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  1. freelee

    How soon before solid foods

    Varies by doctor. Mine has given me a very specific packet detailing week by week for 6-8 weeks.
  2. Thanks, Brian. I am scheduled for Tuesday morning. Getting nervous going over the food progression. Those first 2-3 weeks are going to be very tough. BUT I want this, so will do it. I've done very well on my 14 day protein fast. Tomorrow is all liquids. Nervous. How is everyone else feeling?
  3. freelee

    Protein Powders

    PS...ask at your dr's office for samples. They gave me one-single serve packet of each flavor before I bought it.
  4. freelee

    Protein Powders

    I've been happy with the flavor of Bariatric Advantage that my dr recommends. I'm pre surgery (set for the 16th, Tues), and I mix one scoop of vanilla with one scoop of chocolate. Gives it a little creamier milk chocolate taste. I'll have to see next week about my taste changing. I've heard that too.
  5. RNY for me on Tuesday! I agree with the above post.
  6. Good luck on Monday, Jvonna. I'll be right behind you Tuesday morning if all goes as planned (I have a pretty nasty cough right now). I'm hoping you'll see a great improvement in the loss.
  7. So down and about to throw in the towel! I've developed a terrible cough from allergy sinus drainage. Taking meds. Worrying if it doesn't clear up if they will postpone my Tues morning surgery? I know it is the dr's call and who knows how I'll be then, but has anyone ever have a situation like this? How long did you have to wait? Needing more encouragement, I'm afraid. Thanks
  8. freelee

    Panni Vs tummy tuck

    Can you please explain what a panni is?
  9. Thank you, ohjul. I know prayer is the best medicine there is.
  10. RYN bypass is supposed to be a week from today. Last night they called to say my pre-op testing showed an abnormal EKG. But my pcp called and said he cleared it because it was a fluke. OKAY, very relieved. Not 20 min later today, the lung dr called to say he wouldn't clear me until I have a CAT scan for a spot or shadow he saw on my lung xray! Now I'm having that on Friday night (before my supposed surgery Tues). My main point is I am so terrified I have lung cancer (no smoking). I can't get that out of my head. Are there other things they might find that are benign that isn't bad? How could I make it this far and come so close to my surgery to have this happen? It doesn't help that I am in the middle of my 2 week Protein shake fast, so can't, WON'T let food be my comfort.........please send some encouragement, I'm so frightened.
  11. Thank all of you very much. This is what is so amazing about this group, the encouragement, honesty, and true caring environment. I am so grateful to have found all of the people here. You each made me feel better. I am praying for a good and quick outcome, so I can have the surgery on Tuesday. Thank you again.
  12. freelee

    Liquid Diet Day #1

    It will get better. I'm on day 9 of a 14 day liquid diet. The headaches quit a couple of days ago.
  13. freelee

    Disney World!

    Think of all the walking you'll get in!
  14. freelee

    Lunch only $1.68 today .... winning!

    Great idea! I never thought of it, but am looking forward to going to Whole Foods to the food bar in a few months to check out your strategy. Novel idea for an answer to eating out. Thanks
  15. You go girl! I'll be following you next Tues (June 16) after school is out. It is consuming all of my thoughts most of the day. But I am very excited. Best wishes for your new start!
  16. freelee

    A good hurt...

    What an inspiring post! You and your son will become even closer because of your choices. Best wishes.
  17. freelee

    New to this

    My bypass is set for June 16. I've gone through all the emotions. I'm in the middle of my 14 day protein liquid diet and so far so good. I'm looking forward to getting to the otherside of the sugery. There is lots of great people here that can always make you feel better when you are down
  18. freelee

    Gastric bypass

    Gastric bypass for me will be 6/16. I can't wait. You are both an encouragement. Thanks.
  19. You look great! Congratulations, keep up the good fight!
  20. freelee

    First night of CPAP

    Wow! Glad to know there are others out there who understand how hard the cpap can be. I've Had it almost two months, and have not made it through a full night yet. I've only NOT tried one night. I try with and without humidifier, and use the Small nose mask. My throat and the back of my mouth hurts from it, and my sinuses are horrible (yes' I clean it and use distiller water.) Any new insight appreciated.
  21. I teach and could have done It a little sooner, but school is out Friday June 12, and will have bypass on Tuesday June 16. Looking forward to having plenty of time to start the new lifestyle and habits.Christmas would have been my second choice.
  22. freelee

    Vaping after Surgery

    What is vaping? It's not a term I've ever the term before.
  23. Best wishes for a smooth and quick recovery and easy transition. I know about the excitement and nervousness. My bypass surgery is scheduled for June 16. Just started my 2 week liquid protein diet today. Looking forward to being on the other side of the surgery. Good luck to you.
  24. Thank you. I started my pre-op protein drinks today. Your post was a great reminder and I will keep these verses closeby throughout.
  25. I don't have cancer, but I as my bypass surgery gets closer (June 16), I start wondering about all kinds of things to make sure I've covered all my bases. So, has anyone had to have chemo later after they have had the surgery? Does the surgery affect the treatment of cancer? Does malabsorption affect the working of the chemo? My dad died of prostate cancer so breast cancer, etc, pops up in my thoughts sometimes. I'm not due for a mammogram until August after my surgery, so can't check that off the list. I have read it is more difficult to diagnose and treat stomach cancer due to it being stapled off. I know I shouldn't be worrying about things such as this when I am so blessed to be able to have the surgery and with all the support I am getting, but you know how those "things" just creep into your thoughts as we're going through the process. Thanks for listening.