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  1. linedancer718

    Anyone from Oregon?

    Tualatin. Had mine June 12th.
  2. linedancer718


    I suck on ice so I have something in my mouth for a period of time and it keeps me from gulping or over doing thr water.
  3. linedancer718


    It's a daily battle. Just like an addict.
  4. linedancer718

    Jealous and Frustrated :(

    My program took me 8 months before my surgery. I was monitored the while time and was scolded if I gained weight. They want to see if you can do what it takes to be successful. My surgeon put it very bluntly, if you won't help yourself in won't help you. Makes sense to me. I would work on losing weight, unless they gave you a number of pounds you need tonlaoe, just lose. My pre op, before liquids, was low carb and it was very easy. The weigh dropped off. I did atkins meals and snack bars. Limiting my carbs made me have mess cravings and made it easier. Besides this is the type of diet we will have to follow the rest of your lives. If you cant do it now the surgery could be a waste. Just my two cents.
  5. linedancer718


    Welcome! I just had my surgery June 12th and feel good. It has not been nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be. I go to counseling and have read books that have really helped me know what to expect. I have stayed positive. I have focused on the prize at the end rather then what I can't have right now. I also tell myself I will be "normal" one day and that means anything in moderation. Losing weight during the pre op program has been fun and had made me look forward to losing more. I made a list of all the things I want to do that are more either hard for me or I can't /won't do because if my weight. It keeps me motivated. I also wrote a letter to myself, which I shared with my family, about what my life is like right now so when I start to forget I can read my own words. Just some thoughts. Good luck, make sure you are doing it for yourself and that you only surround yourself with people who support you.
  6. linedancer718

    Do you miss food?

    I ate out every day at least once a day. When I didn't know what to do on Saturday and Sunday the answers was always, "go out to eat" I didn't think I would be able to stop but I did. The day (saturday)I started my liquid was tough because that's when I realized that I used it for something to do. It isn't as hard as I thought it would be. You may need to get your husband to stop eating out too and make sure he understands that asking you to go out eill be sabotaging you. I just always keep reminding myself this is temporary then I can restructure my life and do it right like a "normal" person and "normal" people DO eat out. Hope that helps.
  7. linedancer718

    "Brave" choice?

    It'd a compliment! I have been told congratulations by several doctors. I think they see it as a new start to life and they are excited for us.
  8. linedancer718

    Weightloss before surgery

    I lost 15 pounds in the liquid diet. I found it very helpful mentally. I learned a lot about why I ate. I am now only a week post op and I think had I not done the 2 weeks pre op it would be much harder. Pre op I told myself I couldn't have solid food and now post op I don't have much issues with telling myself no. Hope that makes sense.
  9. linedancer718

    How long in real pain?

    I didn't take any pain meds once I left the hospital. I would call the doc.
  10. linedancer718

    What blender do you use?

    Ninja but I don't like it only because it is VERY loud
  11. linedancer718

    My Fitness Pal - carbs?

    Yes you can change your calories and such. Go to "goals" then under "nutrition goals" goto "calorie and micronutrients goals".
  12. linedancer718

    just starting

    Do you see a therapist? I think that has been extremely helpful for me. This is a road we can't go down alone. You're going to need support.
  13. Are you getting accurate nutrition from your protein drinks? I'm drinking Boost which is meant for meal replacement and is a balanced source of nutrients. Might wanna try something like that.
  14. linedancer718

    Feeling it!

    I've been on them for 11 days. I'm drinking Boost. All the nutrition you really need. I actually forget to "eat" .
  15. linedancer718

    Feeling it!

    It's not as hard as you think. At least it wasn't for mem. I was pleasantly surprised.
  16. linedancer718

    4th of July Challenge

    315.2 today
  17. linedancer718

    More hungry at 8 months?

    I haven't had my surgery yet so I don't know what your hunger feels like, but I guess I'm wondering why are people hungry? Hunger is when the stomach is empty and is irritated, when it is normal size or bigger the sides may rub against each other causing irritation, but with the stomach being so small what causes the hunger pangs?
  18. linedancer718

    One month post op

    Vitamin B-12!! Take it, will help with energy. I get an injection once a month, required by the program I'm in.
  19. linedancer718

    Surgery scheduled for June 15

    Mine is 3 days before you. June 12th. I'm on the liquid diet. I'm drinking Boost and it's good.
  20. linedancer718

    4th of July Challenge

    Current 324
  21. linedancer718

    4th of July Challenge

    I'm in. Add me. Goal 280
  22. linedancer718

    June 8th...

    On my second day of liqyid4. Surgery June 12th. Excited but scared too. Love the weight loss that I have so far can't wait for more. It's the only thing that keeps me going. I have noticed while on this liquid diet, how inundated we are with food. It's EVERYWHERE! No wonder we have issues with food. Time to change all that.
  23. linedancer718

    Weightless Stall Info

    GETTING PAST THE PLATEAU After bariatric surgery, If you are off track of your weight loss goals or exercise regime. Do not worry, hope is not lost. Getting out of a weight loss plateau after an obesity surgery can be very challenging, but you can do it. Firstly, you must stay on track with your diet and exercise. Remember back to when you lost weight at the quickest rate and determine when you fell off track. If you have not been exercising like you should, it is very important to start an exercise program. This will increase your caloric deficit, help build or maintain lean muscle mass, and boost your metabolism. After bariatric surgery in Dallas, if you have been exercising regularly but are no longer seeing results, it is most likely because you’ve been doing the same routine over a period of time or you have not kept yourself challenged by increasing the intensity of your exercise. Your body has adapted to the exercise and has become more efficient at that exercise. This means that your body is no longer burning as many calories during this exercise as when you first began. It is very important to frequently change your exercise routine to keep yourself challenged. By doing this, your gastric bypass or lap band surgery can be more effective. A good way to determine if you are exercising, at the correct intensity, is to track your heart rate. You should be exercising at 60-85% of your predicted max heart rate (220-your age). As you get in better shape, you will notice that it will be more challenging to increase your heart rate. So step up the intensity! You should try exercises that keep you out of your comfort zone, such as, circuit training (exercising a different muscle group with each exercise, and doing each exercise in a row with little or no rest in between), high intensity interval training (low-moderate intensity exercise with bursts of high intensity spread throughout, such as, jogging with sprint intervals), fast paced exercise classes (Zumba, Kickboxing, Body Blaster, etc.…), super sets (Performing 2 exercises back to back with no rest in between for a certain number of sets before moving to the next superset or exercises), and giant sets (three exercises performed consecutively for a specific muscle group). It is also important to keep rest periods short, change up the amount of weight you lift, the number of sets, the number of reps, and the order of the exercises. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is filled with many beautiful parks, athletic facilities and gyms. If you need guidance contact your dietician for help with diet, an exercise specialist for an exercise program and your weight-loss surgeon for questions regarding your specific conditions. PREVENTING THE PLATEAU It is very common for people to hit a plateau at some point after their gastric bypass, lap band or gastric sleeve weight loss surgery but how exactly do we prevent hitting these plateaus? It is absolutely vital to start and stay consistent with an exercise program after your obesity surgery. Exercising regularly will allow you to maintain your lean muscle mass, bone density, and boost your metabolism. You must also change your exercise routine about ever 4-6 weeks to help keep yourself challenged and interested in exercise, as previously stated. Doing resistance training exercises such as free weights, machine weights or resistance bands are most beneficial to maintaining lean muscle mass. If you maintain your muscle mass, you will have a higher metabolism, and in turn you will be able to lose weight at a quicker rate and most likely reach your weight-loss goals without any plateaus. Of course exercise alone will not provide all of the results you may want. You must consume your recommended amount of Protein each day, drinking at least 64 fl oz. of Water and staying consistent with the recommended diet. Weight loss surgery is a difficult process and only begins with the surgery, but if you make these changes a part of your daily routine and stay consistent, nothing will stop you from reaching your weight-loss goals. Continue to search through our site for more information about bariatric surgery, including lap band, gastric bypass, gastric sleeve surgery LAP-BAND to Gastric Sleeve Revisions and weight loss plateau prevention. - See more at: http://mybariatricsolutions.com/blog/overcoming-and-preventing-the-weight-loss-plateau/#sthash.0qqtwiDs.dpuf
  24. linedancer718

    Avoiding saggy skin

    I was wondering if any one has found a way to lessen the amount of sagging skin after WLS. Does wearing tight clothing help? Thought about wearing a sports bra, at least at night, to keep the girls from getting long. I am concerned about my lower belly. Doc said it will be longer then it is now. Unfortunately, my insurance wont pay to have the skin removed. Thoughts and suggestions on this topic would be appreciated. Thanks
  25. linedancer718

    June 8th...

    This is my last week of solid food. Surgery June 12th. Getting nervous. I'm reading a book that is good and says if you think this is going to be easy you aren't ready. Well I know how difficult this is going to be and I'm getting scared.

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