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  1. likelike

    I feel so guilty

    First off, CONGRATULATIONS for hitting your goal weight! Second, the fear that you feel is most likely in everyone. I have it and I'm only post op by three weeks and I messed up yesterday at a friend bday party. But like you said, "Tomorrow is a new day and I promise myself to eat right." (--- However I'm still learning when enough is enough). You're amazing for hitting your goal weight within six months! But hey we all get that feeling, just don't let it over burden you.
  2. So I read somewhere that Teavana has a few caffeine free tea options but noticed that they use some type of sweetener (rock sugar) in their teas. Has anyone tried them? Does the sweetener effect your weight loss?
  3. My surgeon says to stick to Water because juices has a lot of added sugar. But I'm kinda curious about drinks with sweeteners. Does anyone else use them?
  4. likelike

    5wk post-op no loss for 3wks

    Does menstruation hold up weight loss? I feel like mine is commin round the corner.
  5. likelike

    Eight days post surgery!

    When I was at 8 days they had me on soft foods, meaning yogurt and a few other items. That stage sucked for me. But I did try grits with a little bit of cheese on it. Real good and helped me with cravings.
  6. likelike


    So the hospital that I went to for my surgery urged us not to use MOM simply because MOM take Water from the body to help loosen the stool. Since post surgery water is extremely important they suggest Miralax. But when I was constipated for the fist time in... EVER I grabbed that MOM and shot glassed it as fast as possible. The after effects did show signs of dehydration so it took me a while to recover. Since then I've been drinking Miralax with my water religiously. Hope that helps.
  7. I'm nearing into my three weeks and so far I've been eating 1/4 cup of baked salmon and 1/4 cup crab meat (because that's what I made a week ago), but this new week I'm gonna try cottage cheese, boiled egg, and a few pieces of thawed shrimp (from trader joe's).
  8. likelike

    Sad about missing food

    At first I was terribly sad about missing foods. So sad I avoided going out in public and being around food. But I needed to walk as much as possible so I walked a few times around the mall and had to smell the food court. What's funny is... the sweet smells doesn't trigger me anymore - it's when the food is placed in front of me. Oh boy! That's where I know trouble will come in... so I try to walk away from it until I've figured out how to avoid the craving all together. you're not alone. we all go through this.
  9. I recently found myself in this same boat yesterday (three weeks post op). I was at a friend's kid's bday party and I had some chicharrón, a lumpia, and few bites of cake (few chips of chicharron in the early morning, 1.5 lumpia at the afternoon, and a few bites of cake before I left around 8...the whole day was soooo bad). I'm so upset with myself. But today is a new day and I gotta get back on the healthy road and I hope you will too!
  10. Since your profile says your pre op I can only assume that this is a question that's been floating around your mind. However, once you do have the surgery and you've gone through the recovery to seeing the results you probably wouldn't even want to have a beer. Beer has so much calories and is just as similar to soft drinks. Furthermore, beer may lead to transfer addiction so you need to be mindful of that. Be wise for your long term health. Don't go for the temporary fix that may go into long term issues. </twocentend>
  11. likelike

    Back to Work

    I'm taking four weeks off because I work in a lab and it demands for me to do a lot of walking/standing and mental work... which I'd find hard to stay focused since I'd probably be thinking about how to not let anyone else in the lab know that I had the surgery. My program has me on food levels... so for now I'm eating 1/4 cup of yogurt. Not enough for continuous movement.
  12. Glad I'm not the only one in this boat! I'm closing into 2 weeks and I'm at a stall! 12lbs down since surgery (June 3) though!
  13. When I had my surgery last week my husband was unable to be by my side because of his 12 hour graveyard work plus it would of taken him an additional hour to get to the hospital. So my mom stepped up by going to my postop lifestyle class the day before surgery and my step dad would also be there to being me to and from the hospital. Well, the morning of my class I finally told my mom how much I weighed and she laughed at me, which naturally hurt my feelings and made me realize bringing her there was a big mistake. Then the day my patent came to pick me up my parents forgot to pick me up! We agreed to leave at noon and my mom texted me that they'd be there before twelve but when I asked how the traffic was at 1145 she said they were still at home!!! I had gotten my last dose of pain meds injected into my iv since I told the nurses that I'd be checking out at twelve but by the time my parents got to the hospital the pain meds wore off... I was in pain getting in and out of their big ass car. My step dad knew I was upset and started to make some bullshit story up of.. "you were too drugged up last night!! We couldn't understand you!!" ... Um no... I told mom this morning to pick me up at noon. He was making things so bad the moment I came home by saying my husband should of taken me to and from the hospital and this was not any of his responsibility. (Both my patents are retired and live WITH ME AND MY HUSBAND) So last night (5 days post op) I went for a walk at the local marina around 830 cause it was cooler (92) but when I got home I was out of breath. So this morning I thought I'd take it slower by walking a lap around the mall but came home exhausted yet again! My dad tells me to suck it up .. and he doesn't understand why I'd be so out of breath. I told him he wouldn't understand and that caused him to snap at me saying that he would because he had a valve transplant a few years ago (but I was always there to support him during his recovery) . I told him I just had half of a major organ removed and he started to get all huffy and puffy. Since this morning my husband removed my nonfat yogurt and sugar free pudding from the kitchen refrigerator and placed it in our bedroom fridge so that I wouldn't have to run into my dad again. I'm so exhausted of all this and I want to go back to work but I know that's not feasible since work is pretty demanding. Guess I'll be in my room for the next three weeks. I can't believe I'm 28 years old and crying over this shit.
  14. Thank you you guys!! It really brought me to tears reading all of your input!! I truly value all of your advices and will talk with my husband with trying to work with my parents. You are all so supportive and I'm so thankful for finding this website!!
  15. Thank you so much !!@@JamieLogical
  16. I'm five days post op and I thought it'd be a good idea to take a nice walk at my local marina. But when I did, I was super short to breath. I'm thinking it may of been because of the heat because before surgery I'd be able to make that walk with no problems. Did anyone have this problem?
  17. I'm getting sleeved tomorrow at 12!! OHER MEEHRR GEERD!!
  18. likelike

    My surgery is TOMORROW!

    Mine was in Richmond California and I'm feeling the pain! Doc have me some meds to deal with it but I'm looking forward to not having trouble getting in our out of bed ( my bed is super tall and I'm sorry)
  19. Where do you get this food card you speak of?
  20. likelike

    Day 4 of post op

    I just had my surgery yesterday and I know your pain. Have you tried drinking warm Water or broth? It feel much better than cold fluids. I hope that the pain gets better as the days go on... I hear a lot of people saying that. Feel better!!
  21. likelike

    Not well

    I'm one day out and I'm feeling terrible... but manageable. Did your docs give you anything for post surgery recovery?
  22. likelike

    My surgery is TOMORROW!

    @@shani22404 where was you surgery at?
  23. likelike

    My surgery is TOMORROW!

    Thanks! In still in the hospital until the morning and I've definitely been taking my pain meds!!
  24. So excited and nervous!! I need to start getting on my short term disability paper work!

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