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  1. I have made it to onederland today, just want to share how great I am feeling. Having the Gastric Sleeve done was best thing I have ever done.
  2. Hi I am 54 and had the sleeve done March 19th this year. Best of luck next week. What I can tell you is it is the best thing I have ever done, wish I did it sooner.
  3. Destiny61

    Down 100lb

    Wow I am down 100lb as of today, next stop Onederland. Feeling so good and doing so much more now, I will love summer this year. Everyone have a great summer too.
  4. Way to go, Congratulations!
  5. Since I started on January 5th dieting before WLS on March 19th, I am now at the halfway mark as of today. Now for the second half. I am feeling great and am not taken any drug now. Just want to share my good new. Everyone have a great day.
  6. I was sleeved on March 19th. Things are going very well for me too. Feeling great and have no issue with food at all. Surgery Weight: 277 Current Weight: 250 Joys: Off all Meds Exercise: Not alot yet some walk not everyday.
  7. Destiny61

    Pre-Op Liquid questions

    Hi, I used the premier drinks, I love the choc and strawberry the most the vanilla i added a tsp of sugar free pudding for different tastes that work really well to.
  8. Destiny61

    Post op pain

    My pain while in the hospital was probably a 3, the next day I went home and did not used any pain meds at all, the pain was maybe a 1 when get up. I think I was very lucky because I had no trouble with anything after. Good Luck.
  9. I had my gall bladder removed last april and I had no change in my body at all. I ate the same food no issue. Had sleeve done this march 19th and everything is going well. Hope that helps you.
  10. Had robotic surgery on 19th home on the 20th so far no problems, was in a private room made it nice too. Getting all my Water and 60gm Protein a day. No pain except a pain in my right buttock when I am sitting down which I find dumb, no pain meds needed so far feeling great, just wanted to let people know how it when.
  11. Destiny61


    You can drink crystal light, I love the blueberry raspberry and blackberry lemonade. I used to drink a six pack of diet soda a day, that was the hardest thing to give up. I start in Jan getting rid of think I know were not good for me after the sleeve and dont really think that much about soda anymore. I get my sleeve done in 4 days.
  12. Destiny61

    Blender Recommendations

    Love Nutrition Ninja its the best for making your smoothies.
  13. Destiny61

    March 19th anyone?

    It's really not that bad, I have been on it since Friday. I like the Premier Protein chocolate and strawberry the best. Good luck and remember just how good your going feel in the long run.
  14. Destiny61

    March 19th anyone?

    My surgery is the 19th too. Doing liquid now and Clear liquids on 18th.
  15. Has anyone here gone to Dr Mir Ali, Fountain Valley CA. I had Dr Leport and now I am with Dr Ali? I finally got my date for surgery which is Mar 20th and am so happy, and a little scared with new doctor.
  16. Has anyone had their surgery performed at Orange Coast Memorial Fountain Valley, CA? I am looking at having my surgery with Dr. Peter C. LePort, no date set yet, waiting for Cardiology appt on Feb 6th, but wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this doctor and/or this hospital.

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