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  1. Can anyone tell about their experience with having surgery in Mexico? Where did you have it and with who? About how much did you spend and what was the entire process like? Sorry for all the questions. I am just nervous.
  2. That chart is great! Thanks for sharing. It really does help
  3. Hang in there. I stalled out for about two months and it's slowly starting again. I would get frustrated and over eat or eat everything I was suppose to. Everyone's body is different and it will come off. Don't give up like I did.
  4. ebrandon

    3 months post op

    I am in the same boat as you Amber. I am three months out and I am only 30 lbs. Everyone tells me to up my protein, water and exercise. I'm trying very hard. I'm focusing on the nsv. I was only expected to lose 70lbs so I guess I am almost half way there. I am content when I look at it that way. It is difficult accepting that I'm a slow loser sometime.
  5. ebrandon

    3 months out...

    Congrats on your journey and success this far. I am 11 weeks out, I am down 30 lbs in all. I was discouraged because I wasn't losing as much as everyone else but I realized I could barely lose 5lbs before surgery. So now I Celebrate a lot of non scale victories. It is a struggle to get my Protein in. I could not tolerate the taste of protein but now I am able to a little. I tried a lot of things after surgery that were high in protein. There was a lot I didn't like. I decided to stick to what I like. I snack on almonds. Also I am a huge meat eater so I snack on turkey Jerky and ground turkey meat when I am hungry. It easy to store almonds and jerky at work in my desk. I wish you the best of luck as you continue.
  6. ebrandon

    Weight loss

    @@ShrinkingPeach thanks! I'll keep on track
  7. Hi Everyone! I was sleeved June 27th and I have only lost 25 lbs. Am I doing something wrong? I knew a stall was to be expected but it's been almost 5 weeks. I'm getting my protein and water in. I'm also working out. What else can I do?
  8. ebrandon

    Slider foods

    @@rgodfrey09 thanks! That's sounds really good. Are they sold in stores or do I have to order them online?
  9. ebrandon

    Slider foods

    So for me I guess it would be chips. They go down easy and I can eat quite a bit. I'll stay away from them
  10. ebrandon

    Slider foods

    Gotcha! Thanks!
  11. I lost 8 lbs pre diet and I'm done 12 lbs two weeks out. I understand you want to lose as much as you can. I start school in a month too and I'm excited to go shopping!
  12. ebrandon


    Help! I am 5 days out and I have gas in my chest. I am making sure I am eating slowly and drinking fluids. What can I do to relieve it?
  13. ebrandon


    Thanks! I'm gonna have move around more.
  14. ebrandon

    June 15th, anyone?

    Stay strong! This surgery isn't about everyone else. It's about you! The decision you are making for your health and your future.
  15. ebrandon

    June 15th, anyone?

    @@shugarhey yay! I'm getting nervous. But reading everyone's comments really helps.
  16. ebrandon

    June 15th, anyone?

    June 26 here. I started my pre op diet today. I'm not going to lie, I am struggling. I have two protein shakes, 3oz of lean meat and unlimited clear liquids. This is going to be a long two weeks but I know it'll be worth it. I would've caved in by now but i see my light at the end of the tunnel.
  17. I am being sleeved on the 26th of this month. I will be flying to Puerto Vallarta... I've never flown before. I booked my flight with Aeromexico. Anyone that traveled to Mexico, did any go with Aeromexico?
  18. At the June 27 is my surgery date. I'm getting nervous. I'm trying to get things in order already. I'll be traveling to Puerto Vallarta and I don't want to miss anything... Does anyone have any recommendations or advice?
  19. ebrandon

    June !

    Awesome. I'm stocking for my pre op diet too. Good Luck to you guys!!!
  20. ebrandon

    Surgery in Mexico

    Sorry I had the wrong name. I am with Dr. Hidalgo and its with the weight loss team.
  21. ebrandon

    Surgery in Mexico

    I just put down my deposit with Dr. Lopez. I'm schedule for the end of June! I'm excited and nervous!
  22. ebrandon

    Surgery in Mexico

    Thanks. I'll look into him.

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