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    4 years post op, 2 years single

    The dating scene sure isn't what I remember! I have given up and just keep my focus on lifting and living life my way..
  2. Bro science isn't good LOL. Focus on protein and waist size. I never bother with weight much anymore. I do close to 4k calories on heavy days now and 2500 or so on regular. I'm 6'6" . Just listen to your body. If your hungry eat, just stay clean. Great work fellas!
  3. deadmanwalking

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    here is my goofy self LOL
  4. Surgery was April 2015. I started my journey in November 2014 though.
  5. a couple of recent pics...
  6. about me: HW-472LBS CW-267LBS I started lifting just to help loose skin and now I am a full blown iron-head LOL... bodybuilding is my thing although ill never compete due to midsection skin issues. I am happy overall and just focus on bettering myself. Glad to see all the hard work in this thread! Keep it coming!
  7. keep on grinding and you will get there!
  8. deadmanwalking

    Lou WEE Zee ANA (louisiana) :)

    Born and raised in New Orleans but currently in Baton Rouge....
  9. deadmanwalking

    Single DUE to surgery

    Sorry you are going through it too. Just know it get easier as time passes. It still Hurts a bit from time to time but that is to be expected...
  10. deadmanwalking

    Single DUE to surgery

    My wife supported my surgery in the beginning. As I lost weight and started getting more attention from everyone, not just ladies, she grew bitter and her insecurity became a problem after 20 years of marriage. We tried to make it work to no avail. Not divorced yet but it wont be long.
  11. deadmanwalking

    Overtraining & Stalls???? Frustrated.....

    Get the BMR test for sure! technology in watches ETC. isn't as good as most would like to believe. I started this journey at 472lbs with a BMI of over 60... My sleeve was april 23,2015. I did the low calorie diet to lose my weight and in 22 months I was down to 219lbs and hated how I felt and looked. I started to lift weights to help with my loose skin issues and I got addicted to it. I have been lifting for over 2 years now and gone through numerous calorie adjustments along the way. The original poster is NOT eating enough calories. I guarantee his burn is overstated coming from the watch but he should be in the 2k calorie range to add muscle. clean calories from whole food, but higher than he is eating. I am currently eating 3500-4k a day and if I fall under that I lose weight too fast. Metabolism is racing like crazy LOL... I am sitting at 278lbs today and run 11-15% bodyfat continuously. I would love to see the original posters results from a BRM test and then we can get him moving in the right direction! I guess I should add I am 6"6" and 45 years old too.... be great!
  12. I got tagged in this post last week somehow. I commented somewhere along the way. I haven't been on here in a while but ill try to start in an attempt to motivate some others. I am just over 4 years post op and started at 472lbs. currently at 278 but a muscular 278... Be great folks and keep your eye on the prize!
  13. keep on kicking butt brother! I'm close to 4 years post bypass and I know its absolutely possible to add as much muscle as you want if you keep protein in check and work damn hard! I started lifting to aid in loose skin and got addicted to it. I have added a lot of muscle and strength is crazy. Be great my friend!
  14. deadmanwalking

    Huge influx of random flirting

    direct messages
  15. deadmanwalking

    Huge influx of random flirting

    I don't even get or use DMs lol
  16. deadmanwalking

    Huge influx of random flirting

    I never get hit on ever. I get an occasional smile from time to time but it never goes anywhere. ive been told I am too intimidating due to my size and tattoos. maybe.. I don't want unsolicited nudes and a dude better not send me a d^&k pic
  17. deadmanwalking

    Male Before and After Pictures

    my before are in my bio.... started at 472lbs, currently almost 280lbs..
  18. deadmanwalking

    I'm back on the grind again. Sorry for absence.

    I haven't been on here in a while. I never stopped training but a lot of life changes have taken place so time on my sites halted... I'm glad to see a few of the same folks still here kicking ass!
  19. deadmanwalking

    It's a great feeling...

    I started at 472lbs and was judged everywhere. today I am a muscular 280lbs and guess what... I'm still judged LMAO... its a different look I get now but its obvious. I also have many folks that wouldn't talk before that want to talk now... it is what it is...
  20. deadmanwalking

    IMG 1630

    WOW! you really did a great job! look stunning....
  21. deadmanwalking

    after pic.png

    awesome work! you look amazing!
  22. deadmanwalking

    New skirt.... Size 4

    NICE!!!!!!!!!! hope the interview went good!
  23. deadmanwalking


    awesome transformation! great job!!!!!
  24. keep strong ladies! those yummy treats may taste good when you eat them, the flavor fades away in mere seconds and you are left internally with calories that are far more harmful than that flavor was worth. you all are looking amazing so keep on rolling along with what your doing because its obviously working!!
  25. deadmanwalking


    I use animal rage pre workout. its a bit aggressive so I say start with a half dose but it gets me fired up and last well throughout my entire workout!