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    hi all just wondering if any of you have heard or tried vibration machines{no not that sort lol } they are about the same height as a treadmill and half the length, you stand on or sit on them plus other positions and is supposed to be good for circulation, metabolism and i forget what else,they are quite expensive so i don't want to get one unless i'm sure, i had asked on a site here in oz buy only 1 person replied and that was to say she wondered the same thing ,so i'm hoping it has been around longer in america and somebody may know about it ...jenny
  2. jenny

    Any old timers still around?

    ta well i guess that leaves me out cos theres no way even with the band i could do that : (
  3. jenny

    Any old timers still around?

    i was wondering what HGC is and do you know if its safe with high blood pressure, i googled it to see if i can get it here in australia but cant find any health cautions with it
  4. jenny

    Any old timers still around?

    hello everyone couple of names i remember, i havn't been here for a couple of years ,it was really good to get your'e e-mail as ihave been really battling to get back on track about 18 months ago i had fill taken out cos of reflux and was just starting to fill up again and my eldest boy died and i just couldnt have cared, so i've put almost all the weight back on and im too ashamed to go to my dr so thanks again for reminder that all you lovely people are here and i'l get inspiration from you x
  5. jenny

    Has anyone taken up Bycyling?

    hi all havn't posted in a while and was just catching up with everyone when i came across this, i used to love cycling many years ago and think i would really enjoy taking it up again, my query is i have a bit of arthritis in my knees would it make them worse ....jenny
  6. jenny


    was going to put this in pm but thought i would post it for any other newcomer's, did you now about oz-band site in australia you would find local people also try this one www.esv.com.au it's a local melb one but you would be made welcome not a lot of activity but a nice bunch who would i am sure love to see a guy on board, oz-band does have a few guy's on board
  7. jenny

    still going slow

    hi kaye please don't get discouraged everyone journey is different you are doing well, for myself it has been an incredibly long time 2 years this july and 16 kilos down my last fill has done it have best restriction ever and at last got my head into gear being one of the older bandsters i must be like the proverbial teaching the old dog new tricks but i don't care how long it takes me i NEVERwould have lost it without the band just got heavier and heavier i reckon. so keep happy slow and steady wins the race, hopefully when we have another catch up for coffee we can meet...:)jenny
  8. jenny

    This Post will Get me in Trouble

    lol loved it { but with tongue in cheek a bit close to real life ha ha }
  9. jenny

    Roadside shrines

    in the last few years there has been an increase in them here in australia as well, i can't see why cos that is what we have cemetaries for you go there and and pay your respects after all that is where their remains are, there has been a roadside tribute near my house for at least 3 years yet in all that time i go past many times i have never seen anyone there and no-one i know has seen anyone there, if they have to do it then i feel local laws should put a time limit on them
  10. jenny

    Aussie Roll Call

    hi cleo havn't been posting much just catching up and wanted to say welcome
  11. jenny

    Melbourne Chat Thread!!!!

    congrats on a smooth op dionne now you you have too make sure you give yourself time to heal properly just rest up housework will be there long after us:clap2:
  12. jenny

    Restriction - finally!! :)

    hiya jess it's great to see you here again i was saying to anna we must have a catch up we are all so spread out {no not body wise lol} be a bit hard finding somewhere for everyone but i know we can do it
  13. jenny

    Newbie - to be banded in May

    hiya and welcome i know what you mean as i think most of us would food is oops was a big part of my life too
  14. jenny

    New...about to be banded next week

    hello rightsize welcome aboard. i'm sure you'll be happy here
  15. just wondering how everyone that is using cla is going side effects and so, i'm not having any luck getting it here do you think it would be safe to order it on line from there?
  16. jenny

    Leaving the forum

    please reconsider everyone's voice is important and i couldn't see anything wrong with what you said and nor it seems does the mod's hang around
  17. jenny

    Aussie Roll Call

    hi anna havn't done much posting lately, but have been checking in havn't seen you on the boards very much are you okay?
  18. well done for getting up and starting again some get it right first off, but so many of us struggle and remember God loves a battler and you'll get there but don't be hard on yourself if you stumble on something don't turn it into a mega feast, well that's what i have been trying and it seem's to help, good luck and don't forget to share your progress with us
  19. jenny

    Melbourne Chat Thread!!!!

    hi katrina welcome to lapband it's a great place with lovely people hopefully we will have another meet up soon and you'll be able to come along
  20. jenny

    E-pen anyone?

    i hope you keep us informed how it's going as i have been tempted to buy one i also am starting to get too many to pluck and those long black on's seem to have a differant root system to the rest [ouch],really great post
  21. hi everyone i just got back from holiday and catching up on what's been happening, hence the late post on this, sound's a really good product does anyone know if i can get it in australia or should i send for one to try from the address on this post and if i do do you know if it's safe site....ta jenny
  22. jenny

    Aussie Roll Call

    hello gerbera and bronwyn welcome im jenny from the south east of melbourne i'm sure you will feel right at home here, it's a really great site, i wish you both luck on your journey and don't forget to pop in often and let us know how you are going
  23. jenny

    Pain Meds

    hi cam thanks for reply, just got back from taking my grand-daughters to gold coast i think the melbourne weather or something must play my knee's up a bit cos i walked all round the theme parks no meds and it is the same when i stay with my son that lives in w a [ but it's a bit drastic too move and leave all my kid's behind] has pain stop got codiene in as i am allergic to it ?
  24. jenny

    Pain Meds

    well you surprised me i have taken panadol and osteo panadol since i have been operated on i don't go back to my dr till the end of jan so anyone from esv know what are doc's say on it, don't want to cause any probs with the band
  25. jenny

    New bander on the block

    hi geoff and welcome i agree with kat theres good days and bad theres no magic but it's a great to tool to help i personally have been a pretty slow loser,but i am emotional eater so it has been a long road also at my age and being female i would have got worse and worse so i am very happy with my band good luck with yours:clap2: