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  1. Psch consult done.... cardio g.i nutrionist sleep test to go

  2. . Did anyone have Medicaid and not have to pay anything out of pocket? I am in NJ and i found a Dr. The office said they work with all insurances.Which is good news and bad news for me. Now I seen this Dr 9 yrs ago for bypass i never went through with it because they wanted $2,000 upfront because other Dr didn't take medicaid. I really need this so I can be here for my son he will be 1 in July. I can't afford to pay out of pocket. Did this happen to anyone? Was there away around it? Did they just accept whatever your insurance paid? I am just praying everyday I am not denied for any reason I am 27 and do not want a knee replacement this year on in life.. i can barely walk.. i need this more than anything.
  3. Lol i got lucky everyone i made apt with for last 2 months has droped my insurance... they call bak like nop dont tke it... its very stressful....
  4. Dr. Jordan garrison.. he works through the carepoint hospitals... his office is next to christ hospital... a family friend told me bout him he does it in christ hospital and takes 1 of the medicaids and stuff... i didnt wana travel crazy i dont have a car ... i meet him june 23rd so im hoping all goes well lol
  5. libbyyum

    Victorias Secret

    I havent gotten surgery yet but thinking bout being a kind if normal is jus so much positive energy coming i am so motivated to get it done n do well... lol the vs dsw shopping trip hmmm i shall convince my husband lol
  6. libbyyum

    Victorias Secret

    Lol i havent worn heals since i was 14 for 8th grade graduation lol i wore flipdlops to prom n hs graduation lol n even college graduation lol
  7. libbyyum

    Victorias Secret

    ... i been a size18 and above since 6th grade.... im at 26 now..im only 27. imnin 5x men clothing.. i take my husbands shirts... i always go with my friend n she buys pjs n sweat shirts and bras... i can only stand in makeup perfume part cuz i could never.... my goal ia to make it to a suze 10 anf have no x's on my shirts. Jus a regular Large... i wana shop nornally n nit pay the extra 5 dollars for extra size... lol.. i told my husband i jus want matching pantie n bra set from v.s.. not froot of the loom size 12s and sports bras... im happy he supports me.. im in early stages i see dr june 23rd but i plan on doing everything possible to get it done... im not chickening out this time or being talked out of it...
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    Victorias Secret

    I feel same way..... i can never ever even as teen fit in there bra n undies and stufff ane i look at the close and i want pink on my butt... they r so expensive but i want 1 outfit n b4a pantie set when i reach my goal... which may be a while... lol
  9. I switched insurances as june 1st every dr is dropping the wellcare insurance 3 drs called offices called 2 say they no longer take it.. but horizon nj health i called and i asked and they said its covered... so i meet surgeon june 23rd... thank goodness... im hoping it goez through this time.....like i dnt give up chicken out or get denied im 369 with sever joint damage in my right knee and my dr says sleep apnea so allz hoping pozitive...
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    Bayonne nj
  11. I had to switch hmos... but found a dr one city over... greatest news is the psych eval is free because my dad is good friends with the guy and my insurance covers nutrionist or my uncles sistet in law is certified nutritionist... so all i gotnto worry bout is my consult june 23rd... and getting all the test he wants done in a time frame... my dr said he writing a letter for me to insurance because he beleives a 6 monyh diet plan begore surgery will not work.. i have tyroid issue that use mediciation for.. my blood pressures been out there i have horrible knee pain and he said i hve sleep apnea but idk... like i need this to be bettet for my son thata my main focus i wana sit on floor and play and roll round without looking like a fool being hurt or out breath.... drs name is Dr. Jason Garrison in Jersey City Nj
  12. libbyyum

    United healthcare community plan NJ

    I had wellcare and had 5o switch to horizon nj health found a dr that takes it in hudson co... my dr said i dnt need the 6 months but depends on ur weight bmi n medical issues
  13. step 1 is done consult is june 23rd

  14. I would call insurance and if nutrisionst was paid already.. but im pretty sure for insurance purpose you could to a person who took your insurance... and see if insurance took out network dr.... the lady said they do do out of network the dr has to fill out form online or something idk... its hard cu i am not working they did say on site that psych evaluation is 150...
  15. North jersey both claim to take medicaid... well one said they do but they 1hr away the closer 1 said they work with all insurances... my insursance company when i called had no idea what baratrics was... they kept giving me oncology drs....i know if u have medicaid ur not supposed to hve bills.. but some drs dnt care
  16. libbyyum

    5 Year history of heights and weights

    wow 5 years.. i barely go to a dr because i hate them teling me how big i am and i try to avoid the scale allthe time..i was in a program for 5 months and only lost 20 pounds in 5 months and quit because they hired a random lady of the street gave her a script and said here you go say this stuff... and they weigh you 2 times a week. I actually do have a dr that will probally just fill out paperwork he has been asking me to get surgery for 9 yrs now. i stopped going to him bout 5 yrs ago because i was sick of hearing it ... he even asked my father to convince me to go for surgery. I was kind of person in denial bout my weight that it wasnt that bad.. now i cant even get into a size 26 pants and im pushing 400 i have a baby and im scared to death of knee replacement.. so now its time to visit this dr sooon..