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    New body brings new partners -- many new partners

    I haven't read all of the comments but I just want to say that nothing in this world can devastate a person like someone cheating on them. The pain and heartache you are causing to your husband who has stood beside you is something you couldn't possibly comprehend. At least not yet. I believe in karma and the law of attraction. You will get back what you give out. If you hurt you will be hurt. The fact that you posted this on a public forum with your picture after saying he doesn't know you have cheated does indicate that you don't care if he knows. Be careful. You may not realize it but you are being used by all these other men just like you are using them. I say stop cheating. You are married. Get divorced and then play the field all you want. But don't mislead people. You know what they say.... Karma's a bitch, especially when you're being one.
  2. Crossing my legs like a lady
  3. maggie409

    Halloween Challenge!

    204 this week. Thanks!!
  4. Wearing tall boots that will actually zip up.
  5. Call someone from BariatricPal. They will skype with you and give you all of the information you need. I went through them and it was only good. They had someone pick me up from the airport and there was someone with me and my husband all of the time. I used Dr Jesus Martin Lopez and he was amazing! I have had no issues at all.
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    I eat one scrambled egg every day. I love eggs
  7. I just saw your post. I am six pounds from onederland so I will join and start tomorrow!! I will need to go shopping for protein shakes.
  8. I used Dr Jesus Martin Lopez in Tijuana and booked my surgery through BariatricPal. I can't brag on Dr Lopez and his staff enough. My experience was great. I have had no problems and if I need anything I can call or email and he will answer my questions.
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    Halloween Challenge!

    207 this week. Thanks!
  10. maggie409

    Skinny chasers

    I don't post that often on here any more because there is a group that will find some way to bash someone's post. Blaming you for men being rude is not right. I think you are having to re-learn what you find attractive in men. If something about then is unattractive move on. And men have different preferences just like women do. When we were big we attracted men that like big women. When we get smaller, we attract men that like small women. What they like doesn't matter. It's what you like that matters. Figure out what you want and don't settle for less. As for the negative posts from the certain group, don't let them bother you. They are no different than the men who try and make you feel like what they do is your fault: and guess what, someone will bash me for this comment.
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    Halloween Challenge!

    209 this week. Thanks!
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    I am generally always prepared. However, yesterday I found myself leaving in a rush and unprepared for the busy day that was ahead. Usually if I have a hectic day, I pack a cooler with Water, Protein drink, and healthy Snacks. I had a crazy busy day at work and then my son had a football game that was 2 hours from home. We live in a very rural area and it is not unusual to have NO options late at night. This is my question. If you find yourself in a situation where there is nothing healthy to eat, is it better to do without completely or is it better to cave and eat unhealthy? I chose to do without and ended up with only 400 calories for the day and not enough protein. So which is the healthier option? No calories or no junk? I will say before everyone responds, I KNOW I should plan ahead. Normally I do. So I don't need to hear. Always keep a snack, plan better, etc. So do without or eat unhealthy? Which is better? That is the question
  13. I drink gnc total lean premade shakes. Best when you drink them cold or over ice.
  14. maggie409

    Surgery day!

    Good luck!! You will be great
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    Halloween Challenge!

    212.... Thanks
  16. maggie409

    Protein Suggestion!

    I like the gnc total lean ready to drink shakes. They are super easy to drink cold. I love them
  17. I have scrambled egg with turkey sausage crumbles; strawberries and blueberries: and one slice whole grain toast for breakfast Usually a Greek yogurt for a snack Grilled chicken or chicken salad with a salad for lunch Either a Protein drink or cheese and nuts for snack A grilled or roasted protein with salad for supper. Usually a SF Popsicle in the evening. I generally get between 750-900 calories a day; between 60-80 protein; between 50-60 carbs and try keeping my fats between 20-30
  18. maggie409

    So many crazy men

    I disagree with your take on Internet dating. Whether it is on the Internet or not, there are some odd people out there. Either way you have to weed through them. I am currently married but when I was single I dated quite a few really good men from online dating. And keep in mind that some men are not still married because they were married to crazy insane ladies.
  19. maggie409

    Halloween Challenge!

    213 this week. Thanks
  20. maggie409

    Artificial Sweetners

    I use agave light nectar. I have used honey also but prefer agave nectar. It takes very little to add flavor
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    Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under

    I did a 4 mile walk sit jog today. Felt good. But staying away from the scale for a while. Good luck! Let me know how it goes That's amazing!!! Would love to lose that Much: what have you been eating after month 1 Good luck!! Gonna be an awesome journey My 52 pounds includes my two week pre-op diet which I started May 26th. At the one month mark I started adding In different Proteins. I have added different foods each week. Sometimes I am ready for them and sometimes not. My body lets me know. The key for me has been logging my food. Knowing how much I am getting in Protein, carbs, fats. Now each day I get my proteins, dairy, two veggies, two fruits. I haven't found room yet for grains, but that will come.
  22. maggie409

    Im so over this ????

    I am 15 weeks out and I have lost 52 pounds. I generally lose 1-2 pounds per week