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  1. alipollard

    Drinking for the first time! Tips?

    I was cleared by my surgeon at my month pre op. I have had about a drink a week of vodka/water with limes and have not had any issues.
  2. I am able to start solids on Monday. I am nervous because I have not eaten any solids since April 6th. I have lost almost 40 pounds. I am loving the way I feel and I am so afraid to start my old habits. I know protein first, but it's still scary. Did anyone else feel this way? What did you start by eating? Thanks in advance!
  3. alipollard

    Afraid to start solids

    Thank you everyone for your support! Great advice and feedback.
  4. I was super worried also because when I started pureed foods I was not experiencing that "full" feeling. I was wondering if I was even sleeved. Haha! I was sleeved April 27th and just about 5 days ago that full feeling kicked in Trust me, you will know. Hope that helps!
  5. alipollard

    Post surgery concerns! Help!

    I am on 20lb weight restriction for a month.
  6. Pureed until Memorial day. Greek yogurt, Eas carb control protein drinks, cottage cheese sometimes. Eggs were gross to me...still have a popcicle a day. Averaging around 500 calories a day. How about you? Oh and I started with a string cheese yesterday I just chew it down to nothing lol.
  7. I started at 3O1 and now I am 269 but went into surgery at 275, lost a lot in my 3 weeks pre op diet. I have learned this is definitely a tool and not a miracle cure. I have been doing cardio every day and seeing the scale not move is hard.
  8. I actually was up 2 lbs for about 5 days posted op. Then I dropped it after a week plus a few pounds. I am 3 weeks post op Monday and I have not lost anything all week. It's frustrating but my doctor warned me this might happen then it will start coming off.
  9. I had surgery April 27th. First surgery also. Water was very hard to get down. My second and third day were the worst. I woke up 5 days post op and felt so much better. The gass pains were also better. Now, I did not have a BM until 1 week post op. I then went another week and no BM. I took a full dose mirlax and had horrible loose stools. I definitely wouldn't take a full dose to start. It will get easier! Now I don't even feel like I had surgery.
  10. I am 2 weeks post op also. I am hungry! I have a friend that had this done and she said she was the same way until about a month out. It is hard right now!
  11. alipollard

    I feel like a pig.....

    I was sleeved April 27th and I can eat a whole yogurt.
  12. alipollard

    How long was your hospital stay?

    I was same day. In at 8am out at 2pm.
  13. Hi, I advanced to the pureed phase today of the plan. I did 3 weeks of pre op and 1 week post op of clear liquids. I am now on pureed for 3 weeks and so excited!! Im down 27 lbs. But, my issue is today when I ate my pureed, yogurt, soup etc I did not feel full. I am compliant and drinking my water with no issues also. I called my NUT and she said some people do not get that full feeling during the pureed stage. Has anyone else.experienced this? I feel great today, even used a timer to wait 2 min before bites etc. I almost dont feel "sleeved" but I know I was.
  14. alipollard

    Not feeling full-1 week post op today

    Thank you for.your reply! Yes, I am following all the rules so I will be ok! Just needed some encouragement bc I see everyone talking of that "full" feeling.
  15. alipollard

    Extreme Diarrhea

    Yes! Sleeved 27th. Didnt have a bm for a week then Sat-Sun was diarehha, and also couldnt pass gas without being on the toilet. Today has been better.
  16. alipollard


    I am feeling the same way! I had surgery Monday the 27th and I cried most of the day Thursday. I have the advantage of living alone but it is still so hard! My friends went to dinner last night and I was so upset, and definitely doubting the decision to have this surgery. It is an inner battle with myself daily. You will succeed and reach out any time you need!
  17. alipollard

    Well I did it 2 days post on...

    Thats why I am concerned tonight. I was the exact same way until tonight then I ended up having my first bm in over a week and drank a water with lemon more quickly than I should have. It was so good and the first time I wasn't so gassy and uncomfortable... Does anyone know if water can shrink the sleeve? I drank about 16 oz in an hour and half.
  18. alipollard

    Well I did it 2 days post on...

    Rommy thats exactly how I am.
  19. alipollard

    Well I did it 2 days post on...

    How much liquids are you getting in? I was barley getting in 32 ounces (Im on clear liquids until Monday) but today I have been able to get in a lot more, to the point i was worried I was going to stretch my sleeve. My surgery was the 27th.
  20. alipollard

    Well I did it 2 days post on...

    And being tired is normal. I was good yesterday and today I am fatigued. Its so hard bc I just want to feel "normal"
  21. alipollard

    Well I did it 2 days post on...

    Yes very normal! I am only 6 days post op but my headache was awful and causing me to dry heave for 2 days straight. As everyone told me you just went through a major surgery. I went off my pain meds and stuck with tylenol and my headache went away.