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  1. I have been craving sweets and carbs the last month like crazy. I was disappointed in myself and didn't understand how I suddenly couldn't resist these things. Today I decided to check my blood sugar about an hour after eating because I felt just awful. My blood sugar was at 52. I have been googling and searching to see what would cause my blood sugar to drop and me not being diabetic. In a comment in one article it stated that weight loss surgery can cause reactive hypoglycemia because the carbs go straight to the intestines. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  2. maggie409

    Back on track

    I have been slacking for over a month. Eating whatever I want, whenever I want. I am so done not eating right. I know I have gained weight. I haven't weighed because I have been scared to. I know I have gained weight. I am sitting here at a baseball game and I feel like crap. I have eaten too much today and consumed too much sugar over the last two months. My clothes don't fit right. And I am feeling tired all of the time. And just don't have any energy. So done living this way. I start tomorrow. Going to: Track my food Charge and wear my fit bit Drink my water Take my vitamins Walk more... Not sure when but find a way to get my steps in Get my balanced diet in Keep healthy Snacks handy No more: Excess sugar Fried foods Excess bread My goal is to make it to 150 pounds and a size 10 clothes. My mom has Alzheimer's and I have been helping take care of her in the midst of an already busy schedule. Her thing is sweets. And she asks literally every 2 minutes if I want some. I have to find a way around that.
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    New to the forum

    Hi everyone! I have been on the site for nearly a year and single for about four months so I have decided to check out the singles forum. I have tried the online dating sites. I have met some nice people and a few nuts. I am from Texas and 52. I have lost 100 pounds and my body looks like is melting...lol. That's something that doesn't come up in many date conversations.
  4. 100 pounds is such a huge number. Heck it's an entire teenager! I began my journey on May 26, 2015 when I skyped with a nutritionist from BariatricPal. She set me on a path and plan for my pre-op diet and with much determination I never looked back. I still have 30 pounds to my goal weight and my plan is to make that by the end of the year. I used Dr Jesus Martin Lopez in Tijuana. My experience with them was sooo amazing. Dr Lopez is a talented surgeon and he is kind and cares about his patients. I have since recommended him multiple times and even traveled with a friend to have her surgery in February. I remember thinking when I had the surgery that I would be happy losing 75 pounds and making it below the 200 mark. Honestly any thoughts of losing 100 pounds or even making it to goal seemed impossible to me at that time. Goal weight seems possible now! Having gastric sleeve was the best tool I could have chosen for my weight loss journey. And please always remember that it is merely a tool. I am 10 months out and now consume between 1200 and 1300 calories a day. My weight loss has slowed to about 5 pounds per month. I have used the last 10 months and the new tool to develop new eating habits.....To change my mind and my attitude about food. If I were consuming the same 1300 calories in cheesecake and hamburgers I would NOT be losing weight. All calories are not created equal! I have not had a coke or Diet Coke in 11 months. Diet cokes were my weakness and much like an alcoholic I had to give them up completely. Probably three times I have had a bite or two of desert. But I have not touched candy bars. Not in the entire time!! My stats: start of pre-op diet 5-26-15; surgery date 6-15-15; high weight 268; age 52; height 5'0"; goal weight 130 pounds.
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    Good girl! Take off that fat suit!! Life is so much better without it. Congratulations on your decision to be healthy
  6. Mine was laying in bed one night with a portable heart monitor strapped to my chest. Just decided "I don't want to do this anymore." Next day I made an appointment with a clinic in Ft Worth to get an idea of cost (no insurance). And after a month of waiting and calls back and trying to juggle financing and educating myself, I found this site and sent an email. My phone rang before I finished filling out the paperwork and I was scheduled for 3 weeks later. I never looked back.
  7. maggie409

    Single and living with excess skin?

    Well I look like I'm melting lol. But better that than an overinflated balloon
  8. maggie409

    100 Pounds Lost!

    I think the part about becoming Educated is the biggest win. Thanks!
  9. maggie409

    100 Pounds Lost!

    Thanks everyone. WLS was the best decision I could have made for my health
  10. maggie409

    Online dating

    If you don't mind buying the drinks the young dudes could be fun esp. during the hormone dump when you are losing fat quickly. There are some interesting videos on YouTube on the cougar phenomenon and how to navigate the age gap. As Bob Segar sang "she used me and I used her but neither one cared...we were getting our share." The nice thing about online dating is you can delete the emails of those who are not your preference without them hanging around. BTW, get a google phone number so you don't have to give out your real one until you know you really like the person. Great way to avoid serious clingers. Kik messaging is also nice to protect your privacy. I know dating is not easy, but four years and a couple of serious relationships finally lead to my girlfriend and my time with her made all of it worth it. And in retrospect I had a great time dating, but I'm having an even better time now. I don't want to navigate the cougar phenomenon. I just don't have a preference for younger men or smokers.
  11. maggie409

    New to the forum

    I think the taking some time off is good advise! I have been on some dating sites and it is exhausting! I will get 30 emails a day and when I don't respond for one reason or another I get Rude and hateful emails. I know I'm not ready for anything serious or certainly not marriage so I put on the site exactly that. Then I get messages from men calling me a whore because I just want to get laid! I hate drama and would just enjoy the occasional evening out for conversation and good company. And I think by me putting that I don't want a serious relationship it's been like laying down the gauntlet! The challenge has commenced. I get messages saying I just haven't met the right one yet and they are certain if I met them I would change my mind. Exhausting. How about dinner and drinks. Heck I will even pay!
  12. maggie409

    Online dating

    I have used Ourtime.com and seniorpeoplemeet.com. I am not crazy about match because I constantly get hit on my guys in their 20s with cougar fetishes. Lol
  13. Of all the things I have given up in the last year, one thing I found I missed the most and have decided i will not give up is my morning fix of peanut butter and coffee. I didn't realize just how much this combination marked the start to my day. Before the sleeve I would have a whole bagel with a tablespoon of peanut butter on each half. Now I have one slice of Orowheat Oatnut bread with one tablespoon of peanut butter with my cup of black coffee. It isn't every morning. I probably have it 3 mornings a week. I don't eat much bread at all. One loaf of Orowheat will last me a month. Don't be scared of bread, just be aware of bread. I am coming up on some one year anniversaries for my beginning of pre-op diet and my surgery. I am very close to the 100 lbs lost mark. I have had bread in moderation and careful about the kind of bread and I have not exploded, imploded, nor has it hindered my weight loss or health. Sounds to me like you are being very aware of what you eat. Good job!
  14. I recently accompanied a friend to Tijuana for her to have Gastric Sleeve surgery with Dr Jesus Martin Lopez. As with me he did an amazing job and my friend is doing well. I got to take a picture with Dr Lopez as I did when I was sleeved on June 15, 2015. I am 8 months post op and have lost 90 pounds. I have about 30 more to go. HW 268, CW 178, 5'0" tall and 52 years old. I highly recommend Dr Lopez and his staff.
  15. maggie409

    Easter Weight Loss Challenge

    Current weight 178 Goal weight 168 Thanks!
  16. maggie409

    How about some NSVs!?!?

    I assume you are talking post op. But either way, I got mine the first few months post op with Premiere Protein drinks from Wal-Mart. They are 11 oz and have 30 gr of protein. Two of those get you the minimum. Also early on Isopure Protein waters from GNC were a lifesaver for me during the all liquid stage. Some people don't like the flavor but personally I enjoyed them. Especially over ice. They come in several different flavors and taste like kool-aid. If you mean pre-op or after the liquid phase, I eat lots of rotisserie chicken or grilled chicken. My favorite yogurt is Danon Lite & Fit with 12 gr of protein per serving. Also the chocolate on top flavors really satisfy my desert cravings when I have them. Grilled or baked fish is great also. Just be sure the package says "wild caught" and not farm raised. My other option for extra protein is in the deli section or your store. They are the Oscar Mayer P3 protein packs. They have nuts, cheese and deli meats. A great snack and each package has 11 or 12 grams of protein My NSV... I got to shop on the right side of Catos last week!! Some super cute stuff
  17. maggie409

    No alcohol ever?!

    I am 8 months out and I have 1/2 cup (measured) wine about two evenings a week. It is 80 calories and 9 carbs. It definitely relaxes me but no adverse affect.
  18. maggie409

    Easter Weight Loss Challenge

    I'm in.... My goal is to reach the 100 pound mark with this challenge!
  19. Sorry I'm late. 178 this week
  20. 181 this morning. Thanks
  21. maggie409

    Alcoholism & WLS

    I am nearly 8 months out. I was nearly paranoid about drinking and decided to have a glass of wine at six months. Not sure what I thought would happen...spontaneously combust maybe. All went fine. I don't know about anyone else, but I can't hold enough alcohol to get tipsy, much less get drunk or become an alcoholic. I now enjoy a glass of wine about three evenings a week. I make sure to choose a wine low in calories and I measure out 1/2 cup before I drink. I like having my wine back. I now know I can enjoy my old pastime of visiting wineries.
  22. maggie409

    Maybe a silly question....

    I had the sleeve and did not take mine off. I was never asked to.
  23. maggie409

    I am Obese and excited about it!

    Congratulations!! I also just made it to obese! It's a great feeling