome support!!
  12. AllthingsApple

    Pre op liquid diet

    I'm currently on day 10 of my pre-op diet and day 3 of liquids only(first 7days were 2 shakes and a 4oz high protein meat with 3 handfuls of low carb veggies). I won't lie, it's been tough! I think my sense of smell is heightened or it may be all in my head. But I have to remove myself from the vicinity of anyone eating because it's really hard and I won't even mention food commercials. But to everyone...stay focused and take it one meal/shake at a time! My surgery is in 5 days so I can't slip up now!!!
  13. AllthingsApple

    NC - Wake County area & RTP

    I'm pretty new to this forum as well, but I have SIPS surgery scheduled for August 18th at WakeMed Cary with Dr Tyner of Bariatric Specialists of NC.
  14. AllthingsApple

    Days like Today

    Congratulations on making great food choices in the midst of chaos! You're right, it's so much easier to just grab some fast food and keep burning the candle at both ends and in the middle. But I'm inspired by your post and the next time I have a crazy hectic day, I'm going to remember this because I have ZERO excuse since I have nowhere near the number of things to juggle as you do and you still stayed on track. Thanks for sharing!
  15. AllthingsApple


    I don't understand why you'd want to get this if it hasn't been around for a long time. The sleeve is very safe, without a lot of surgical connections/re-routing. I was sleeved on Sept. 26th. My diabetes was gone in 2 days! The other co-morbidities, sleep apnea & non-alcoholic fatty liver will go away in 3 - 4 months. At some point EVERY surgery wasn't around for a long time. Although you had the sleeve in comparison to RNY, the sleeve hasn't been around for a long time either. The decision is solely between an individual and their surgeon, so I wish everyone the best no matter which surgery they choose!
  16. AllthingsApple

    May 2015 SIPS patients

    I also have Dr. Tyner and just got my surgery date this morning for August 18th and will be having the SIPS procedure. I too have never had surgery and am nervous and excited all in one????. They had to resubmit to my insurance company because I was originally submitted as RNY, but since the procedure is covered I don't foresee any issues with approval. I hope you're still doing well @@Bbyblueyez!
  17. AllthingsApple

    Official August thread! Where are you guys?

    I believe you receive shots while in the hospital and also have to give yourself injections when you get home. The length of time varies from what I've seen on here and not everyone has to have blood thinner shots after they leave the hospital. One person was even given pills in lieu of shots! So I guess it's Dr preference and depending on your specific medical condition. Also, the sooner and more frequently you can walk plays a big role too.
  18. AllthingsApple

    Official August thread! Where are you guys?

    Well, I get my surgery date on Monday 7/20 so I'm expecting an August surgery date too. I had been preparing for the gastric sleeve this whole journey but I was submitted and approved for gastric bypass. Now, I have to mentally prepare for this new procedure, but I'm still excited! Just not jazzed about the blood thinner shots afterwards ????.
  19. AllthingsApple

    Got my approval now I need a date...

    Congrats! I'm in the same boat with you. I too was approved this week but I have another "results visit" appointment on 7/20 and my surgery will be scheduled then. Super excited!
  20. AllthingsApple

    FINALLY Approved

    Congratulations! Let the countdown begin.
  21. AllthingsApple

    Got Approved today.

    AWESOME! Congratulations and best of luck with your surgery!
  22. AllthingsApple


    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what are slimies?
  23. AllthingsApple

    Anxious over approval ????

    UPDATE: I got approved!!!! Cigna actually called me????. An RN just wanted to know if I had any questions or concerns prior to my surgery next week... yes, she said next week????. I was stunned because I didn't know I was approved much less scheduled. But I followed up with my Dr's office and they said they have to put in a "dummy date" for the submission but I'll get my actual date after my results visit where they officially review with me the findings of each test I was required to take as well as review any pre-surgical diet requirements. So, that appointment is Monday July 20th and I'm hoping to have surgery a couple of weeks after that if the surgeon's schedule allows. I'm so freaking excited! Thank you so much to everyone for their support and encouragement. I'm grateful that this resource exists☺️.
  24. AllthingsApple

    Anxious over approval ????

    UPDATE: So, my Dr returned today from vacation and wrote me an updated letter so my paperwork has been resubmitted. According to the Insurance Coordinator, she should hear something by next week if not sooner. I'm just keeping myself busy and continuing to make good food choices and staying active so I'm not so focused on the time until a decision.
  25. AllthingsApple

    Anxious over approval ????

    Thanks for the support @@1SlimmerMe! I've calmed down considerably from yesterday????. It's out of my hands until my Dr comes back from vacation and can provide another letter of recommendation. You're right, at least it's an easy fix and nothing really major.

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