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  1. Try to up your calorie intake. I stall if I eat too little and exercise. I get in around 800 to 900 calories a day. Some days I just eat a couple teaspoons of peanut butter to get my calories higher. I'm three months out and have lost 52 pounds. It's all good.
  2. irizarryteam


    I enjoyed split pea soup tonight for dinner! Delicious! I puréed it first, then strained it. It was soooo yummy!
  3. irizarryteam

    HAD SURGERY 3/31/15

    Hi everyone! I was sleeved on 3/30 too. When I woke up I had such severe nausea that I had to stay two nights in the hospital. My first thought was "what did I just do to myself!" But it has greatly improved and I'm starting to get my protein and fluid in. Not at the recommended amount yet but more than yesterday. So that's progress. Tomorrow is another day. ????
  4. irizarryteam

    March Sleevers

    Hi everyone! I had surgery this past Monday (March 30). I did well until the nausea started and stayed with me for two whole days. They kept me an extra day in the hospital. So thankful for that because they could give me all my meds through iv. Finally home. Having a hard time sleeping on my back. Besides that doing well. Tomorrow I start full liquids with protein shakes and vitamins. Glad to hear that many of you are doing well also. Thanks for all your posts. They are encouraging to read as we begin our new sleeved lives. Have a blessed day everyone. Remember to keep sipping, sipping and sipping.
  5. I'm getting sleeved on Monday too at 7:30am. ???? Make room on the losers bench for me! One more day of just clear liquids. It's coming quickly!
  6. irizarryteam

    March Sleevers

    I'm getting my sleeve on March 30 too! I just started my pre op liquid diet today. I feel like I'm doing mental calisthenics making sure I want to do this. Yes I do! I just want to have little or no complications. And it seems like each person is so different in their experiences. Hope your liquid diet goes by quickly.
  7. irizarryteam

    The beginning of a new jouney

    Hi!! When I turned 40 my dh told me that I stopped breathing when I slept. Ugh.....The next day I was in my doctors office and he sent me in for a sleep study. I had many of the symptoms and knew something wasn't right. I had MAJOR headaches in the morning (there are reasons why), could fall asleep very very quickly and go right into a dream state any time of day. It was soooo difficult, so I just drank more caffeine and ate snacks to stay awake. During my sleep study I found out I stopped breathing 265 times in 6 hours! Wow! So I finished the process and a few weeks later I was fitted for my c-pap machine. I use it ever night for the last eight years. I really didn't understand what a good night sleep actual was before my c-pap. There is an adjustment period once you get fitted for one, but it changed my whole life. I was awake and not always taking naps or feeling exhausted every day. Hope you're tests go well and if you have any questions feel free to ask. ????
  8. irizarryteam

    On my way... Soon! HOPE :-)

    I just got my insurance approval today. Woohoo! My surgery is March 30.
  9. Does anyone know about the March sleeves page on Facebook?
  10. March 30 here!! Start my liquid diet on March 19. Feeling hopeful and excited!!
  11. irizarryteam

    Surgery Today :)))

  12. March 30 is my day! Excited and nervous. Start pre op liquid diet on March 19 for ten days. It'll definitely be quite the journey.
  13. irizarryteam

    I got my date!

    That's great! My surgery is schedule for Monday March 30. Excited and nervous. I start my pre liquid diet on March 19 for ten days. Not overly looking forward to that but it will help kick start my weight loss. ????
  14. irizarryteam

    My two year surg-iversary!

    Congratulations! You've worked hard and it shows.
  15. irizarryteam

    Protein powder

    Hi! I get sleeved on March 30. Does anyone know what the difference is between whey protein drinks or egg white protein drinks. I enjoy already the Jay Robb's egg white protein (made with Stevia). It taste delicious (for a protein drink). Thanks!
  16. irizarryteam

    Protein powder

    Thanks for your reply. I'll definitely talk to my NUT.
  17. irizarryteam

    March Sleevers

    My surgery is scheduled for March 30. So excited!
  18. irizarryteam

    The BIG Book on the Gastric Sleeve!

    I just bought my book!! Sitting down to read it!!

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