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  1. I'm two weeks out from bypass surgery. I enjoy cigars and smoked right up until the night before surgery then started a week later with no apparent ill effects. They were a needed big distraction during the last two days on the clear liquid, virtually no calorie pre-op diet.
  2. zackly

    smoking cigars?

    Risk vs Reward, Risk vs. Reward That's what life is about. We make our choices, pick our poisons. For most of us here, we overate because it is pleasurable, fully knowing the possible dire consequences. I realize cigars ain't kale and there is some risk involved but it's a risk I'm willing to take. I've been hanging around cigar smokers for 30+ years, mostly professional men including healthcare professionals and I know of not a single case of smoking related cancer. My closest friend is a cigar smoking dentist in his early 50's in tip top shape. He is a brilliant man who lives life prudently (good diet, regular exercise) but he relaxes with a good cigar & a single malt. He knows the odds.
  3. I had gastric bypass last August. I've only drank alcohol a few times since then. I've never been a big drinker. As many have stated I feel drunk after a drink or two. I'm wondering if I would be over the legal limit for driving after having consumed so little booze? Don't worry, I have a designated driver.
  4. I wonder if there are any more reasonably priced protein bars than the ones I'm finding for $3-$5 and up? Besides Amazon Prime and other online retailers, I shop @ Costco Trader Joes, Wal-Mart & Whole Foods. Any better values out there? Thanks!
  5. To get my goal (70 grams) of Protein daily will I need to stay on Protein shakes forever? Right now, 7 weeks post-op, I don’t see how I can eat enough “real” food to reach that goal. I just don’t have that much appetite or stomach capacity. Do some people continue with the shakes forever?
  6. zackly

    What is it like?.........

    i'm a week short of two months post op and am struggling with the same issues that you are. So much of what made my life pleasurable pre-op was related to cooking, eating and socializing with alcohol & food. I no longer want to go out to restaurants with friends because I'm full after a few forkfuls. I still cook daily as I always have because my wife should not be punished because I had WL surgery. I can't say I'm happy with my new relationship with food. It has left a huge void in my life and I hope I can` find something to replace it. What that might be, I am clueless.The good news is my health has improved significantly. My diabetes is now under good control with 1/4 of the insulin I used to take, and my blood pressure (with meds) is a very good 130/60. I don't ache all over and my stamina has improved. Like James Marusek said, "Life is full of trade-offs." I'm 65 y/o and I got this surgery to save my life. I did not want to be the fat, old blind guy with no feet. If I was younger I would try anything to avoid it. I was very active (athletic) when I was younger and was able to stay height/weight proportionate through my exercise. Everybody is different but I would get this surgery only as a last resort after you can honestly look yourself in the mirror and say you've tried everything.
  7. The title should be: Protein Shakes Forever
  8. I'm six week post op (bypass) and had the same concern about losing weight too fast. I went from a 1-2# daily loss to 2-3# weekly loss currently. I've gone from daily weigh ins to weekly weigh ins. I'm no medical professional but I was told that if my urine was light colored I was probably getting enough fluids. To reach my Protein goal of 70 grams daily, I still have 2-3 shakes before I have any other real food.
  9. zackly

    Coffee-- How Soon?

    Caffeinated coffee and alcohol are the two items where opinions are most varied. I think personal prejudices and philosophies play a large part in these disparate opinions. I was cleared to drink both regular coffee and alcohol, both in moderation, one month after surgery. I drink regular coffee every morning but have not yet tried having an alcoholic beverage but I will soon.
  10. Cold temperatures mute flavor which is a good thing when it comes to protein shakes. I make mine in a blender with ice and frozen fruit added to the powder. They look like a Slurpee.
  11. I’m eating 1,000 calories, more or less and losing 1-2# daily. Even at rest a person my size uses about 1,800 calories a day (RMR). If I continue to eat 800 calories less than what I burn at rest I should continue to lose, correct? When does the losing stop or does it? Will I get to a point where I look “too thin” or does your metabolism slow down to a point where a 1,000 calorie diet won’t cause weight loss?
  12. I like this knowing the calories to go by to loose, maintain and gain! Any idea what mine will be?I'm 5'4, not soo old, 37. I'd like to have a little quideline like that. Your average resting metabolism (RMR) is1760 calories according to this calculator. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/calrmr.htm Many factors affect RMR.
  13. I'm having bariatric bypass this Thursday 8/20/15. I've been told to take Vitamin supplements and was sold Bariatric fusion brand. These are expensive as are most proprietary brands, plus the instructions on the bottle say to chew one tablet four times a day. I would prefer to take them once or twice a day, if possible. Are there any equivalent Vitamins I can buy @ costco or Trader Joe's that would work just as well? Thanks!
  14. I'm only a month post op but I'm in a pretty good place, hunger wise. I get hungry and enjoy food but I can't eat much but what I eat fills me up. That was the scenario I was hoping for pre-op. I would not want to have no hunger, which would make eating a difficult chore. The worst scenario, I would imagine, is being hungry and not being able to satisfy your hunger with the amount your stomach can hold.
  15. I sometimes use a mini food processor to chop up food before I eat it. The other night I made a roast beef for my wife and chopped my portion with a little gravy in the Cuisinart. Tasted great and well tolerated.
  16. zackly

    My doctor said NO to surgery!

    My primary care doctor is not a fan of the surgery I had, gastric bypass so I got my letter of recommendation from my endocrinologist. I'd look for another doctor.
  17. I've been experiencing this too but for me it's not low blood pressure. I have a home monitor. Nor is it low blood sugar. I spoke to my surgeons PA today and she said to check with my cardiologist when I see him @ the end of the month. I'd like to get a handle on this.
  18. zackly

    Is a big appetite common?

    I'm 3 weeks post op and my appetite has returned and my sense of taste seems to be sharper. I don't yet know if this is a good thing, only time will tell. It's truly a case of my eyes being bigger than my stomach because I get full quickly which was the scenario I was hoping for, an enjoyment of food but a limited ability to eat too much.
  19. zackly


    I've been experimenting. So far here's my favorite: 2 scoops chocolate Muscle Milk Light 1 Tablespoon-sugar free Chocolate syrup (I use U-Bet brand) 7oz milk (or water) 1 cup chopped ice Blend until smooth The chocolate syrup is the key. It covers up the nasty taste. Almost as good as Dairy Queen!
  20. If you have a big budget check out Vitamix or Blendtec blenders. Those are the brands you see in smoothie shops.
  21. I've been taking psyllium for about twenty years for cholesterol lowering. An added benefit is that it increases bulk which aids in elimination. Does anyone else take this? My Dr. said it was ok.
  22. zackly

    smoking cigars?

    I like your attitude! I think a lot of people lump cigarette smoking and cigar smoking together. One is dangerous habit and while the other is rather benign. I belong to a social club and smoke cigars with several medical professionals. None smoke cigarettes. I look forward to the day when I can have a drink too. Life is to be enjoyed. I used to smoke cigarettes, 2 packs a day for over 30 years..... Along with a lit of things, I quit for good. I am now a cigar aficionado. Yes, I smoke cigars, drink coffee, double espressos, consume alcohol, enjoy ice cream and other delights, At 63 soon to be 64, I am enjoying life more now than I ever have. I can now appreciate the things life offers, rather than being a glutton and sitting on the sidelines as a spectator. Of course, listen to your Dr. and gauge your results/successes against your new lifestyle.
  23. zackly

    smoking cigars?

    No I am pointing out that although I can no longer get satisfaction from gluttony, I am getting pleasure smoking cigars. Don't confuse cigar smoking with cigarette smoking which is very unhealthy and dangerous. Cigar smoking is much less so because you don't inhale.
  24. zackly

    Egg drop soup

    There are some carbs in egg drop soup from the cornstarch thickener, about 8-10 per 8oz. I would have loved to be able to eat this during the liquid diet phase but my nutritionist said only clear broth.
  25. zackly

    Holiday Hell

    Most families Celebrate holidays with large quintiles of special food. I'm the family chef and a retired professional chef. I had my bypass 8/20/15. I will be cooking for 20+ family & friends on Thanksgiving as I do every year. I'm still excited to do so and already working on the menu in my head. I'll have a small portion of whatever I'm allowed to eat and maybe cheat a little. You might want to bring a mini food processor and puree your own meal with turkey, gravy & stuffing so you can enjoy your meal with your family.