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    I had to remove mine (the right nipple was pierced) for VSG, and the hole closed. Hopefully I'll get it redone after plastics.
  2. lexiemustang

    Fat around the belly! Help

    I'm in the same boat ???? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J320A using the BariatricPal App
  3. lexiemustang

    Diatomaceous Earth

    Very good question...pre-op I would use it occasionally for digestive health. I tried googling it (the sleeve and diatomaceous earth), and couldn't find much information
  4. lexiemustang

    You all lied!

    I am one year five months post op and the biggest struggle of this whole process has been mental. It gets easier, but it never goes away. Hang in there.
  5. Make sure you have shakes everywhere you go. I'd take extras with you just in case. If you let yourself get hungry and you don't have a shake with you, that's when trouble sets in... Sent from my LG-D850 using the BariatricPal App
  6. lexiemustang

    Any Georgia sleevers?

    Dunwoody here. I was sleeved in TX in May 2015 but moved here in January. If anyone is interested, add me on fitbit (paula.stotts@gmail.com) or myfitnesspal (ID is grneyedmustang)
  7. lexiemustang

    ATLANTA...where are you?

    My keys to success - I haven't totally abandoned Protein shakes (I usually drink at least 2 a day to get my protein in), trying to limit my carbs, and exercise (even if it's a 30 minute walk around the block). My active support systems - message boards (such as this one), a therapist, and I have at least 3 "real life" friends who have also had bariatric surgery. The last one is to NOT GIVE UP...Right now I'm fighting the battle to get below 200 pounds. I see you're also a little over a year post op. How has your experience been so far?
  8. lexiemustang

    Why is onederland so evasive?!

    I am so close I can smell it. Mind you I've had some sort of stomach bug this week but I'll take it any way I can get it... 201.2!
  9. lexiemustang

    Alcohol pre op?

    OP - just as long as you're drinking before the Pre-Op diet starts, you'll be fine. Once the diet starts, though - you'll need to remain focused.
  10. lexiemustang

    Why is onederland so evasive?!

    I'm fighting the "wanna get below 200" battle too. ???? Sent from my LG-D850 using the BariatricPal App
  11. THIS ONE. I have a bariatric card from my surgeon requesting that I be able to order half portions. I wasn't using it at first, but I've started using it a lot in the last few months. Kids meals = hot dogs, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets. No thanks!
  12. lexiemustang

    No Wonder I Wasn’t Skinny!

    juice. To this day juice (and things made with juice, like fruit snacks) are a weakness. OMG. And this isn't a specific food, but my family are members of the clean plate club. That's a demon i'm battling post op - learning how to throw away those last two bites.
  13. lexiemustang

    Stool softener

    This is what I do as well. I'm taking a softener along with a fiber supplement everyday with my vitamins.
  14. lexiemustang

    May Sleevers, How much?

    HW (Ever in life) - 285 lbs SW - 267 lbs CW - 222 lbs Weight lost since starting this particular journey - 45 lbs. I haven't been as diligent as I should with exercise and diet. Since it's cooling off outside I am going to kick it into high gear. I'm 5 lbs away from being overweight instead of obese and halfway at goal. I'm pleased with my results, especially since I know I've been slacking.
  15. lexiemustang


    IG name: grnidbandit
  16. lexiemustang

    Ladies, What Size Jeans Do You Wear?

    Weight - 230 Jean Size - "Regular" 14 Height - 5' 11.5" What's weird - I've weighed 230 during previous diet attempts and wasn't in a size 14. Either vanity sizing is getting worse or maybe I have more muscle this time around. I have no idea....
  17. lexiemustang

    Dr. Holden in dfw- other dfw Drs

    Dr. Holden did my surgery. She did an excellent job and it was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. The staff in the office has been very nice and helpful as well. I've only interacted with her a few times during this journey. IMO, her bedside manner leaves much to be desired. In the grand scheme of things, I guess we should be worried about whether or not the surgeon is skilled (which she is), but she didn't seem very warm and friendly. My insurance didn't require a 3 month supervised diet. I was approved with a "semi low" BMI (BMI was a 37 when I was approved) and comorbidities (sleep apnea, GERD, hypertension, joint pain). Just my two cents for what it's worth. Hope this helps!
  18. I definitely want both of these when I get close to goal weight. I've got a way to go though. I have a panniculus and I've never had children! WTF?
  19. lexiemustang

    EGD gone wrong

    Additionally, here's where I think I went wrong before my EGD: My EGD was scheduled for 5am, the day before I was to start my pre-op diet. I was told to fast after midnight. (Thinking to myself that midnight to 5am isn't a large enough window, but I'm not a doctor and they know best). I gotta do it big since this is my last night of solid food for a while, right? I did it REAL BIG. I'm talking Prime Rib, Caesar salad, and cheesecake big. My "last meal" was at 8pm. Well - come EGD time - they can't do the procedure because there is food still in my stomach. Lesson learned - hopefully this helps someone who needs an EGD soon. Don't do what I did!
  20. lexiemustang

    EGD gone wrong

    I had the same situation. I had to have a gastric emptying study shortly after my failed EGD. They didnt find any abnormalities and proceeded with my sleeve as planned.
  21. lexiemustang

    2 weeks post missing food

    Nope you're not alone. I'm two weeks post op and been on liquids since May 7. I miss food terribly...
  22. lexiemustang

    Syntrax Nectar Reviews

    I really enjoyed the double stuffed cookie and fuzzy navel ones. They are definitely helping me cope.
  23. lexiemustang

    Did they really take half my tummy?

    I'm 6 days out and feel the same way!
  24. lexiemustang

    Post op day 3

    I had this pain day 2 and 3. Someone recommended raising your hands above your head when you feel this sensation. Its helped me...

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