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  1. Ok i feel sort of akward bringing up these questions but im not sure who else to ask but my fellow bandsters... 1. Does anyone feel they have traided in one eating disorder for another? (like we use to eat our feelings now we starve them?) 2. Does anyone chew there food and spit it out? 3. Does anyone feel like a bulimic? Thanx Always for all the support Kimberley
  2. sunnykim

    predictive text...

    I LOVE IT!!!! im a big texter so it saves alot time.....
  3. sunnykim

    Eating disorders....

    Thank you all... its nice to not feel so alone....
  4. sunnykim


    Oh my god .......
  5. sunnykim

    Who Has Lost Over 100 Pounds?!?!

    i was 297 before banding now i am 195 so i just hit my 100 YAY!!!!! Kimi
  6. sunnykim

    Weigh In Corner

    Today is october 21 and i wiegh 195.6 wooo hoo!!!!
  7. sunnykim

    The world hates fat people.....

    This world is rotten.... We cant change it ... but we can try to change our selfs to be healthier we all feel this way once in a while. try to keep your head up... Kim ps- remember people are always going to gossip about you for one reason or another
  8. sunnykim

    Chicago friends

    Hey Chicago bandsters Its so awesome to read a thread about locals with band i often feel so isolated everyone has the by pass around here..... Dr horgan banded me.... I have had alright success i was 397 and now i am 197 or so... KIM
  9. see i lost so much wieght cause of my pre op diet it was 14 days long.... KIM I started out at 297 im now 196
  10. Hmmm how many people here have had tummy tucks? How much did they cost? Does insurance cover them? THANKS Kim
  11. sunnykim

    Hello from Chicago

    Hey my fellow chicagoan... There are not many badsters in Chicago.. But Welcome!!! Kim
  12. Well umm didint we all have eating disorders pre-banding? Werent we all complulsive over eaters? Were just trading one disorder for the next... Kim
  13. sunnykim

    Suggestions for med-id bracelet

    See i asked my doctor if i needed a med id braclet and he looked at me like i was crazy.... Can major damage be done if you intabated? Kim
  14. sunnykim

    Suggestions for med-id bracelet

    See i asked my doctor if i needed a med id braclet and he looked at me like i was crazy.... Can major damage be done if you intabated? Kim
  15. sunnykim


    Awsome NSV!!!!! Kim
  16. sunnykim

    Anyone Gain Weight Before Surgery?

    OOOO that suck... See my surgen had a 0 pound rule... if i were to gain 1 pound between my consult and surgery he would refuse to do surgery on me... Try taking Water pills... You can drop a few pounds doing that... Good Luck!!! Kim
  17. sunnykim

    I Cant Stop Eating!!!

    Maybe you need a fill? i dont know but dont feel bad it happens to all of us... Ive been eating like a little heifer too... Time for a fill agian... Kim
  18. sunnykim

    What did you eat today?

    yeahhhh im eating alot more i need a fill......
  19. sunnykim

    Missing Lesbian

    Its funny i figured you were talking about Angie!! lol... Shes not the token lesbian cuz im here too!!! lol... I hope your feeling better since your fill angie... Kim
  20. sunnykim

    Chicagoland area bandsters........

    this would be awsome im from chicago... but i dont think there are many of us chicago bandsters.... Kim
  21. sunnykim

    Eating vicariously through DH.........

    Ok this might sound disgusting but when i was with my ex-wife i would make her eat my x-favorite foods and kiss her so i could taste them too... lol... gross but it stoped my tummy from growling so bad... lol Kim
  22. sunnykim

    Anyone else sick of food?

    food is not my friend anymore.. it use to keep me company and be my best friend.. now i hate it... I sometimes miss it.. but not the way i would feel when i ate it... Kim
  23. sunnykim


    When i was at my all time high i was a 9 or so now im a 8 or 8 1/2 it all depend on the shoe...
  24. Sigh... i was never a skinny kid.. i was always filled in... not fat.. but filled in.. then jr. high happedns and i blew up... and up and up and up... Till i topped the scales at 297..... Its was so sad... Kim Never agian do i want to feel the way i did back then...
  25. sunnykim

    Pen Pal Set Up

    You dont have much infor about me im from Chicago i have one dog and 2 cats and no children...

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