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  1. suitechicguy

    Regrets that got better

    I think it was the second day when I had a moment. The gas pains were so bad I was crying thinking what have I done, why couldnt I just eat right and exercise. That moment didnt last long and I moved on. It will get better dont worry. No regrets though as it was the best thing to do to help me.
  2. suitechicguy

    1 year Surgiversary

    Above is my before and after. Today marks 1 year from when I had my surgery. The decision was a tough one, but I am very thankful that it all worked out for me. This has been a great tool and I am so glad to have it. It felt like forever from starting the process to get approved for the surgery and then BAM! a year flew by. It was hard in the beginning and has I had ups and downs. It was all worth it though and I would not change anything about it.
  3. suitechicguy

    I feel like I look weird

    I am currently going through this now as well. I really need to get my butt in gear and start doing some weight training. I am hoping that helps some with the loose skin. I am down around 150lbs and it seems to slowly be getting better. I know they say to wait until your at your goal wait for awhile to see how things end up before considering plastics. I have been using tummy better to help some as well. Sometimes I still feel like I am big even though Im not anymore. Its so weird. It feels like it took so long but happened so fast at the same time.
  4. suitechicguy

    What is one thing you use the most post-op

    My water bottle and my vitamix for protein shakes.
  5. suitechicguy

    My how the face will change!

    Wow you look like a model! Congrats! I hope my face thins out that much.
  6. suitechicguy

    General Questions

    I also kept taking my prescription the next day for high blood pressure. I didnt have any issues with swallowing pills. As JamieLogical said, make sure to discuss your concerns with your surgeon.
  7. I haven't had any of the taste or smell issues. I hope they don't come down the line lol Then again, I am still on full liquids so its not like Ive tried a lot of stuff yet. Glad to hear the gas pains are better, I hated them!
  8. suitechicguy

    Veggie slicers

    I got that as seen on tv Veggetti and it works exaclty how they said it would. I think it was only $14.99
  9. suitechicguy

    Hungry post op?

    @@tpierce http://m.barnesandnoble.com/w/ultimate-gastric-sleeve-success-duc-vuong/1119130542?ean=9780615830445
  10. suitechicguy

    Best medication for gas relief

    Like others said Gas X and plenty of walking.
  11. suitechicguy

    Hungry post op?

    @@JerseyCityGal I bought that book you recommended yesterday and read the whole thing in one day. Excellent excellent read and advice I will definately be following.
  12. suitechicguy

    Phlegm and constipation

    I just pooped 9 days out from surgery. Its pretty normal. Nothing happened until I moved to full liquids. I did have the phlem but some people on here had similar situations.
  13. suitechicguy

    Evolution of eating post op

    Yours is just like mine. One week for each phase.
  14. suitechicguy

    Whole pills

    Im taking full now. My pain meds arent liquid and I have a blood pressure pill I have to take.
  15. It is definately normal. The past couple of days have been emotionally up and down for me after the surgery just because of how my body was feeling. I had to get in my head that I just had surgery and its a process not a overnight thing. Theres always going to be some back and forth I think as we all go through the journey.
  16. suitechicguy


    I didnt have diarrhea but my stomach is still making noises and very gassy. Its slowly getting better but was very bad. I just had mine Friday. I am slso using Gas X strips.
  17. suitechicguy

    Soups for week two

    I just got my Vitamix. Cant wait to do some thin homeade soups!
  18. suitechicguy

    9am Today !

    I go today at 9am for my surgery. I am nervous but ok. My nerves are kind of making my stomach go crazy but hopefully that doesn't affect anything.
  19. suitechicguy

    9am Today !

    Thanks! Im trying my best to get rid of this gas which should help the nausa amd the pressure on my incision. I did walk twice so far today. Didnt really sleep last night but going to try to now.
  20. I was sleeved yesterday. I am home now buy have such gas pain and nausea. One of the incisions is painful too. Is this normal? I know it prob is but wanted to ask.
  21. How can I sign onto the app through Facebook?
  22. I log in on here through my facebook. How do I log in through the Android app? I never did a password because its through facebook.

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