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    I was admitted to the ER today for Gastritis! Honestly, when I went in, I was just feeling shortness of breath. Afterwards, they ran some tests and made me take a liquid. After the liquid, I felt a hardness in my chest and definitely feel worse than when I went in there. They said I have to change my diet... to not eat any spicy foods, a lot of Water (the only thing I drink) and you know the rest. Just basic healthy eating. I presume I got this from adding a lot of spice to my food but also these pills I took. They told me not to take them anymore. Does anyone have experience with Gastritis??? If so, how long did it last? Any tips?
  2. This June will make 2 years since I've gotten sleeved I've made a lot of progress and there's more to go from here. I was very strict with my eating habits but unfortunately deterred off that track, but now I'm coming back harder than ever. I was wondering though - has anyone noticed any health issues arising after not following the rules? I noticed I've been having flare ups when I incorporate foods that I once could tolerate. Now whenever I add in something sugary, or something like potatoes, pepper, etc ... my body can't handle it and I break out in a severe way. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  3. I was sleeved June of 2015. It's been a year and some change and I do not regret anything! I've lost a good amount of weight and was very healthy... until I lost track. I, unfortunately, started incorporating things I left out once I got the surgery. I cut out rice, potatoes, and everything that was not meat, veggies, and fruits. I maintained this for a whole year. Then, by September 2016, I started to incorporate it and had candies here and there. Now I've noticed my health quickly deteriorating. I've been growing abscesses in very sensitive places. And I notice it's only when I have a soda or have a candy bar. I know I know I know I shouldn't have cheated. But has anyone else realized they can no longer tolerate Foods they once could? I now get extremely physically sick when I go off gear. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  4. You can always take the food to go! I still love to go out to eat and I'll be on my second year this summer. I don't eat everything, but always take a to go bag with me It doesn't stop me from enjoying our lunch / dinner dates because you guys can still talk while he eats. Look at this way... you will have plenty of yummy left overs to eat later when he already finished all his I always look forward to my leftovers lol saves money too! Besides food, you can go to the movies, miniature golf, amusement parks... whatever you did before, whatever hobbies you have, you guys can still do Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  5. This June, I will be sleeved for two years! On my 1 year anniversary of being sleeved, I got pregnant! Isn't that something? It was quite a shock, and something that I didn't plan, but a blessing nonetheless. I've been meaning to write on here about thins for a while but have been so busy. I used to be 170 and wanted to reach a goal of 140. Well, I dreadfully checked the scale and am now a whopping 185. I've gained 15 pounds from being pregnant. I won't lie, I am depressed because of this. Do any of you sleevers or people who have gotten a bariatric surgery in general have any advice to a pregnant sleever like me? I am also worried about the delivery and if me and my baby will be ok during birth. My body is quite small... I haven't told my surgeon I'm pregnant either, I'm afraid of his reaction and haven't seen him since September (I still wasn't showing back then).
  6. I've spoken to my regular doctors, just not my gastric surgeon! That's so scary though. I'm glad you're all better but now I'm going to be paranoid about that lol deff will bring that up on my next visit.
  7. cuchas

    Getting pregnant

    I had pcos and doctors had been telling me since I was 16 that I wouldn't be able to ave children. A year after surgery, and at 21, I got pregnant! lol I'm currently on my 7 month. My surgeon said we become very fertile after this surgrey and it's true lol
  8. cuchas


    How far out are you? I definitely have days where I stall but that's all part of the process. There will be days you don't lose and then there will be days you find you've dropped 5 pounds out of the blue! Don't stress out about the numbers on the scale, especially if you're straight a month or 2 out of surgery. It will fall off in due time, just keep on adding your Protein intake and exercising. Please don't stress out about the scale! In the early months of my surgery, I would worry about EVERY stall and think the surgery wasn't working. Now I'm a month away from being 1 year out and I still get stalls, but I'm so close to my weight goal. Stalls are ok. As if feeling like you don't see any progress, that's ok. Other people will! There are days when I look in the mirror and still feel like I'm 288 pounds. I'm now 172 and there's a big difference. 30 pounds is A LOT! You will see differences, know that they are... Also look for how your clothes are fitting differently. Sometimes the mirror and scale make us crazy.
  9. That's so awesome!!! I haven't met anyone else on here who has Dr. Yatco as their surgeon. He's such an amazing guy, you won't regret it. He's very sweet and has always made me feel comfortable. I think I'm ready for plastic surgery. What was the lady's name or surgeon?
  10. Next month, will make 1 year post-op! I can't believe I made it this far. I'm one of the most stubborn people I know and to actually believe that I changed my eating habits, exercise habits, and even went along with the surgery amazes me! I remember laying on the operating table before my surgeon came in, I kept saying to myself... "Any minute, I'm gonna get up and get the f*** outta here!" Then they turned the anesthesia on and I could no longer escape Anyway... It took me a while to tell anyone. The only people that know are my sister, brother, mom - of course, two best friends, and 1 cousin. I have a huge family so to not tell them my secret is a big thing. I met my boyfriend November 2015. 5 months after my surgery. We've now been together since Feb and are serious. I just don't know how to tell him I was sleeved. He has no problem with bigger women. One of his exes was even larger than my highest so I don't know why I'm so embarrassed to tell him I got the sleeve. He's seen my weight loss and is proud of me but what if he's not as proud when he figures out I had surgery to help me? I just don't know how to do it. When did you guys tell your significant others? I've attached a before and after below btw
  11. cuchas


    I went back to the ER because I realized this wasn't normal! Ren, I saw your comment when I came back and was glad I wasn't going crazy lol the nurse at the ER yesterday just pushed me aside and called it gastritis. Well, today, I spoke with a doctor. They took an EKG and an X-ray. Nothing is wrong. No way do I even have gastritis! I knew that couldn't be right. I do have esophagitis though. The pills I took yesterday scraped against my esophagus which is why I have pain. It should go away soon all I need to do is eat soft foods Thank god! Thanks everyone for your answers and help
  12. I was admitted to the ER today for Gastritis! Honestly, when I went in, I was just feeling shortness of breath. Afterwards, they ran some tests and made me take a liquid. After the liquid, I felt a hardness in my chest and definitely feel worse than when I went in there. They said I have to change my diet... to not eat any spicy foods, a lot of Water (the only thing I drink) and you know the rest. Just basic healthy eating. I presume I got this from adding a lot of spice to my food but also these pills I took. They told me not to take them anymore. Does anyone have experience with Gastritis??? If so, how long did it last? Any tips?
  13. cuchas


    I was taking an antibiotic to heal an infection I had. Completely different area than my stomach / mouth. I still hadn't finished the bottle and the last time I had taken a pill was a week before so I thought I should take one yesterday. I don't know though... When I went to the ER, I wasn't feeling the pain that I do now. It hurts to swallow - like have anything go down. The area past the throat but when it's still going down (chest area) hurts and it's moved to my back. I really don't understand what's going on??? I didn't feel this way until she made me drink that liquid. Is this the symptoms of gastritis? Now I'm panicking I'll never be normal again wtf
  14. Thank you so much!!! May I ask how you wound up healing you gastritis? Besides doing what you did above, are there any other steps you followed?
  15. cuchas


    I'm so sorry you're dealing with this It all sounds very stressful and we know how stress can make things worse... Is your appointment to see the doctor soon? If it helps get a better grip on things for you, I was also diagnosed with H Plyori a while back. I never noticed any symptoms before but my doctor did tell me to stop eating spicy foods. I did for a while, then went back on it, and well... I have gastritis. I guess my stomach can no longer handle it? I hope you find time to relax and hopefully not stress out too bad anymore. I hope everything works out. God bless <3
  16. Right when I was getting to be sleeved, my primary doctor told me I had H.pylori. I told my surgeon, Dr. Yatco (NYC) and he said he already saw from my tests that I had it but it would not be a big deal. He said many people actually have H.pylori it's a bacteria but it shouldn't interfere with the surgery at all. I also took pills to treat the H.pylori before surgery. While I didn't finish all the pills prescribed, I still got the surgery. It was never an issue for my doctors. Hope everything goes well for you!
  17. cuchas


    What kind of food did you eat? Sorry you had to go through this also!
  18. cuchas


    Thanks ladies! I will admit I did kind of steer away from my usual diet. This month makes 11 months that I've had gastric sleeve surgery, but I did steer off gear. I did have 2 sodas this weekend, not all at once. It took me a while (few days) to finish them but I honestly don't have a good excuse as to why I did it >.< Definitely a big regret of mine. And I did have chocolate. I think this could be something that triggered the gastritis, along with the antibiotic pills I took.
  19. cuchas


    After taking my antibiotic, I waited 15 minutes to lay down. I just wanted to take a nap but right when I laid down, I felt a heaviness in my chest. I walked around a bit and then started having a shortness of breath. In panic mode, I tried to vomit out the pills but nothing would came out - which lead to a weird taste in my mouth. When I went to the ER, they took my vitals and then wanted to do a cardiograph. It came out fine but then they wanted me to take this liquid. I forgot the name of it but it began to numb my mouth. I asked her if that was normal and she said it was a numbing liquid. Weird but ok... So then after about 30 minutes they discharged me and said I have gastritis and would be fine in 3 days, just not to eat spicy foods, chocolate, or carbonated drinks. Honestly, they didn't give me much information. I got most of my information on gastritis online. It's basically an inflammation of the stomach.. Right now, it hurts to swallow so I'm just eating fruits and drinking Water. I also am taking the gas X strips to get gas out.
  20. I've always had long beautiful hair... I noticed some of it falling out about 4 months after the surgery so I cut it a little pat my shoulders. In Feb, I bought hair extensions and sewed a weave into my hair to make it as full as it used to be. A month later, I took it out and now my hair is WAY thinner than it used to be. I wanna cry so badly. I'm only 20 years old and feel my hair looks terrible. It's 9 months after the surgery and while I've lost a lot of weight I never expected to lose this much hair. What do you guys recommend to fix this hair loss? I'm so devastated... Idk what to do or what to use?? Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  21. Thanks for all the answers guys. It's much appreciated I'm feeling severely depressed today and the hair issue has definitely contributed much to that. I picked up a 1000mcg of Biotin. Hopefully that works. I'm also cutting my hair again. My hair is so thin and disgusting. I hope this is the last time I have to cut it. Also picked up Horse hair shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer. I've used this in the past. It definitely has worked to make hair thicker and full of volume. I do think a lot of it comes from not enough Protein I guess like most of ya'll have said. I just don't eat enough in general. I am scared of getting back to my old weight. I mostly eat meats and vegetables. I don't add any type of carbs AT ALL + all I drink is Water. It seems like I may have to start drinking Protein shakes again though. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  22. Major hair difference ... Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  23. There are a lot of foods i have given up since getting sleeved. I am much happier changing how I eat and don't have any problems with my new meal plan. However, I was talking to my friend today and I told her I have completely given up bread. Her late mother had gastric bypass and used to eat whatever she wanted - chips, soda, various of unhealthy foods. She did reach her goal though. My friend told me that I can still eat bread but should change to wheat and only have it in moderation. What about you all? What have you guys eliminated and would you add bread back in?
  24. So have I. I don't eat carbs at all! I do miss it though. Everyone keeps telling me I should slowly add carbs back in but I don't think I'm ready. Plus, I have had rice / bread once since getting my surgery in June and it just doesn't sit well in my stomach.
  25. I'm probably the poster child for paranoia, but all jokes aside, can a sleeve really be stretched? I was sleeved June 15, 2015 and I'm just wondering if we could over do it. Not purposely of course, but I'm just afraid of my sleeve getting messed up and all my handwork up until now being a waste. Like I said before, I am very paranoid. Sometimes I am afraid of eating in fear of stretching my pouch. Should I tell my surgeon I'd like a checkup to see if my sleeve is normal or stretched? I don't have an appointment to see him again until May though.

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