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  1. Hi, I have 3 cases of chocolate premier protein (18 pack cases so 54 in total) and I'm just not a fan. I live in Westchester county outside NYC. If anyone is interested I'm willing to sell them for just $10 a case to get rid of them. I will meet up with you somewhere. I live in lower westchester but would be willing to meet you halfway! Let me know. Thanks
  2. I have 1 in my belly button you can't tell I had surgery which is nice.
  3. CE24

    Low calories!

    My surgeon doesn't want you consuming more than 500. You should call your surgeons/NUTs office and ask what their goal is for you at this stage. Do you have a follow up coming up? Discuss your concerns. Everyone's plan and surgeon will be different.
  4. Sounds like you vomited up stomach acid. I did it twice in my sleep and realized I didn't eat much the night before. I'm now diligent about eating and taking my 40mg of protonix twice a day!
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    I took a big gulp accidentally about a week out and realized it didn't hurt. Not telling you to try that but I definitely don't have to sip my water. I know a lot of people that can take normal amounts in their mouth. You can chug a water bottle but I personally can take 4-6 good sized gulps with no issues.
  6. CE24

    Rumbly Stomach...Why?

    My surgeon said it's the excess air you're swallowing as you eat and drink. It's your stomachs way of pushing it out that's what the noise is.
  7. I seen the surgery every month for a year and the first month I saw him a week after surgery as well. After the year I believe it goes to every 3 months.
  8. CE24


    GENEPRO by musclegen doesn't taste like anything!!!! I bought mine from lucky Vitamin.com with buying two bags it was $60 free shipping. It basically comes to $1 a day if you use 1 serving a day. It's 98 calories, 1 tablespoon serving. I add it to Greek yogurt so I get 42 grams of Protein in one sitting. (Some people think you can only absorb a certain amount of protein at once both my nutritionist and my surgeon told me that was absolutely ridiculous) at 42 grams I only have to eat 18 more grams of protein a day to reach my goal of 60. You can also get two samples of the Genepro off their website for $3.50. It's a fantastic product you can't beat!!!
  9. I can take normal gulps but with water it's about 4 ounces and then im full and with tea it's about 8 ounces I can drink with no problem. Im almost 2 months post op but I realized this quite early on but accident talking a normal sized full and realizing it didn't hurt like everyone claimed.
  10. You're breaking up with food, I was like that too but in a week it subsided. I was on puréed food from the day I was discharged from the hospital so I don't think it's just because you're on liquids. Ar one month post op I was allowed to add in whatever I wanted to my diet and honestly I really haven't changed my diet much at all but I also didn't eat true puréed foods. I promise it will get better!! Good luck!
  11. CE24


    You're being quite rude in your responses. Perhaps you need to read up on etiquette. Like most people ok this site your opinion is not the not one sorry to make you realize that.
  12. CE24


    I never said my nutritionist told me to avoid fruit I specifically said my SURGEON. This is what they have deemed necessary for ALL their patients to succeed. Just because your surgeon doesn't have that stance doesn't make your point of view right. Again all fruit is loaded with sugar and carbs. Sugar is sugar to your body no matter how you obtains it. Again protein powder is not regulated in any way. Perhaps reading this article will give you a different perspective. http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-11371/why-you-really-shouldnt-use-protein-powders.html
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    The whole 20 grams of protein over an hour is highly debatable both my surgeon and my nutritionist (they are not connected at all) do not agree that is true at all. As for depleting my body of sugar, a lot of people start this journey diabetic. Although I was not diabetic I took the highest allowable dose of metformin and it still wasn't controlling my PCOS and insulin resistance. Fruit is one of the last things you need to add into your diet especially because it is so high in carbs. If you're going to add in something extra with the protein veggies are a better option and this is for any diet not just us. The logic about the sugar makes sense to me and the surgeons office has seen proven weight loss by doing it this way. Just because you don't agree doesn't mean your way is the right way. As for the genepro my nutritionist okayed it. There are countless people using the product, getting routine blood work from their surgeons and having no issues with their protein levels so im going to continue to use it. If you can choke down the nasty chemical laden Protein drinks more power to you but I can't. Id rather be putting a small amount of something in my body than a large amount of man made who knows what (remember Protein Powder is not regulated whatsoever). You do what you think is best for your body and im going to do what I think is best. Every surgeon is different in their thoughts and as we all know there is no set guide for weight loss surgery. I did not gain weight from eating poorly in the past i gained weight from a medical condition. I hate that we are asked to put all this processed stuff into our diet after this surgery to help hit protein goals.
  14. CE24


    My surgeon does not allow fruit for a minimum of 3 months post op. He feels that you're trying to deplete your body of as much sugar as possible so it burns fat instead. It hasn't been that difficult to not have it accept find Greek yogurt flavors I like that aren't fruit. Also for Protein I've been using musclegens GENEPRO powder. It's 30 grams of protein in just a tablespoon of powder and 98 calories. I add it to 80 Greek yogurt and I have 42 grams of protein which makes me inly 1& grams away from my minimum requirement of 60 grams. It's totally tasteless. You can even get samples off their website $3.50 for 2! It's a great powder my nutritionist approved it.
  15. CE24

    Man did u have to pay!

    This response is quite harsh, I think she was just trying to give warning to others that are like her. Not every doctor and nutritionist works like you and hands you a printed out list. My surgeon I was on pursers food before I was allowed to be discharged. A month out and I was cleared for everything so that is not the case. I've also have zero issues with eating anything I've tried. Personally I think the longer you stay away from something the more reason your body has to reject it. Just because your surgeon has one set of rules does not mean that another surgeons are wrong please keep that in mind. You're coming off quite rude in my opinion and not helpful just yelling at her like you would a child.
  16. CE24

    Sleeve and MS

    I have MS and have had two major surgeries since being diagnosed, I had my tonsils out in August and although the worst experience of my life I actually did really well and healed fast according to my surgeon. I had my sleeve 2/24/15 and was able to do one incision through my belly button which I felt was important to not have multiple cuts so it would heal faster and have less complications. Even with my one incision two weeks out i developed a little hole in it and it got bigger and then finally closed up after another week went by of me dressing it as the surgeon instructed. Could this have been because of my MS? Who knows but I was a bit worried at first. Other than that no other issues. Im not currently working but I would say if I was i probably would have needed a full week off before I could have returned. I know you were just diagnosed but I've been on medication (copaxone) for almost a year now and im glad I was because big trauma to the body, such as a surgery, can cause a flare up. I would consult with your neurologist (hopefully they are MS specialist) if you live in the tristate area let me know because my doctor in the city is amazing! Good luck and message me if you have any questions!
  17. Yes and it's annoying to be sipping all day long! Although im farther out than you (7 weeks) I figured out pretty early on I can easily glup Water with no problems. I can take about 4 big gulps of water before I feel full and about 6 of tea or something else. To help hit your high Protein requirement how about you look into GENEPRO protein powder. It's 30 grams of protein but it's only a tablespoon for the serving which is great and it honestly doesn't taste like anything!! It will make whatever you mix it into cloudy but other than that it's great! And only 98 calories!!! Good luck
  18. CE24


    By the GENEPRO powder at the very least get the sample pack off their website $3.50 for two servings. Also when I placed my ordered I did it through lucky Vitamin and bought two bags with a coupon code i found and getting free shipping it was $60 for the two bags and that's a two month supply if you do one scoop a day. Well worth it in my opinion!
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    I also use this powder, I didn't know I could add it to yogurt I thought it had to be dissolved into a liquid. Thanks for the tip!
  20. Blerdgirl. .....quit being so confused...im more than meeting 60grams of Protein, im just not doing it with supplements. I clarified that more than once on above statements. I applaud you for this statement! I read these forums and she seems to always have an opinion about other people's plans. It's rather frustrating when I read a question and she always always always has thrown her opinion in which comes off as being all knowing which unless she has an MD quite frankly im not going to pay too much attention to! I am also with you and never had any issues with drinking or eating. Honestly Id talk more with your nutritionist and surgeon about what to do then people's suggestions on here. Everyone seems to have a different opinion and your surgeon and nutritionist have seen what works in the past with other patients. My surgeon says no fruit for the first 3 months some people think that's crazy but he's seen how helpful it is for weightloss with his patients, doesn't mean every one should try it if that's not what they were told you know? Good luck!
  21. CE24

    Birth Control

    Not sure what the generic would be for that BC but generic is all I've ever been on! It is free certain generics because of the law Obama put into place. I've been on Necon for 2 years I can't remember what I was on before that but it was also a generic.
  22. CE24

    So disappointed

    My surgeon told me no fruit for 3 months he said the main goal is to deplete your body of as much sugar as possible so it burns fat! He also said focus on weight training as much as you can handle for as long as you can handle. You can actually read a lot of articles that say cardio is NOT the way to go. If I were you I would remove anything but protein from your diet and I bet you'll lose a lot faster. My nutritionist also said if you wanted to do all protein shakes that would rapidly increase your weight loss and it won't hurt to do it for a couple of weeks. I was cleared for exercise a week out. I know some people mentioned you had a smaller starting weight so did I at 218 and 5'4 but im a month out and I've lost 25 lbs so far. And a lot of studies actually show we lose more weight that those that weighed more than us. I think the big thing is eliminating any type of carb and focusing just on protein and if you're going to add in veggies make it edamame because they have so much protein!! Good luck!
  23. CE24

    Metformin after surgery?

    Odds are you will be!!
  24. CE24

    Metformin after surgery?

    I stopped it the day before surgery and haven't taken it since and I took it for the exact same reasons insulin resistance due to PCOS. I see my endocrinologist on May 2nd and she will do blood work and evaluate if I still need it. If not no more metformin EVER for me. It's so exciting to not have to take it anymore. Im a month out from surgery
  25. It's hard because you have to wait in between eating and drinking. I've been on puréed since leaving the hospital...calling ice pops iceblocks was the giveaway for being Australian lol! Good luck and honestly try to focus more on fluid and drink protein drinks they also count as fluid.