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    How Many Calories One Year Out?

    Posting this here too...I'm a year out now and down 200 pounds. I've still got about 27 pounds to go and I'm wondering how many calories I should be eating now? I'm incredibly active - on days I don't work I usually walk or run 5 miles plus strength training. I have a very active job so even on days that I work I get a minimum of 10,000 steps, though usually it's closer to 20,000. Once I did 34,000! Currently I eat between 1000 - 1200 calories and get about 105 - 115 grams of protein a day. I definitely feel like I get hungry much quicker and stay full for far less time. My nutritionist is terrible at responding to my emails so I figured I'd ask the community how many calories all of you eat? How many ounces do you eat? I'm eating about 3 ounces of protein and 2 ounces of vegetables per meal.
  2. Indieflickers

    BCAAs vs HMB

    This may be way too technical but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on which was the better supplement? I'm six months out from surgery, 93lbs down and I've started doing fasted cardio every morning and my muscles are rather sore. I've been reading about how BCAAs help with muscle recovery but I've also read that HMB supplements can help when you're on a calorie restricted diet and are doing fasted cardio. Reading about all of the science leaves me a bit cross-eyed so I was wondering if anyone has had an actual experience with either?
  3. Today is one year from my bypass surgery. So much has changed in this one year. Both my life and I are unrecognisable. Now I am going to attempt to post the obligatory before and after shots. (please disregard my messy closet in the "after" picture!)
  4. I'm about seven weeks out from brachioplasty and tummy tuck. I'm back at work and my swelling has gone waaaay up. My job is really active - I walk an average of 10 miles a day and I'm on my feet 14 to 20 hours a day. My arms are fine but my stomach is swollen enough that I look like I'm nearing the end of my first trimester! Also, I'm ridiculously hungry all the time which is not helpful as I am constantly surrounded by food. How did you guys manage the swelling? How long did it take to go down? I'm wearing compression 24/7 but I'm not sure how much it's helping.
  5. Indieflickers

    Swell Hell and HUNGRY

    @@jess9395 @@JamieLogical thanks for the reassurance!
  6. Indieflickers

    Swell Hell and HUNGRY

    @@Djmohr oh that sounds terrible! I don't have any itching. Well not related to the surgery. I got a big bite on my arm, which was infuriating because I couldn't quite tell where the itching was coming from due to the fact that I was still numb along the incision! @@jess9395 I think I had some lipo but not much. The combo of the swelling and hunger is terrible because it makes me feel like I've gained due to over eating!
  7. Indieflickers

    Swell Hell and HUNGRY

    @@Daisee68 that makes sense. I've been averaging about that! I just don't know if I should still be doing that now that I'm farther out. I was actually at about 2000 calories before plastics because of how active I was but boy was it anxiety provoking to eat that much when I was essentially sedentary! I'm back to being incredibly active at work but not doing serious cardio or strength training yet.
  8. Indieflickers

    Swell Hell and HUNGRY

    @@James Marusek ah gotcha. I think part of the hunger may be recovery from plastics but I can't say that for sure. I would like to lose about 12 - 15 more pounds but it's hard to do when constantly starving and unable to do serious exercise!
  9. Indieflickers

    Swell Hell and HUNGRY

    @@James Marusek thanks for the advice! I actually get a ridiculous amount of Protein. Probably a little too high since I've had to stop strength training whilst recovering from plastics. Are you considered maintenance of you're not quite at goal? @@JamieLogical it had started to go down but has increased a bunch since my activity spiked. It's really disconcerting to seem my rather round stomach! I guess I have to keep reminding myself it'll go away eventually. Did you do anything to help minimise it or did you just leave it alone?
  10. Indieflickers

    Post your progress pics

    Thanks @@Kyn13!
  11. Indieflickers

    What is on your Trader Joe's Shopping List?

    @@erp that's impressive! I didn't know they were that cheap at Costco. I don't have a membership though.
  12. I'm officially scheduled for a tummy tuck (ugh I hate the word tummy) and brachioplasty in two weeks! Give me all the advice you've got! How much pain were you in? How long did it take for you to not be in pain? How much pain were the drains, literally and figuratively? We're there any sitting/sleeping positions that were more comfortable than others? Any gadgets or props that were especially helpful? Any kind of clothing that was easier to get in and out of? What did you eat? How much did you eat given that you weren't able to exercise? How much help did you need? I'm staying with my brother for the first 48 hours but then I'm on my own. Should I prep a weeks worth of meals? Two weeks? What do you wish you had known before surgery? I'm so excited but also slightly terrified - much more so that before my gastric bypass. Seriously, any advice, tips, etc.!
  13. @@CowgirlJane yeah that's kind of what I assumed. Do you happen to remember how many calories you were getting?
  14. Indieflickers

    What can I do with...Protein powder?

    I used to bake with protein powder a lot but my oven is really crappy and just bad at baking things in general. I used an unflavoured protein powder. You can replace 1/3 flour (be it whole wheat, coconut, almond, etc) with protein powder. Also I've heard casein protein is better to cook with because it's thicker but I've never actually tried. There are a lot of really great sites with protein powder recipes though I mainly use Pinterest to find ones I want to try.
  15. Indieflickers

    What is on your Trader Joe's Shopping List?

    I tend to buy the Fage 0% Greek yogurt there because it's cheaper there than the other grocery chains. Also the Quest bars are about fifty cents cheaper there than any other brick and mortar store, though I tend to order them in bulk from Amazon.
  16. For the first ten months after surgery I weighed only once a month, on my surgery date. I think this helped because a) it meant I didn't really notice stalls the weight loss was usually a good, big number and c) it kept me from obsessing. As long as you're following the rules, the weight will come off. Now that I'm almost 15 months out I weigh once a week. I was told you shouldn't weigh daily because there are a multitude of factors that affect the number on the scale, many of which are completely out of your control.
  17. @@CowgirlJane my appetite has definitely gone way up, just like you said your did. I'm getting obscene amounts of protein but I was wondering what else you did to keep from gaining? Were there foods or meals that you found particularly filling or did you just have to live with being hungrier.
  18. @@jess9395 it's a combination of both. I do seem to be more thirsty than usual. I'm also pushing the liquids more than usual in an attempt to stay hydrated and also to help a bit with hunger. I'll try cutting back to 64 ounces and see if that helps with swelling.
  19. @@jess9395 my salt intake is average and I'm drinking about a gallon of Water a day. Thanks so much for the advice! I'm sure it will be worth it. Even swollen, my arms look ten times better than before so I'm sure it was worth it!
  20. @@jess9395 interesting. I took arnica yesterday and I'm wondering if perhaps I had a bad reaction to it because I hadn't had any swelling before taking it.
  21. @@jess9395 oh that's good to know about the sun. My surgeon seems to only give me the info I need when I get to the next step, which is somewhat understandable but also annoying since I like having as much info as possible. Did you have much swelling in your hands? I had read that people's hands got really swollen and felt extremely lucky that I hadn't experienced that and then of course when I woke up today it looked like I was wearing a fat suit. My hands were so swollen I could barely bend my fingers. I'm wondering if that's because last night was the first night I slept in a much flatter position. I had been sleeping almost upright since surgery.
  22. @@jess9395 that's all very reassuring! I'm not wearing sleeves just ace bandages. You were able to stop wearing them after two weeks? Did you put something over the scars after you stopped wearing them? I'm trying to accept that I probably will gain some weight, weight that isn't swelling, and that that's ok because I have made great changes and I am anxious to get back to exercising so dropping whatever weight I gain won't be too much of an issue as long as I don't go nuts with the food. I think part of the anxiety is that sitting around all day watching to TV is basically what my life was for the decade before surgery, so having to go back to it is a bit triggering. I have to keep reminding myself that it's kind of a good sign that I'm not enjoying it and that it's only temporary.
  23. So I had the TT and brachioplasty last Tuesday. It went as well as can be expected, though I underestimated how much of a b***h the first 72 hours are. I know it doesn't make sense because they're such very different surgeries, but I think I got it into my head that because bypass was so easy (I practically jumped off the OR table) that this would be a breeze too. I also underestimated the amount of assistance I'd need and for how long I'd need it. Now that I'm a week and change out, I have a few more questions for people who've had plastics. In the almost year and a half since my bypass, I've become an exceptionally active person. I find it incredible difficult to sit still for more than a few moments at a time. For the next week and a half I have no choice but to sit still. While I do feel crappy, and get physically exhausted quite quickly, my brain still has trouble allowing me to stay put. Basically I'm bored as hell. I'm catching up on really good TV (Game of Thrones!!) but even really good TV doesn't distract me enough from the fact that I want to move. What did you guys do to distract yourself? Also, I am incredibly hungry. I realise that my body needs a decent amount of calories while it's knitting my skin back together, but the combination of no movement and 1800 calories a day makes me anxious. I had been eating almost 2000 calories a day in the month before surgery and still losing, but I was also walking about 15 miles a day. How did you guys find a balance between not being starving but going nuts with the calories? As for the surgery itself, the scars look pretty good, though the end of the incision on my left hip and the incisions in my armpits look pretty raised and ropey. Did they flatten out for you and if so, how long did it take? How long before you were able to shave your armpits and how did you manage with the scar? How long did you wear the ace bandages/compression sleeves on your arms? Any advice is very helpful!
  24. Indieflickers

    Ab exercises.

    I second planking. I started off barely being able to hold a plank for 15 seconds and am now up to 2 minutes. After I'd been holding it for 30 seconds for a few weeks I noticed this weird bump right above my hip and got really worried that i'd herniated something. Until I realised I had one on the other side too and they were muscles! One of the best feelings.
  25. Indieflickers

    Proof I Did It!

    Congrats! That's so awesome!