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  1. QuilterGal

    Drinking Post Op

    So here is something I just discovered after going to an AA meeting. The way non-WLS alcoholics talk about craving alcohol all the time is how I felt about food pre-op. However, that's not at all how I react to alcohol post-op. Since I stopped drinking last week, I have not craved alcohol once. I've found other ways to deal w/ my anxiety, and I'm also on additional anti-anxiety meds right now. I'm really thinking that the alcohol has to do with my previous anxiety meds not being at full strength due to malabsorption. Fortunately, I found a psychologist who works w/ bariatric patients with alcohol and anxiety issues. And I'm meeting with my doctor Friday to try to straighten out my anxiety meds.
  2. QuilterGal

    Drinking Post Op

    I, too, became an alcoholic post-RNY. I am five days into my second detox. I went to an AA meeting today and realized they way they talk about craving alcohol is exactly how I used to crave food. I don't crave alcohol in the same way. I wouldn't even call it a crave. I use it to self medicate when I have anxiety, just as I used to use food. After I stabilize, my doc and I are going to look at changing my anti-anxiety meds because, clearly, the ones I'm on now are not doing the trick. Until then, I am keeping very busy with my hobbies and work to keep my anxiety down. I'm going to have a fantastic garden this year. 🙂
  3. This is my experience with RNY: I have heard that you can never take NSAIDS again. I have also heard they can be taken but with an acid reducer. Which is true? I started taking NSAIDS about six months out. I have no problem with them and do not need an acid reducer. I have heard that the surgery fixes reflux and GERD. I have heard that people who never had heartburn pre-op now have it daily. RNY fixes reflux and GERD. The sleeve makes it worse. If you have reflux and GERD, do RNY. I have heard that there are some foods you can NEVER eat again. I have heard that in time you can eat anything again just in moderation. Which is true? There are foods you will never WANT to eat again. They will be so unappetizing. With RNY, my taste buds and craving changed dramatically. For me, I find anything sweet (Cookies, cakes, brownies, candy) totally unappetizing, to the point of being nearly revolting. Fatty foods make me feel yucky so I have an immediate reaction to not wanting to eat them. I now crave "clean" food, and I've eaten more watermelon in the last 1.5 years than in my entire life. But yes, you can still eat them, eventually. I have heard that there is a high percentage of addiction transfer. I have also heard that simply isn't true. This is true for some people. I have heard sugar and fat cause dumping. I have heard neither of these things cause dumping or ymmv(your mileage may vary) They absolutely cause dumping. And it's very, very unpleasant. I have heard everyone is constipated all the time. I have heard there is chronic loose stools. Again, this varies by person. I have the range, but I also have food allergies that can trigger different responses from by bowels. You really need to just see what works for you.
  4. QuilterGal

    Why will this be different?

    Until you experience it, it probably will sound too good to be true. So many people have been absolutely amazed by this when I told them. I think it happens only with RNY because the part of your stomach that generates the hunger hormones is disconnected from your esophagus. I'd be interested to hear if people who had other types of WLS also have experienced such a dramatic change in taste buds and cravings.
  5. I don't miss any foods that I can't eat. And when I say I "can't" eat them, it's much more of I don't want to eat them. RNY has completely changed my interest in certain foods. I have zero desire to eat anything sweet: Cookies, ice cream, candy, cake, brownies, etc. I also am very careful about high fat foods since they make me feel terrible. I am so happy that I finally had RNY. It has saved my life.
  6. QuilterGal

    Sugar free candy

    Just be careful how much you eat. SF candy can give you diarrhea and bad gas.
  7. Obvious toiletries, but also ear plugs and an eye mask. I also had my phone with me so I could listen to music on my earbuds, Facebook, etc. Oh, a comfy bathrobe and nonslip slippers or crocks.
  8. QuilterGal

    Why will this be different?

    The biggest change for me, in addition to the food restriction and lack of hunger, is the hormonal change that comes with RNY. Your tastes for certain foods actually changes with RNY. I am completely grossed out by anything sweet: cookies, cakes, baked goods, candy, sweet drinks -- anything. In addition, I am grossed out by high-fat and heavy foods. What I crave is clean and fresh food. This change in cravings due to hormonal changes was totally unexpected, but it has been FANTASTIC. We went husband's family Xmas part last December, which is a feast of desserts. NOTHING appealed to me. In fact, I had to stay out of the dessert room because it grossed me out so much.
  9. QuilterGal

    What to tell people?

    I told only my immediate family (mom, dad, brother), my boss (who had to sign off on my leave), and my office suite mate who would have to cover for me for three weeks. All were very supportive. I didn't feel the need to tell anyone else.
  10. QuilterGal

    Negative people

    Don't listen to him. And if you encounter any other naysayers, say directly and firmly, "This is the decision I have made in consultation with my primary care physician and surgical team. I believe it is the right choice for me." Opinions are like a**holes -- everybody has one.
  11. QuilterGal

    Time Off Work

    I took three weeks. I could have gone back after two, but that last week really helped get me into a daily routine.
  12. QuilterGal

    When can you eat lettuce or a salad?

    I *just* started eating salads again, 1.5 years out.
  13. QuilterGal


    I love my CPAP. I probably don't need it anymore, but it's become a safety blanket for me.
  14. QuilterGal


    We use this!
  15. QuilterGal

    Sick of sweet

    This has been a permanent side effect of my RNY. I am revulsed by sweet foods. Watermelon is about as sweet as I can take.
  16. QuilterGal


    I waited six months after RNY. Thing about alcohol is yes, you can feel the effects more quickly, but you also experience them going away much, much faster.
  17. I drink post-RNY as I did pre-RNY. Food is another matter.
  18. QuilterGal

    Feeling kind of betrayed

    If he doesn't want to eat them at his house (insist they are removed from your house), I'd toss them. If he asks why, tell him that they make you very, very sick, as does all sugary and high-fat foods.
  19. QuilterGal

    Top Picks for Mushie/Puree Stage!

    Thick soups like pea soup and butternut squash soup.
  20. QuilterGal

    What Is Your Favorite Healthy Food Discovery?

    Watermelon. I've always enjoyed it, but now I crave it all of the time. It's my go-to "sweet." On the other hand, Cookies, cakes, brownies, etc. totally repulse me, as do waffles, pancakes, and anything heavy.
  21. QuilterGal

    Napkin Drop

    So you know the whole "mic drop" thing? Hubby and I use cloth napkins with napkin rings. Tonight after, once again, I ate a third of my dinner, I put my napkin in the ring, held it up, and dropped it on the table. "Napkin drop."
  22. QuilterGal

    Why did you choose bypass?

    I chose bypass because it is the gold standard of weight loss surgeries and has the highest long-term success rates.
  23. QuilterGal


    No issues with steak. Just can't eat a lot of it. Maybe 3 oz.
  24. QuilterGal

    Lettuce, raw veggies

    All greens and virtually all raw veggies run right through me so I avoid them. I can do cooked veggies, though. Cooked root veggies such as squash and carrots work best for me. Broc and cauliflower also are okay, cooked. I eat more fruit now.
  25. QuilterGal


    I usually water my wine down, literally, with seltzer and ice. I am so much more sensitive to sweet tastes, and this helps. I also feel the effects more quickly, but they don't last nearly as long as they did before RNY. I can drink the same amount as I did before surgery, but not get a hangover.

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