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  1. Dawn Turpin

    Major reflux after Sleeve and herna repair

    How are the two of you holding up? And how much weight have you lost? Since my original surgery in Feb I have lost 49.9 pounds ???? but it was a rough way to do it lol
  2. Dawn Turpin

    Major reflux after Sleeve and herna repair

    Hey guys I'm 6 days out now and I'm not sure if I'm happy at this point I'm in a lot of pain and discomfort and it feels like I have really bad indigestion. My stomach hurts to sit and walk the only comfort I get is laying down with my stomach propped up. Not sure what to do I just hope as this week goes by things will start feeling better
  3. Hey guys 6 days out still not getting the munchies lol but it does help with the pain and nausea. Hoping the indigestion hoes away soon I'm so uncomfortable ???? how are the rest of you doing?
  4. Dawn Turpin

    April 22 surgery date. Anybody else?

    Yes chickenbugg I had to have bypass over sleeve my stomach was full of bile and inflamed ???? I am 6 days out now and feel like crap I hope it gets better
  5. Always Vegas, I'm curious if Dr Umbach did your surgery ?
  6. Dawn Turpin

    Converting from Sleeve to Bypass?

    I was sleeved on Feb. and just had to have bypass last Thursday due to gerd my stomach was inflamed and full of bile. We tried medication with no success. I am 6 days out still in a ton of pain and feels like I have the worst indigestion ever!! The only way I can get comfort is to lay down and prop up my stomach. Is this normal?
  7. Dawn Turpin

    April 22 surgery date. Anybody else?

    April 9th for me I should say again!! Lol
  8. Actually I have found that it doesn't cause hunger after surgery ???? I smoke marijuana for chronic pain and fibromyalgia. I had my surgery in Feb and that part seems fine. I have to have a bypass over sleeve next week I will try to find this again and update you after my upcoming surgery ????
  9. Dawn Turpin

    Gastric bypass over Sleeve

    I had the sleeve on Feb. 5th and I have been suffering every since. My stomach is inflamed and full of bile so now next week I am going in for the bypass ???? I hope all goes well with you if you choose to do the bypass
  10. Dawn Turpin

    Major reflux after Sleeve and herna repair

    Thank you both I will definitely come back after and let you know how things are going. Yes the dr did switch my meds and no luck ???? I have also been reading all the comments about this issue and yeah RARE???? Really? Doesn't seem to rare at this point! Have any of you had your gallbladder removed? I'm wondering if that is why I'm having such a terrible time with this
  11. Dawn Turpin

    Major reflux after Sleeve and herna repair

    Thank you Shannon. I spoke to my dr on the phone the other day because this is only getting worse . I researched the medication he put me on and everything and found no help. He informs me that what is going on is rare and he's only heard of it happening twice. Hmm. So to get me out of this mess that was created we have decided to just do the bypass ???? I have now lost 43 pounds but then again I cannot eat lol the pain is constant and never goes away even if I drink a ton of Pepto or eat a bottle of tums it's still there. So I kind of feel at a loss at this point and the stress of it all is not helping my fibro pain etc. Good luck to you Shannon.
  12. Dawn Turpin

    Major reflux after Sleeve and herna repair

    I had gastric sleeve and hernia repair on Feb 5th 2015. The first week I felt great, come the 2nd week oh boy!!! I had to go back to my Dr for an upper endoscopy because my stomach is inflamed and full of bile. He put me on yet another medication and said if it doesn't work we would have to do a by-pass over the sleeve. The bile makes it extremely painful to eat or drink and gurgles in my throat. And the nausea is horrible. Has anyone else had this issue and what have your Dr's suggested??? Thank you

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