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  1. melissajane

    Very beginning stage

    Hey guys!!!! Just wanted to update u on my 6 days post op! Theres really no big suprises, except.... How not hungry u are lol!! Im shocked, its such a weird feeling. So ya, theres pain, and dizzies, but as long as u are on top of ur meds, its pretty do-able. The gas is going to be ur enemy. But like everyone says walk walk walk! Everyday im feelin abit better than the one before. Today im feelin great!! It really a task to get the 60+ grams of protein in per day!! It takes me 4 hours just to drink one shake, but each shake is 30 gs so i only need to do that twice before bed.. I suggest u get a shake u like the taste of because thats wat u'll be tasting alllll day long, and the higher the protein the better, that way its easier to do. Im using the premier protein chocolate 30g pre mixed from costo!! I think its the best bet! Anyway guys and gals... Goodluck, cant wait to start hearing bout your surgeries!!! Talk soon
  2. melissajane

    Very beginning stage

    If you guys can get dr yelle, he is AWSOME!!! super nice and makes u feel comfortable..lol @ farting comp!! Ugh sooo much air lol!!!
  3. melissajane

    Very beginning stage

    I gad my surgery yesterday with dr yelle at the civic!! Im acutally still here!! It wasnt as bad as i thought it would be, but that could be all tge pain meds talking lol.. No, its not bad at all! The worst is all the air in ur tummy and trying to work out!! Anyway good luck you guys!!!
  4. melissajane

    Calling all canadians!

    Awsome!!!! My mom is actually 1.5 years post op, shes doing great!! Its good to have somebody close, know wat ur going thru;) im nervous and excited lol!! Just need to get this week down, then 1 more to go!!! Its tuff, not gonna lie, but we can deffinetly do it!!!
  5. Im curently on my pre op liquid diet. Surgey scheduled for feb 9th, just looking for someone to talk with as we start the beginning of something great!! Hopefully somebody with a surgery date close to mine, that way we can be going thru the same things at the same time. But im not picky, anyone who wants to talk bout their experience is more than welcome!! Ill give u abit of info on me, im a 36 yr old mom of 2 ( boy 6, girl 18 mths) im super easy going, and an awsome listener!! If u wanna talk.. Pls send me a msg!!!
  6. melissajane


    Im on Optifast, week#2.... My favorite "recipe" 1 chocolate optifast 1 packet of sweetner 1-1 1/2 tbsps of decaf coffe crystals 11/2 cup Water Pack blender with ice, blend til smooth!!!! Also i find the bovril beef bouillon super helpfull 10 calories per packet. Lots of water and crystal light!! Msg me if u want to talk
  7. melissajane

    Very beginning stage

    Hey guys!!! Yay ottawa people!!! Ive been searching for people around me!! Soooo, im on my optifast diet as we speak!! My surgery is feb 9th, im so excited!!! The diet is DIFFICULT, u will get frustrated, u will have cravings, its not a good time!! Ive been miserable!! Lol BUT.... I know i can do it, and....its only 3 weeks!! The first week was hard but 2nd day into the 2nd week i feel like ive found good "recipes" for me and am actually enjoying the shakes!! Anyways, look forward to chatting with all of u! Talk soon!!!
  8. melissajane


    Feb 9th... I cant believe its right around the corner!!!! Any canadians around???

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