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  1. Once I was approved and scheduled, I started looking for sales on clothes, even close outs which might not be my normal preference. Now at 5 months post by pass, I have gone from 54Waist to 44 Waist, 4xl to xl shirts, etc, but I have had clothes to wear, I have got them down to 40 Waist waiting for me. I have only three changes of clothes, so do lots of laundry....but don't want to buy too many. I also live in Colorado, but bought my winter coat in a size XL even though in April I wore a 5xl coat. Got it out yesterday and it fit!
  2. Dangermouse -- at over 400 pounds, I flew for 20 years 100 times a year, always with a seat belt extension.... aaarrrghhh. Now, 100 pounds down, flying next week after no flying for 9 months, fingers crossed that the seatbelt fits without an extension!!!
  3. VDB

    So it turns out my wife is gay...

    Whatever makes sense for you is what is right. Just remember, normally true healing does not start until a divorce is final. The average person has to heal at least two years prior to remarriage, or the risk for another divorce is in the 80% zone... one of my cousins got divorced after years of stress, waited 6 months, fell in love, married and at three years post divorce realized he had married on the rebound. It is natural to want to reconnect into a serious relationship. A therapist I know says one is ready for another serious relationship when one goes 24 hours without any painful memories of the other person.... that makes sense to me. Sorry for being preachy... just be careful, every instinct in you will be to get another relationship, get hitched, and that is not fair to yourself or the other person.
  4. I have taken advice from several of you and deleted personal info on myself, to protect my privacy. In place of my smiling face is a nice fall tree up on the hill above my valley. You can still see the before and 4 months after photo, I figure if anyone wants to steal those photos, they are welcome to them. I am fully clothed! I want to say, I do see this site as a support site. Support comes in many forms and frankly I get support from the comments of others. I love the humor, dislike any rudeness, and most of all I get a perspective about this new life of mine. And, it is a new life. I will shortly be at my hundred pounds down, I have never ever just had 60 more pounds to lose to my goal weight, since I finished high school. I especially appreciate candor and strong opinions (you know who you are!). I just will not post anything I do not want to go public, and I am publicly saying I value this site and all of your support and information.
  5. Me, too! I don't want to pay 48 bucks a year for VIP status to keep my posts confidential... that does not seem like a support group to me...I have loved the group, but darn, why can't it all be kept private? I am a non-tech old guy and know my millenial age kids think I am crazy for expecting privacy...
  6. VDB

    any regrets

    No regrets. I should have done it in my 50's but I was in fairly good shape, even though 150+ pounds overweight, could still travel, farm, etc with good energy. So, was not ready. But at 64 yrs, after beginning to lose mobility, diabetes worse each year, gaining weight gradually, urge incontinence, etc.... it was time. On Sept 21, it will be five months post bypass. Off four diabetes meds, just take a small amount of one med, urge incontinence gone, BP normal without meds, neuropathy in feet 65% better; and over 90# gone... mobility much better, can bend over without risk of calling 911; almost back to bicycle riding, swimming much easier, gardening/light farming much easier.... no regrets, this has saved my life. It is your life, you define the need for the surgery.
  7. So, did my four 1/2 month Gastric Bypass checkup with the bariatric clinic. All good, good blood tests etc, but discovered via the PA that I was taking my Vitamins and Calcium citrate supplements wrong. I was using three "One a Day" vitamins plus a little Iron pill (because I had them prior to surgery, they are expensive and wanted to use them up) and four calcium citrate tablets a day, taking them at the same time three times a day. WRONG! First, taking the Vitamin and the calcium citrate together negates the calcium absorbtion (the iron hurts the calcium); second, with Gastric Bypass, the pouch does not have enough acid to dissolve the hard vitamin or the calcium tablet; and third, was taking them too close to meals. So now, I chew the calcium tablets when I take them at approximately 6 am, 10am, 4 pm, and 8 pm. I take the vitamin (crushed using a mortar and pestle, but switching to Bariatric Plus Ultra with iron, a capsule which dissolves in the pouch) at 8 am, 2 pm, and 10 pm. These times keep me an hour away from meals. I am trying to get a routine established for these supplements, but whew! alot to remember. I put the calcium in a separate daily pill container, and the vitamins in with my regular meds in a daily am and pm pill container.
  8. James, do you think the calcium pills dissolve ok with just swallowing and not chewing? I use Citracal petites, but worry that they are not dissolving in the pouch.
  9. VDB

    I have a gift for many of you...

    I am tolerant but the emoticons get a bit much at times
  10. VDB

    Husband rant!

    I second AWJONES28 ... you look great! Over 65 pounds, that is a real loss....
  11. VDB

    Husband rant!

    As Red Green said: "I'm a man, I can change, if I want to...I guess"....yep, it is a man thing. Simplistic solution (we men like it simple). Catch him at a quiet moment and say "Hon, I need you to notice the changes in my body. Complement me, give me support, your noticing is very important to me". Try it, can't hurt. If he does it, give him a reward of some kind... men like that.
  12. VDB

    Anyone into mountain bikes ?

    Tiller, was there a point in your weight loss where riding got alot easier? At over 330 and certainly over 400, I was too top heavy to safely ride, but am almost able to ride again... can't wait.
  13. VDB

    Anyone into mountain bikes ?

    I have a hybrid bike that I have kept for 30+ years waiting for the moment that will happen in about three weeks, which is being 100# down and finally it will be safe enough to ride my bike again. I have lost over 90#, just bought a new bike helmet, ordered BIGFOOT brand pedals (size 17 feet), and am getting some rust off my chain. My bike is a very large frame, made for people 6'4" and over. I am very excited about this, I live in an area with lots of trails here in Colorado.
  14. I had RNY in April. Have had dumping a few times. Oatmeal (regular); Mexican food that had cheese on it; beef. Someone put a piece of rhubarb pie in my mouth and made me eat it, didn't cause any problems.... then the same person made me eat some birthday cake...darn that big guy! This is how I learned that sugary does not phase my pouch. But of course (if my NUT is reading this), I would never eat any of that stuff because I have no room after protein. Not for any ice cream, either.
  15. Sorry guys, I love my 99 Silverado, never getting rid of it. It is a farm truck, scratched and dinged, but I have had it for 15 years. Even skinny I will love it. Never broken down, and keeps on going....
  16. VDB


    Cream of wheat Cereal worked for me....
  17. Date of surgery was April 21. Now, one month out, here are the results thus far -- After 40+ years of dieting and failures on my health, I am absolutely shocked that gastric bypass has produced such results in one month. Results: 1. Down 45 pounds 2. Gone from a 54 inch waist to a 48 inch waist 3. Went into surgery on 5 diabetes meds, now on a very small dose of one med. 4. Went into surgery after a decade of swollen legs and feet, from edema. Now, edema is 80% better and getting much better every day. 5. Went into surgery with a real hassle -- urge incontinence. This means that it got almost impossible to keep from urinating when the sudden urge occurs. I was close to Depends. Now, have just gotten through a week with no urge incontinence. 6. Went into surgery with painful diabetic neuropathy in my feet. Doctor said this probably would not change much. However, the pain is 75% gone. I went the last two days with almost no pain. I had a real problem with using too much ibuprofen or aleve just to be able to garden and swim. Now, have not had any NSAIDS or even Tylenol for a month, and never will again. 7. Went into surgery on blood pressure meds that I have had to take for 40+ years. Out of surgery on no BP meds, and BP better every day, no need for meds. Needless to say, I am thrilled with these results and am very grateful to have been able to have this surgery. It has made the year and a half of getting qualified worth it, and the fairly intense recovery weeks were rough but now each day my normal coloring is coming back and beginning to feel great.
  18. VDB

    Doctor Passing Me off to Assistant

    After surgery, I did the liquid diet for 2 weeks, as prescribed... then to soft and mushy food for 12 weeks (including soft cooked turkey, veges, fruit such as bananas), now am on regular food but no beef, Pasta, starches etc. This phase will last until 12 months out.
  19. VDB

    Doctor Passing Me off to Assistant

    Yes, it is the norm for my office, but I too wish I could also see the surgeon so I could thank him in person... the PA assisted with my surgery, so she knows the scoop. I think if you want to see your surgeon, you should get to....it is your body, and you are in charge.
  20. VDB

    Men's Shorts

    Whew! great deal. Unfortunately, started at 54 W. and blew past 44 a few week ago.... good luck!
  21. Sure would be my first gut level response... but would likely do my favorite, look at the commenter, look really shocked and incredulous, say "WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT?" in a loud voice, and abruptly walk away... knocks those haters on their butts every time....
  22. My RNY (98% covered by insurance) cost Aetna about 60 grand...this is in western Colorado.... my results have been so wonderful, I would have figured out a way to do this even if I had to leave retirement and work for a year, it saved my life, that is worth alot.
  23. VDB

    Going in for the BIG reveal....

    Sending Dave and you the best of energy, good vibes, prayers, healing waves of compassion, when I press "Post", it will travel up and out of our Colorado mountain valley, go up to 15,000 feet and find you, and with light speed, come to you and envelope you both with love. Get ready, it is about to fly..
  24. VDB


    Way to go! You will never regret it, after the gas passes!!!