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  1. Or give up completely? For me it's cheezels the cheese ring crisps. Every now and then I have a bit.
  2. A lot of people believe exercise is only 20% of the success I disagree I think it's about 50. My argument is that when you exercise lots it suppresses your appetitte and keeps you burning calaries up to 18 hours afterwards and gives your body that great look. What do you think?
  3. AussieSam

    Early on exerciser- lower back ache

    Sometimes it can be the impact your feet moving and hitting the ground with the weight impact on the back. Try the cross trainer as you can get the same workout without the impact.
  4. AussieSam

    Day 18 post op

    Sometimes we get excited by seeing the scale fall and purposely reduce calaries to such an extent that we can hardly move because of lack of energy. The best success is something that's sustainable low calaries at 350 a day is not sustainable. Please increase your calaries and remember this is not a crash diet but a long term lifestyle change. Good luck.
  5. AussieSam

    New to this!

    Welcome abroad you will find your journey to be very interesting and challenging, you will have your ups and downs, good times and bad, remember the surgery only meets you half way the rest is in your mind. There will be times you can hardly eat and there will be times you wonder how you ate so much. You will get to the weight you want only if you really want it bad enough. Good luck.
  6. Am taking two weeks off to just relax it and get away from the scale. I also have decided to allow myself a bit more food. I don't accept to lose any weight but hope not to put on as my exercise will remain the same about two hours a day ? Do you think it can be a good thing ?
  7. AussieSam

    What’s the Plan, Stan?

    I think this is one of my greatest weaknesses failing to plan. This article is a great wake up call.
  8. I have to agree with Alex and Elizabeth that the exercise is burning me out both physically and mentally so the break is doing my mindset great.
  9. AussieSam

    I Just Want To Cry

    I know this might sound crazy but a friend once told me if you in that emotional eating mode and can't find a way to stop eat something you don't like and that might stop you from over eating.
  10. AussieSam

    Things I look forward to..

    It's hard to think of anything.. I'll give it some thought.
  11. This is an interesting topic is there really such thing as a stall or are we just making excuses. The law of physics does not lie you consume less calories then needed you lose weight. What do you think ?
  12. I totally agree with you if one doesn't trick the body by varying calories and changing exercise then the body simply gets used to whatever your doing.
  13. AussieSam

    Forget to eat?

    I forget not to eat especially when I walk through the kitchen.
  14. I drink about 140oz and when I think of food the stomach says to me don't you dare I'm already full thanks to the Water.
  15. I don't agree with this part at all, or, at least, that is definitely not my experience. Exercise makes me MORE hungry, because it results in your body requiring more energy in the form of calories. Eat lots of Protein and drink a lot of Water and it shouldn't make you hungrier.
  16. www.fitnessmagazine.com › ... › Fat Burning Workouts
  17. Maybe your fill was not right or didn't put you in the green zone.
  18. My marriage is just as it was before my wls I think one of my secrets was to do it slow and not expecting to lose 250 lbs overnight. I put in my mind that I will do it within 5 to 10 years and because of the slowness it doesn't have all the hormonal issues with very fast weight loss.
  19. AussieSam

    Madly in love but holding back info

    I think hold off to you get to know him more and if he is mr right then I'm pretty sure down the track he will accept regardless of past.
  20. AussieSam

    Will we have to low carb for ever?

    They are the good carbs and to cut all these out is very unhealthy.
  21. For me it was when I was 12 years old and we had a seven eleven that opened down the road. They had a fast eating contest and I went up against another boy my age in a pie eating contest. Anyway I finished my pie while the other boy was having his first bite. I won a slurped. What is one of your past memory as a slob.
  22. For me the final straw was when my son took a photo of me on my phone only showing me from the neck down when I saw that not knowing who it was straightaway I said omg what a big person this person makes me look like a really thin person. After a few seconds reality hit me and I realised this person is me. I was shocked to the extreme didn't realise I looked like this. So that drove me to have surgery.
  23. AussieSam


    All the procedures do a simular job they restrict your portion size. On the other hand they all have a honeymoon period which eventually ends so the key is to develop good eating habits. The third most important thing is they don't fix emotional eating you will have to work on that.
  24. AussieSam

    Will we have to low carb for ever?

    Complex are very important if you exercise a lot as you need them for fuel. Protein helps repair the muscles and stos the body from breaking down muscle. Stay away from sugary carbs and remember it's ok to be on a low carb diet but bad to be on a no carb diet.
  25. Sunday is usually my rest day and sometimes Saturday on these days I cut calaries to 1200.