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  1. linedancer718

    Achiness all over

    Does anyone else hurt, especially their legs and hips? I ache so bad. It's gotten worse the further out from my surgery. (3 months, down 85 from start of program) I take Tylenol to help but it wears off at night and I wake up. Thoughts?
  2. linedancer718

    Achiness all over

    that's good to know. My doc referred me to physical therapy too. Didn't think it would help but I will try since you are getting results.
  3. I wrote a very heartfelt letter to my family about what my life was like in my current body. I wrote about the things I couldn't do and wanted to do. I was honest and sincere. Maybe try that.
  4. linedancer718

    New foods tried after surgery...

    Chicken pizza crust. Yum!
  5. linedancer718

    To much protein ?

    I was told to divide your weight by 2.2 and that's how much protein you should have a day. Funny how there are different schools of thought out there.
  6. linedancer718


    I didn't tell anyone when I first started the program. I then told a friend of mine who said she was considering it. I then entrusted two friends. That's was it until about 3 months before surgery, then I told my family. That's it. I don't plan to tell anyone else. I think about it because since I've already done it they really can't have an opinion I'm going to care about but I haven't yet. It's really up to you. It's your business and you share with who you want to share with.
  7. Well I had RNY June 12th. Down 80 total and feeling not too bad. I went to my first family gathering and was disappointed in the old feelings and habits. I think I did ok but I don't feel I did. I snacked on peanuts and pea crisps. Then had dinner. I didn't eat passed fullness but feel I ate more then I would have had it been a normal day. I'm in a funk. Not sure if it's PMS, my depo provera shot is due, or what. I have gained 2 pounds, assuming water from the depo due date. My thoughts of food are back and I'm fighting them everyday. I am scared I can't do this and don't want to fight all the time. It's only been 3 months. Please tell me my efforts of fighting these desires will lessen if I stay strong. I don't want this all to be for nothing. I love where I'm headed and try to remind myself of that when the going gets tough but as we all know the food can be stronger. I haven't given in yet and hope I can keep fighting.
  8. linedancer718

    Share your profession

    Middle school math teacher. 17 years and counting down.
  9. linedancer718

    Eating sucks

    Never I my life would I have thought I would say those two words together. Lol. I like that my life is not surrounded with food and that I'm not obsessed. One great benefit of this whole thing. Eating is so uncomfortable most the time so it's not as fun and fulfilling as it used to be. That's a good thing. Anyone else feel this way?
  10. linedancer718

    Before and After Pics

    Wow! Good for you!! How long since your surgery?my surgery was June 12th but I lost 30 of those prior to surgery.
  11. linedancer718

    Regret having surgery

    did the probiotics help at all?
  12. linedancer718

    Water tasting funny? 5 days PO

    It could be ketosis. I had Thrush after my surgery which made everything, especially water taste funny.
  13. linedancer718

    Before and After Pics

    Down 75 pounds.
  14. linedancer718

    Day 7

    You should be drinking protein drinks. I drank 4 Boost Drinks a day for 2 weeks after surgery. Then 2 weeks after I tried soft moist foods.
  15. Well.....I have become lactose intolerant. I tried to deny it but I can't anymore. So...I need suggestions for non dairy protein. I used cheeses and cottage cheese for a lot of my protein aside from meat. Now I feel lost. Milk is in most everything. Thank you.
  16. linedancer718


    I gave up with home scales and just use the one at the gym. I had the same issue with weighing differently just minutes apart. It was very frustrating.
  17. linedancer718

    Lactose intolerant help

    Lol. Funny thing. I hadn't had a BM for 5 days so I thought I would have some sour cream so my lactose intolerance would "empty me out". Well unfortunately or fortunately I may no longer be lactose intolerant because it didn't effect me. Lol
  18. linedancer718

    My gastric by-pass

    7 weeks out and no regrets!
  19. linedancer718

    Regret having surgery

    Make sure the probiotics are "live " which means they will need to be refrigerated.
  20. linedancer718

    Regret having surgery

    I stalled for 6 weeks. The doc finally put me on probiotics and the scale started moving 24 hours later. I went to New Seasons, told them I had had the surgery and she suggested a senior formula at first to be gentle on the new pouch. I had no issues. I am taking 30 billion 2x a day. Our systems are so "messed" up right and any thing to help our bodies work better is beneficial. They won't hurt you so might as well try them.
  21. linedancer718

    Kill the scale!

    So happy to hear others going through this. I keep telling myself I will only weigh once a week so I'm not depressed everyday, just once a week. I just won't do it though. When I was losing 1-4 a day preop it was so exciting. I just hope my stall breaks soon it's very depressing.
  22. linedancer718

    Alternative to NSAIDS?

    The liquid has caffeine which is a diuretic and we don't need to lose any more water.
  23. linedancer718

    Alternative to NSAIDS?

    careful. Liquid goody has aspirin in it which is an NSAID.
  24. linedancer718

    Knee pain

    Hello I just had my bypass on June 12th. Aside from the blood clot and infection I got in my arm that had the IV, I feel great! I do have severe knee arthritis from my additional weight. I have lost 38 pounds since starting my journey, just got off all the weight from the Water they pumped in me so I don't know what I have actually lost since surgery, and I was wondering how long did it take for your knees to start feeling better? Since we can't take any anti-inflammatory meds it's been a little rough. I was 350 and now 312, so hoping it will start to relieve. I have read that for every pound we carry it is 5-7 pounds on ours knees. So I have technically taken about 150 pounds off my knees. Also wondering if we can have cortisone injections. I have read conflicting information on that. I wanted to have an injection of anti-inflammatory for my infected arm and they said that it still goes through the stomach so just thought maybe the cortisone would too. Thoughts our suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  25. linedancer718

    Knee pain

    Hope that's true. I'm down 55. Lol. I'm doing accupuncture and it seems to have helped a bit after one session. Just going to keep trying and hoping.

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