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  1. Has anyone had a baby after getting the sleeve? I am at my goal weight and my husband and I want another baby. But I'm afraid that I will gain everything back and be back at square one. Help Please
  2. AWD12368

    Having a baby?

    I will have to look for the pregnancy forum and I am a years post op and I've been at my goal weight for a month.
  3. I have been bad the past week and I'm kicking my ass back in gear. But could my stomach stretch back out to what it was? Or will it always be this size? I am in my own head and I need to know the reality of the situation.
  4. Thank you! I think I need to reset in general just to get my mind back in the right head space. So starting tomorrow that is what I am going to do. Thank you!!
  5. So I have been speed walking three miles a day for the past few weeks. Today I decided to jog. It was not hard and I could do it just fine unlike before. HOWEVER my loose skin and the fat left in my stomach and thighs is bouncing so bad if feels like a weight pulling me down. Is there anything that you can recommend to stop this from happening? Thank you!
  6. I am months post op and I want rice like no ones business. But is that a good idea? I havent been watching carbs at all I have been focussing on my Water and Protein. When did you guys start eating rice again or Pasta? I am not a pasta person and I have no interested in bread only rice. I would love you input and if you still don't eat it say so! I do not want to go down the rabbit hole.
  7. Okay so let me start off by saying I know 1 pound is not the end of the world and that it could be much worse and that I need to take a deep breath and calm down. BUT! I stopped losing for almost 2 weeks and then I got on the scale this morning and I have gained a pound back. I am EXTREMELY insecure and depressed since my surgery. I have spoken to my doctor about this and he is aware and I am on meds and going to counseling. With that being said I need on advice on where to go from here. Should i cut some calories out exercise more? I really focus on NO sugars and the less carbs the better. But I am starting to think I am doing something wrong. I do have a call into my doctor but I do think there is something to be said about people being in the same shoes. Since we have all had the surgery we all know to some degree what the other is going through. Any help or advice is appreciated and welcomed. I am at the point now where I am starting to spiral a little bit and I want to snap myself back... Thank you!
  8. AWD12368

    Gained a pound back! :(

    I want to start off by saying THANK YOU EVERYONE! This is what I needed to pull myself up and snap out of it. I have very supportive friends and family but sometimes hearing it from other people who know the struggle makes a huge difference. The support I have found on here is the best. I did hear back from my doctor and he said not to change a thing and has me coming in monday to talk and I spoke to my counselor who is fitting me in next week to discuss my "struggles" which will also be good. I also read the Embrace the Stall that was added by Inner Surfer Girl and got rid of my scale ( I made my husband hide it) so I think with the temptation to weight myself everyday a few times a day will help me too. I am just going to focus on my Protein and portion sizes and let everything else go and work out daily. Maybe that will be the golden ticket!
  9. So I have been doing Protein non stop and it's worked out great. I am down 62 pounds. But now I am facing taking a laxative every 3 days to have a bowel movement. Does anyone have any recommendation for Fiber that won't throw off my weight loss? Thank you
  10. So I am sick... Normally I would drink hot tea with honey. But can I do this now since I my surgery? Thanks for any help (I am going to call my NUT tomorrow morning but my throat is killing me now and I am hoping to get some relief tonight)
  11. AWD12368


    Can I take anything like night quil?
  12. AWD12368


    I have vertigo all the time. I am two months post op I do as much fluids as I can and to eat 500 calories a day as instructed. However I have vertigo all the time.... The doctor says to drink more..... Its normal and annoying but if it makes you nervous then call the doctor.
  13. AWD12368

    Toddlers and new Sleeve

    I have a 3 year old and a 15 month old! I was sleeved in July and they are both always after my shakes. My 3 year old thinks its chocolate milk and my baby just wants whatever mommy has! It is an adjustment but sooner or later they start to loose interest! It just takes a while!! There are pluses and negatives to having small kids and doing this.... Negative you are tired a LOT but the biggest positive is you have a little kid so you are ALWAYS moving! That will help a lot and it will keep you on track more so because you have less time to miss the old things! Just hydrate the further you get from surgery the more you need all your fluids!! That is the one thing I struggled with and I would get really lightheaded and even passed out once... (My husband was home so it was okay but still) Good luck!!
  14. So I am 24 days post-op and I have been losing at least a pound a day if not more since the surgery. Now I haven't lost a thing in 4 days. I am under my calories and I am getting almost all my protein and my carbs are low.... What am I doing wrong? I am not going to lie I am starting to panic..... What should I do?
  15. Thank you everyone. It helps a great deal to know this is normal and I will look it up on here to educate my self more. I do have a problem with always checking the scale some times 5 times a day... I need to stop that.
  16. At what point did you start eating spicy foods again? I am a spice person and I want hot sauce or something with a kid that in within that realm but I don't want to start too soon! Help please
  17. AWD12368

    spicy foods?

    I had tuna sashimi and wasabi tonight! It was so amazing! I had NO problems and added a good bit! I will be adding other spicy things into my diet!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!
  18. AWD12368

    spicy foods?

    Thank you everyone!!! I am going to the store in the morning and I am going to give it a try!!!! Fingers crossed it goes well!!!!!
  19. AWD12368

    spicy foods?

    I think I started about 5 weeks. You didn't have any problems? Do you have any suggestions for me on where to start? I am 3 weeks post of and on pureed foods and slowly starting soft foods.
  20. Have people had any luck with shellfish? I am doing blended food and soft foods. I am looking forward to shellfish I do not really care for fish itself but I love shellfish. Did anyone have any problems? Or recommendations?
  21. What is everyone's post op feeding stages like??? do all the stages just last a week then you move on? Stages of Post-Operative Gastric Sleeve Diet Phase 1 – Clear liquid Diet Phase 2 – Full liquids Diet Phase 3 – Soft Foods Diet Phase 4 – Regular Foods Diet
  22. AWD12368

    Food stages?!?

    That is mine too. Did you have any problems during the full liquids and getting light headed and just feeling really weak all the time?
  23. AWD12368

    Food stages?!?

    I do have a meal plan I am calling my doctor tomorrow because the full liquids aren't keeping me from feeling hungry and I am getting light headed all the time even though I am getting all my fluids. I attempted pureed Soup tonight for dinner and it is the first time in a week that I feel okay and not light headed. I was just wondering if there are other options out there or is it the same thing for everyone set in stone type moment.
  24. So today was my one week post op visit with the doctor. I was extremely upset with the outcome. During ALL my pre-surgery appointments I was told that my goal weight POST surgery was going to be 140 that was a realistic goal. I thought it was insane I was hoping for 170-180 that range only. But okay whatever the doctor knows best, I even told him I would be happy with 180 and he laughed and said well lets go lower. NOW He told me my goal weight is going to be 200-210...... Can you say WTF I was in such shock I didn't speak for the rest of the appointment and as soon as I got to car car broke down crying. If I had know 200 was is I would have tried longer and harder to get down myself. This was a huge thing and I feel so upset I haven't be able to calm down all day.... Did anyone else have this happen??? I don't understand why it changed my husband said maybe that is the goal for the first six months but I asked him what the goal over all was.
  25. No they said point blank no protein shakes, no adding protein for flavor and no isopure. I called my nutritionist and she said if that's what he said then she is saying one shake a day and that's it. And I agree I think I picked the wrong surgeon

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