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    I have very slow weight loss and large stalls. I think it might be the Quest bars. I am going to go cold turkey this week and see if I do better at losing.
  2. sa111antha


    I love my Quest Bars, but have noticed the weight loss has slowed since I started eating them. Maybe time to say goodbye.
  3. sa111antha

    Roll call all who had surgery JUNE 2015

    I was sleeved on June 18th. Weight before pre-op diet: 278 Weight on day of surgery : 260 Current weight: 236 Total I've lost 42lbs I got a wicked bad stall my second week which lasted almost 3 weeks. The scale finally started moving again last week to my relief. During my stall I did lose 2 pants sizes though. I had bought some pants at goodwill anticipating my new sizes and skipped right over one size down to the next. I feel like the weight is coming off so super slow. I know everyone goes through this process differently, but I had higher expectations on my weekly/monthly loss. I have tried all sorts of food and only found that salad makes me sick. I had some ground meat last night but it didn't sit well. For the most part I have a Protein bar for Breakfast, tuna for lunch, a Protein Bar for a snack then something for dinner...usually Progresso Light Soup, then sugar free popcicles for a night snack. Getting about 60g of protein a day and about 60oz of Water a day.
  4. Starting weight was 278. Sleeved on 6/18/15. Day of surgery I weighed 260. Lost 18lbs with the pre-op diet. (I did three weeks instead of two) June 25: 244 Down 16 from surery date. July 1st: 244 July 9th: 242 July 16th: 240 I want to throw the scale out of the window sometimes. Is 2lbs a week normal...or should I be seeing better results. I am terrified I am doing something wrong. Not enough Water...not enough Protein...etc. But I am following my NUT guide to the T.
  5. sa111antha

    Lost a lot week 1, not so much week 2?

    I am having a similar issue. I had my surgery on June 18th. My weight was 260 on the day of surgery. The following Thursday June 25th I weighed at 246. Down 14 lbs in one week. Since then I have only weighed on Thursdays. July 2nd weight: 244 July 9th weight: 242 Is this normal? I feel like the scale has just stopped moving. I am following all of the instructions of my Nut. Getting in my Protein and as much Water as Steve my Sleeve will hold...
  6. sa111antha

    Big box of samples. Now what?

    I ordered the sample pack pre-op. Loved most of the flavors but Fuzzy Navel and Roadside Lemonaid were my favorite. So I ordered two of the large jugs of powder to have ready for after surgery. THEN SURGERY HAPPENED... And I cannot stand even the smell of them. The one and only thing I have up-chucked since surgery. Don't forget that your tastes might change after surgery...so don't make the same mistake I did and order so much before hand. So far between the Isopure and the Syntrax nectar I am about about 80 bucks worth of Protein that I can't tolerate.
  7. sa111antha

    Sleeping on left

    I am 2 weeks post op and still can't lay on my left side or stomach in general. The large incision that they use to remove the stomach is still sensitive. BUT...I got a horrible cough 2 days after surgery so the constant thrusting of my chest to cough has slowed the healing down for that incision.
  8. So I am 12 days Post op. The first week was awesome. I had my surgery on the 18th and by the 25th I was down 16 pounds from my surgery day weight. I know that is a lot. And I am so greatful that I got that much so quickly. BUT NOW...I have not lost a single pound since the 25th. Is this a stall? Or am I doing something wrong? I am still on liquids until tomorrow...which I have been pretty strict with myself about. So I haven't changed what I am doing. I have found it hard to get in more than 60g of Protein each day, but my NUT said I will work my way back up soon enough. Please help.
  9. sa111antha


    Well I am happy to report that I saw my surgeon today for my 2 week check up. THE scale finally moved again. Down another 2 pounds...I guess the stern talking to I gave to "Steve" my sleeve did the trick. I am just happy it is moving again.
  10. sa111antha


    Yeah my resolve was to only weight on Thursday...each anniversary of my surgery. So I weight on the 25th. I was so happy with my progress. Then the scale got the best of me this morning and I saw no change since last Thursday...and it was so upsetting. But THANK you for your advice. I will keep on keepin on!!
  11. I put one in my mouth, started to chew and instatnly threw up. There is something in those that did not agree with my stomach right away. I switched over to OptiSouce Post Bariatric Vitamin Chews and have had no issue since.
  12. Tomorrow...6:00am check in time. SOOOO excited. See you on the losers bench.
  13. sa111antha

    WLS Water Bottle

    So I stumbled across the most AMAZING Water bottle for WLS patients. Here is the link. https://www.motivationalbottle.com/product/graphite-motivational-water-bottle/#comment-7709 It has an awesome Quote on the front "GOALS ARE ACHIEVED ONE SIP AT A TIME." Also, the way the spout is designed it doesn't allow you to take in water and air at the same time. It litterally only allows you SIP. I wanted to share this with you guys because I hadn't seen anything like it. On the back side of it, it has a time line for making sure you drink the proper amount of water in the correct time frame. My friend purchased it for me as a present for being "brave" enough to get VSG done. I got it today and it is the best. ***I don't work for this company or have any stake in the product. This is my own personal opinion about a product I actually use.
  14. sa111antha

    WLS Water Bottle

    It is not insulated. I start with cold water and by the time I get to the bottom it is still pretty cold.
  15. 6 more days can't come soon enough. Reduced diet since the 1st, liquid starts on Sunday!!!
  16. I am being sleeved on June 18th as well. Day 5 of my pre-opt diet. Have done pretty well so far. Had a mental warfare day on Wednesday but stuck to the plan. I walked into work today and the lady in line in front of me (we have to go through security) was holding 2 giant boxes of dounts for National Donut Day. I didn't even entertain the thought of cheating. YAY ME!! There might be some will power left in me after all I am ready for my sleeve and my new life as well. Good luck to you.
  17. Thank you so much for posting this thread!!
  18. sa111antha


    I love Stevia and I always purchased the Central Market brand from HEB...but recently they changed their packaging and now simply call it HEB brand Stevia. It has a much different taste that doesn't sit with me well. I switched over to Monk Fruit in the Raw and LOVE it. No weird after taste.
  19. June 18th seems like a year from now. Time is dragging.

  20. sa111antha

    Still Deciding: Need Opinions!

    I think almost anyone who has had the surgery will tell you they'd wish they'd had it done sooner. The insurance process takes FOREVER...so the quicker you begin the journey the better chances you have of getting the surgery around the times that are convenient to you. Attend a pre-surgeon information seminar if you can. Most doctors that perform the surgery offer and information seminar prior to seeing them for the first time. Even if you choose not to go with that doctor it will have provided you with a lot of information for making your decision. And read these forums. They have answered a million and one of my questions as well as taught me 2 million things I didn't think of or know. Best of luck to you!!
  21. Helicobacter pylori...is it's actual name. I like Helicopter Bacteria better Did anyone else have this bacteria pre-op? My doctor perscribed me two weeks of antibitoics. Apparently it is a very common bacteria that lives in your stomach and intestines. He said he couldn't go slicing into my stomach with the bacteria present. I didn't know I had this issues. When my blood work came back I was positive for this bacteria. Common symptoms include heart burn, acid reflux, irritable bowels, etc. I had NONE of these symptoms. I actually thought I was pretty lucky because I NEVER got heart burn or acid reflux. I am now done with the 2 weeks worth of antibiotics and I feel like I got hit by a truck. My stomach hurts, my bowels hurt....and going to the restroom is a nightmare. I spoke with my surgeon today and he said my pain is pretty normal with this much antibiotics....but I was wondering if anyone else went through this before surgery? Does the uncomfortable feeling every go away?
  22. sa111antha

    Any Texas Sleevers in Wharton County.

    June 18th here. A little north of you in Washington County. Having my surgery in Bryan, Texas.
  23. sa111antha

    Scheduled June 25th.

    I also have UHC Choice Plus, but my plan didn't cover the surgery at all. Thats what I get for working for the government.
  24. sa111antha

    Syntrax Nectar Reviews

    I am halfway through my sample pack. I LOVE the Fuzzy Navel. I also really liked the coffee flavored one. The Crystal Sky was okay. It did remind me of kids toothpaste. I liked the Carribean one as well as the Road Side Lemonaide. I have tried mixing them with Water and ice to make a slushy type drink but the powder and the ice don't mix well together. I am also having issues with the powder not disolving when I use super cold water. (Which I always use becasue I can't stand warm liquids.) I am looking forward to strawberry Kiwi and the Strawberry Mousse. I think the grape might be nice as well. I am hesitant on the desert flavored ones....mixed with water...wonder if they will taste okay?
  25. sa111antha

    Syntrax Nectar Reviews

    I ordered my sample pack as well. Can't wait to try them.

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