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LAP-BAND Patients
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  1. ebonysilk

    Freaked Out About A Flipped Port!!!

    holy cow noe you got me scared - thats hard on this girlllll - girls you know i just had my surgery monday (smile)
  2. ebonysilk

    Need Answer

    thanks, should i be able to feel this, i am still swollen myself was band one week ago
  3. ebonysilk

    Need Answer

    you know it just might be the port that I am feeling
  4. ebonysilk

    Need Answer

    thanks anyway, I"m going to my post op tomorrow so i will get the answer
  5. ebonysilk

    Need Answer

    No i am still on liquids, something feels hard inside the stomach on the side. No I have no pain. Maybe knot is the wrong word to describe this. It feels like something hard has been inplanted into me. Wanted to know if this feeling would go away
  6. ebonysilk

    Need Answer

    I was banded a week ago today. Feeling somewhat better, however, now I am concern about this knot that I can feel inside of my stomach. Will it go away?
  7. ebonysilk

    Banded Monday 9/12

    Thanks Jessiebear hoping for that recovery
  8. ebonysilk

    Banded Monday 9/12

    thanks Jessiebear looking forward to that day of recovery
  9. ebonysilk

    Banded Monday 9/12

    Anwyn thanks for that info on that heating pad
  10. ebonysilk

    Banded Monday 9/12

    thanks Kathy
  11. ebonysilk

    Banded Monday 9/12

    thanks so much hope i will be feeling better soon also
  12. ebonysilk

    Pre Surgery Diet...Having some Trouble

    I was on ChoiceDM jello. That was not doing it for me my gluclose levels would drop too low. My dietitian included in my diet Of couse any diet clear sodas, but also non fat puddings, along with my drink, and jello. I was able to drink up to four drinks a day, and 2 yogurts.
  13. ebonysilk

    Banded Monday 9/12

    I was banded monday 9/12. Painful? For me yes, but each day it gets alittle better. I now have more gas than pain. Today is my first day moving around gentle Thank you all for your concern Accepting any additional advice:)
  14. ebonysilk

    just thought i would ask

    thnaks Lynn
  15. ebonysilk

    Tomorrow 9/12 Lap Ban Day

    will keep you posted

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