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  1. Yeah the people I was with were experienced smokers with good weed. We smoked A LOT. My friend said it took her 4 or 5 times until she got high. The act of smoking didn't really appeal to me though, I would much rather eat a sundae hahah, that is my drug of choice... and sadly even the surgery didn't take that away I've heard of this, how some people don't get stoned their first time and I always found it interesting. I got super stoned my first time and I just can't imagine how you wouldn't get stoned unless you didn't inhale. Its mind boggling.
  2. That my addiction is still here and I still struggle each day to control my unhealthy relationship with food. Surgery has no doubt helped me, I would probably be 300 + pounds right now without it instead of 175, but I still expected I would have it easier than this.
  3. I never used it before surgery, and tried it after and didn't get high at all. I was so disappointed. Lol But I don't think that is a reflection of the surgery, more a reflection of me being a first time user
  4. SlimJill

    Water causing stomach pain

    Maybe you are just taking too big of a sip?
  5. Don't cheat because it's for your safety! I tricked myself into thinking that if I cheated during my preop that my liver would not shrink and the surgeon would nick my liver and I'd die on the operating table.... now that is probably not true, but that fear scared me into staying on track. For the my experience with the surgery... The 4 days in the hospital were pretty miserable because your tummy gets sore, nausea, and being in a hospital is never fun. But the recovery was pretty quick and painless once I got home.
  6. Well... my surgeon described it to me like this Bypass is still the gold standard in terms of weightloss... HOWEVER if you have medical problems post-op the bypass could be the reason why. Whereas with the sleeve you still absorb everything as normal and it doesn't create more problems for you. Now what I would use as my deciding factor would be 1. How much weight do you have to lose? 2. What are you triggers? Bypass will give you dumping syndrome if you eat sugary foods, whereas sleeve will not. 3. How much do you have to spend... a huge consideration for me was bypass was $20,000 cash, and sleeve was $10,500 cash. I was already borrowing money and draining my bank account for the sleeve so bypass was out of my reach. Plus if you look at sleeve videos on youtube, or listen to people stories on here you can see that people lose just as much weight with the sleeve versus bypass. It's a tool and it all depends on how you use it. The sleeve has much fewer complications and problems post-op.
  7. Well you won't ever be able to throw back a bottle of Water in 1 minute... or drink while eating... but the further out from surgery you get the easier it is to drink water. It took me 15 minutes in the hospital to drink an ounce of water, but today I can drink almost like normal and don't feel thirsty. BUT you do need to make an effort to drink throughout the day because like I said, you can't just throw back a glass or two. This is something I'm wondering ... Do I will feel thirsty forever after the sleeve? After we Will drink again like normal people? Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  8. SlimJill

    Should I be upset?

    I definitely know those feelings of anger. My family ordered pizza hut when I was just a few weeks out from surgery! I had such a reaction to it too, sweating, heart racing, anxiety, NOT from eating it, I did not eat it. But just smelling it, seeing it, wanting it, drove me nuts. After that I respectfully told them to please never bring pizza hut into the house and they haven't. I think there is a difference between expecting everyone to live your lifestyle and asking for support.
  9. If he sees you everyday then it can be difficult. I would make a before and after picture for yourself, put it on the fridge for your own motivation and I'll bet when he sees it side by side he'll take back his statement!
  10. I'm 5'1-5'2 and my starting weight was 250... I am now 178 where my body is most comfortable sitting at. I would like to get to 150 lbs as my personal goal weight, but would LOVE to see 125 and be able to say I am half the woman I used to be but 150 would be a dream for me too... lowest I've been in my adult life was 168
  11. You get jealous of people eating and drinking Water, at the same time!
  12. What did you replace food with post-surgery? How do you deal with stress, boredom, loneliness, etc? I am 1.5 years out and still struggling with this, every chance I have I turn to food for comfort. So I'm looking to know what our new and older members do in real life to replace foods place in our heart...
  13. I really admire that I had that as my original goal too, but a few months post-op I took a very stressful job and 1 sugar free reeses cup turned into the beginning of the end for me. I want to get back to that place you speak of... the freedom to say... food is not my everything, it is just fuel for my body. Maybe I can harness some of your good vibes and start fresh tomorrow. When I started this journey back in March with my six-month pre-op diet, my first goal (even above losing weight) was to re-establish my relationship with food. Specifically, I didn't want food to be the focal point of everything in my life anymore. And that was a tall order and took some time, but it eventually happened. When I say that I replaced food with life, I meant that instead of obsessing over where and when (and what and how often) to eat, we think about what activities we are going to do on an outing. My partner and I leave Monday for a 3.5 week tour of Southeast Asia. Our planning has been much more about excursions (some even very physically active) rather than what kind of food we're going to eat. We get out and walk; we go to the movies; we go see the Christmas light displays. And more importantly, we see people; we don't avoid pictures, and we re-connect with old friends that we have been too embarrassed to face for years. I have gotten food to the point of being fuel for me and nothing else. Sure, I want what I eat to be good. If not, I wouldn't have worked so hard to get all of my Protein from food so I could dump those heinous shakes once and for all. But every day, I remind myself that food is just food -- not a friend, not a companion, not a coping device, not a support, not a destination, not an event, not the centerpiece of life. I let food and my out-of-control obesity control my life for far too long. That is over.
  14. Yes I agree with that, food addiction is very tough. It would be so much easier to be able to cast food away forever. To never eat another morsel of food. But we must play this balancing act. Yes, maybe I should just take a minute to recognize what I am feeling, stress at work, etc and channel it elsewhere.
  15. SlimJill


    I still burp or hiccup 1.5 years out, if you bring in too much air you get it out somehow lol!
  16. SlimJill

    No Sex Drive/Desire after Sleeve 9 months Post Op

    I know this topic is a little old, but thought I would throw in my experience in case it helps or hasn't been resolved yet. I am 22, so I was shocked when I realized after several months... I hadn't been thinking about sex, wanting it, fantasizing or anything... it took me months to even notice it was gone that's how bad it was! I had an epiphany one day... when I went for a checkup and my surgeon checked my Vitamins he said my Vitamin D levels were low, almost insufficient actually. I did some research and found that Vitamin D is related to libido and started to take a daily supplement until my libido came back and voila, it's back! Still not full force... but much much much improved and I think it was the lack of taking my vitamins that caused it.
  17. SlimJill

    Can you fail?!?

    You can DEFINITELY fail, trust me. *cries* It starts with one piece of chocolate and escalates into containers of ice cream, bags of chocolate... I was 168 lbs in February and after a few months I am now back up to 173 pounds. I didn't think it would possible to gain 5 pounds in such a short period of time with the sleeve but that is with constant snacking all day long, and horrible food choices. Just an FYI I am starting a detox diet on Monday, going back to basics with all liquid Protein shakes for a few days to zap myself out of this food binge I've been in. We can only fail if we let ourselves...
  18. I may have posted somewhere before that I've never had a boyfriend... well now I do! And he loves my sleeve! He's a pretty fit and muscular guy so he likes to eat a lot, meaning finish all my meals. "This is amazing, I get half your cheeseburger all the time!" too funny Just thought I would share that not every guy is going to be judgmental, some will love it for the silliest of reasons.
  19. SlimJill

    Hot new boyfriend loves my sleeve

    Hehe were you all looking for some pics of my hot boyfriend? He certainly does love my body too so I guess I can provide a few pics of myself and himself... And just so you guys know we actually do like each other for other reasons he is super sweet, nice, a gentlemen, smart! *Melts* It just helps that he is also super sexy with an accent and buff body And myself... not too shabby either
  20. I had surgery May 11th 2015 so I am 3 weeks post-op and so far this has been my weight loss... Week 1: 5 lbs Week 2: Nothing Week 3: Nothing AGAIN I'm beginning to think I'm not doing something right... I'm getting in almost 64 oz of Fluid, probably 50 every day. I'm eating about 800 calories a day to get in my 60 grams of Protein. (Is that too much for this early on? Should I cut back on real food and supplement with more shakes?) I am walking about .5 to 1.5 miles a day. (Is this too little? Should I be pushing myself to maybe walk 5 miles since I am unemployed right now and don't get much activity beyond my walks?) I'm just feeling really down in the dumps... I thought after I paid all that money (self pay), went through all that pain and discomfort in the hospital, and followed the rules that life would reward me! And so far I just feel like crap. 23 pounds total with pre-op is amazing, but I thought I would be down at least 8-10 more pounds by now! F :ock!
  21. Do the surgery earlier for sure... although I had mine done fairly early at 20 years old. Never reintroduce sugar or fake sugar into my diet again! BIG mistake
  22. SlimJill

    Crazy Food Dreams After Surgery

    I had food dreams A LOT in the beginning... in one I went in Walgreens and took one of every candy bar and then got up to the register and thought "Are you nuts, you'll get SO sick if you eat even one bite of all these!" and put them back... but I also had dreams where I cheated badly on my diet and woke up for a split second thinking "ohmygosh, I've messed up all my hard work!"
  23. SlimJill

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    I'm in! Starting 178.8 lbs Goal: 165 *Anything under 170 is new territory for me as I haven't weight less than 170 ever in my adult life!*
  24. SlimJill

    Before and After Pics

    Before: 250 lbs After: 178.8 lbs I'm not done yet, but I'm loving this "after" already
  25. Over the past 2-3 months my diet has gone from near perfect to train wreck! I'm talking junk food - fritos, cheetos, sugar free candy, real sugar candy, pizza, Chinese food, etc. Just the crappiest stuff around. I wholeheartedly blame myself and feel terrible because I spent so much money, made such a huge change, was so good for so long and then... stress/life really challenged me and I buckled under the pressure... I currently go to a psychologist who is a addiction specialist but I want to hear from the mouths of former or current food addicts... What do you use as stress relief now? How do you deal with things you cannot change (like having a VERY stressful/crappy new job - like come home crying because I hate it so much...) ? I know that instead of finding a new healthier alternative, I went back to my trusted old friend of food. My constant companion from life. I don't want how I'm eating to become a forever thing again, I want this to be a little road block in my journey. But I need help, I need suggestions... from those who understand my struggle.

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