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  1. I was at a CVS and the automatic doors got stuck half open/half closed. I was able to fit through to get in. I would not have been able to even a year ago. I had gotten down to 141 pounds for a long time then became an alcoholic and gained back 40 pounds. 1 year ago I went to rehab and have been sober since. I have lost 52 pounds so am down to 135.4 pounds. My lowest since the WLS. My surgeon's goal weight was 135. I want to be at 125 I think.
  2. For my 53rd birthday my husband bought me a boudoir session through Susan Page Studios as a reward for losing so much weight. I am looking for a tasteful set of bra and panties in black or maybe a pretty dark blue for the shoot. The problem is the loose skin left in the pubic area. I am currently a 36D or 36DD bra and roughly a size 10 pant. I carried all of my weight in my belly. I am 146 pounds and 5'4" so still have a bit of a stomach roll. They suggest no thongs and something more like cheekies, lacies, hipsters or boy shorts. The shoot is July 22nd so I have a little time. I will bring 5-6 outfits and shoot in 3-4 outfits. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to buy a tasteful bra/panty set that provides a little extra coverage in the nether regions but is still a little sexy. I wouldn't mind a bra that provides a little lift. At this age and with the weight loss the girls can use a little help. Has anyone else done one of the boudoir sessions? If so, did you have fun?
  3. NikkiDoc

    Normal BMI this Morning!

    That is great.
  4. NikkiDoc

    Feeling frustrated

    I am 3 years out. Right after surgery I lost weight for the first 3 weeks and then had an almost 4 week stall. Yes it was frustrating but expected. During that stall I dropped 2 sizes. When I did break the stall I lost 4.5 pounds overnight. Just stick with the program and it will work, I promise. For me hopping on the scale during the stall wasn't stressful so I did it everyday. For others you may want to move to weighing yourself once a week on the same day or only weigh in at follow-up visits or once a month. Everyones approach to the scale is different. During your stall you need to look for NSVs. When I moved to maintenance I personally need to weigh every day. It keeps me honest in my eating choices.
  5. NikkiDoc

    Urgent.. Help with BCBS

    BCBS varies on requirements. Each BCBS is essentially a franchise. Many employer plans are also not fully insured but self insured and BCBS only acts as an Administrative Services Only (ASO) provider. In the case of ASO the employer can decide if they want to cover WLS and some of the terms to get it approved. I was covered through Horizon BCBS out of NJ through my husbands employer. It is a self funded plan not insurance. I had a 6 month monitored diet and I HAD to meet with the doctor/NP or dietician in my PCP practice at least once a month or I would start over. I did not have to show any weight loss I just needed to have documentation of a medically monitored diet. I did lose weight during that 6 months. That sucks that they did not tell your surgeon's office about the 12 months requirement. It does sound like a soft requirement that can be waived at their discretion where mine was a hard requirement that I HAS to do.
  6. NikkiDoc

    Change to type of surgery in surgey

    I have only had the sleeve but I had to sign something that gave him permission to switch from laprascopic to open if he HAD to. Without the permission up front they would need to abort the surgery, wait until I was recovered from the anesthesia, ask if I was willing to go open and reschedule for later. I recently read about somebody on one of my FB groups that was going in for a revision and she had so much scar tissue that the doctor couldn't do the revision so he closed her up. I don't remember if she was having an RNY revised or going from lap or sleeve to RNY. Therefore I don't think the consent form is that unusual. Better than waking up with no revision and having to reschedule at a later date.
  7. My surgeon recommended avoiding watching too much TV during recovery since there are so many commercials for food. It can trigger head hunger. Early after surgery I found that I either had head hunger or much more likely I was dehydrated if I felt hungry. I had to play with the temp of the drink to make sure I was getting enough water. The first couple of weeks I drank much more water if it was hot or warm. Even now at almost 3 years out there are times that I get hungry and I know I should not be based on when and what I last ate. That generally means that I need more water. Sometimes it means that I drove past the local pizza joint/steak restaurant/Burger King and I get head hunger since it smelled good. If it is head hunger and I ignore it or try to focus on something else the hunger goes away quickly. It never hurts to sip some more water. I always have water with me-always. I prefer the flavored water like Mio or Crystal Light. Be careful some of the Crystal Light have caffeine. I personally never ate mashed potatoes, oatmeal, grits, cream of wheat, toast or anything that is very high in simple carbs but relatively low in protein during my pureed or soft phases. My personal history is that simple carbs don't stick with my at all and I get hungry quickly after eating them. They spiked my blood sugar. YMMV. I found that for the couple of weeks I was on full liquid/pureed/soft that I really had enough choices that were higher in protein to not eat simple carbs. For the first few months after the sleeve the majority of my protein came from protein shakes. I normally had 2 per day- breakfast and one snack. My lunch and dinner were more normal foods but still very high in protein and non-starchy vegetables. I still very rarely will have white potatoes, bread, pasta, oatmeal, corn, etc.. and if I do it is only about 2 bites just for the taste. About the only crackers I eat in moderation is Triscuits since they are about as whole grain as you can find. Even then I only have a few and only every couple of months. I am actually back to one shake a day right now for lunch. I had gotten stuck at 154-156 for about 18 months. (100 pounds down from my highest weight so not unhappy with how I looked/felt) I decided I really wanted to get to my goal weight of 135. I am now at 147.8 as of this morning. I have lost 7 pounds in just over a month. Welcome to the losers bench.
  8. NikkiDoc


    I ate sushi at about that stage. I tended towards the sashimi but I would have a little bit of the rice with no problem. I still have sushi and some sashimi and am 3 years out. I have an odd preference and like the fish off the top of a nigiri over sashimi. Sashimi tends to be cut thicker and I prefer the thinner cut fish. If I get a roll with the rice I get one small one not one of the big specialty rolls. If I get a bigger specialty roll I eat a few slices and then deconstruct a few slices and only eat the fish/eel/avocado and leave the rice. One of my favorite things is Outback has the seared ahi tuna- technically not sushi but pretty darn close.
  9. NikkiDoc

    Premier Protein shakes

    I liked Premier before surgery. I much prefer Matrix or Nectars once I had surgery. I mostly used Matrix Vanilla and would add sugar free Torani syrup such as caramel, gingerbread, brown sugar/cinnamon. Or I would thaw no sugar added frozen mangos or peaches and add that to the shake. That seemed to minimize any chalky flavor. My co-worker used to get the Matrix Orange Cream and would mix it with a little OJ and milk for that Creamsicle taste. For grab and go Muscle Milk or Rocket Fuel is normally available at convenience stores. All protein shakes seem to be better if really cold.
  10. NikkiDoc

    Preop liquid diet

    What about nectar Natural by Syntrax? I have had Nectar but not the Nectar Natural. It isn't as thick as some Protein shakes. Lots of flavors available I would assume that pretty much all low calorie Protein Shakes are going to have artificial sweeteners which is what I assume you mean as crap. Nectar Naturals apparently contains nothing artificial. It looks like it uses Stevia. It is more expensive apparently. For the Nectar you should be able to get samples of different flavors. I also see Grab N Go variety packs that have 8 flavors. Since you have the Crohn's you could just tell people that your doctor recommended these shakes for a number of days which is the truth. People will probably assume that it is due to the Crohn's. Or if you don't mind not being truthful tell them you had a Crohn's flare is the shakes were recommended by your doctor as treatment.
  11. NikkiDoc

    It felt like death was coming

    Food poisoning isn't that quick. Yes Sheetz is a gas station but don't be thinking Turkey Hill. These are nice and clean. The food is made fresh, not pre-packaged. It is more like a glorified deli, convenience store that happens to have gas than a gas station. They have touch screen ordering and you fully customize your drink or sandwich. You go and pay while they make your food fresh. They are really busy so food does not tend to sit for ages. Their bathrooms are nice, clean and high end. I would not associate Sheetz with food poisoning. In my area we only have a few Sheetz. We have WaWa instead. They are pretty much a similar model. Both WaWa and Sheetz are way more upscale than you would picture when you say gas station. I think both of them are a step up from Royal Farms. Therefore I am not thinking food poisoning.
  12. NikkiDoc

    Blood clot prevention leg compressors

    I only wore mine the first 2 days at the hospital. I did not go home with them. My husband had back surgery a few months before me. He only had the compression things for the 4 days at the hospital. He was walking quite a bit less than I was at discharge and didn't need them. He came home with a walker. I was walking 1 mile the first couple of days and was quickly up to 2 miles.
  13. NikkiDoc

    Is it too early for eggs?

    With my plan it was clear liquids 1 week, full liquids week 2, purees including eggs, chicken, tuna, soup, refried beans week 3, soft foods week 4 and regular food as tolerated after that.
  14. I like Matrix Peanut Butter Cookie flavor. I would buy it on line. You can add PB2 to any vanilla shake you like. Many people like Premier which you can get at costco, Sams Club or Walmart. I preferred the Matrix brand or Nectars. For premade Muscle Milk or Rocket Fuel are okay. I get them already cold at the local convenience store.
  15. NikkiDoc

    Healthy chili recipes anyone?

    I don't really use recipes much but I make a turkey chili in the crock pot that is pretty good. I use turkey tenders, tomato sauce, canned diced tomatoes, canned green chilis, canned pinto Beans, canned corn. (I should skip the corn) I saute onions, zucchini, red peppers and carrots. For seasoning I put in chipotle powder, paprika, garlic salt, onion powder and a McCormicks gluten free chili mix. I throw everything in the crock pot until the turkey is cooked. Take out the turkey, dice and throw it all back together. I think McCormick does a low sodium chili seasoning if you want to cut down on the salt.
  16. I had GERD that was diagnosed via endoscopy about 8 years before my surgery. No hernia at that time. I was on Nexium for a number of years. I was able to stop the Nexium for a couple of years. I then started to have really bad problems with it about 1 year before my surgery. During the pre-op I had the endoscopy redone and now had a hernia. I still had the sleeve. We never discussed the RNY. Surgeon fixed the hernia at the same time as the sleeve and I was on Nexium for the next 3 months. I am now 20 months out and have not been on Nexium since and have not had heartburn or GERD. Hector if I were you I would check to see if you have a hernia. If so the surgeon should be able to fix the hernia at the same time as he does the sleeve. I would then take a PPI after the surgery. I personally think the obesity also contributes to reflux. Once you get a lot of that weight off that should help too. I think that is why I could go a couple of years where I did not take Nexium. I had lost 40 pounds. I started having problems when I gained it back.
  17. NikkiDoc

    Being a trainer doesn't make you an expert on...

    If the VP says something again about how if you had come to him you wouldn't have had to have surgery you can always tell him he would become a millionaire if he would package and market his wonderful system. Make sure you say it in your sweetest voice so that he isn't sure if you are sarcastic or serious. Or you could go with subtle put down of "Well Bless your heart". Which in some circles is the Southern equivalent of F- You.
  18. I have been plateaued right around low to mid 150s for months. I have been letting bad things creep into my diet. A couple bites of potatoes, mac & cheese, some alcohol, a little rice, hit the vending machine at work for a candy bar and what was once only occasionally is a bit more constant. I haven't really gained but I have not been losing. I have not yet hit goal and I am 20 months out from surgery. My surgeon's goal for me was 130 pounds. I can do this. So Sunday morning I was at 157.6. (I had female surgery on Friday so I spiked a bit due to the IV and sodium chloride they loaded me with). I had been hanging more like 153-156. I went back to a couple of protein shakes a day and protein/veggies for dinner. I had 1 egg + spinach & tomatoes for breakfast and a cheese stick on the way home from work. I am now down to 152.6. My mom is coming to PA from AZ Oct 14th so I figure I will be strict until then. I can eat a little more like a normal person while she is here. Normal meaning real food instead of protein shakes but I will still avoid the simple carbs like bread, rice, pasta, potatoes. I want to be below 150 when she gets here. I want to be at 130 to ring in the new year. Once Mom leaves I will start going back to the gym. I have a bunch of saved up personal trainer sessions. Maybe I will use 1 a week for a month or so to keep me on the straight and narrow. I ride my horse about 4 times a week so get some exercise. Yes, riding is exercise. Last month I took him on a 15 mile trail ride. We trotted for probably 13 miles of that and it took just about 2 hrs and 50 minutes. I ride English so posted for the majority of that. For those of you that don't ride posting is standing then sitting every other stride of the horse. So think 2 + hours of squats. Then we did 9 miles the next day. Yes, baby those quads were on fire come Monday. However, I do need to get some weight training and some aerobics back in. I work full time and have an hour commute each way. Finding time to exercise can be tough. Now that the weather is cooler I am going to try to walk at lunch. I don't see why I can't lose 22.6 pounds in 3 months. That is only 7.5 pounds a month. I am 5'3" so 130 is really the high end of "goal". I need to touch base with my NUT too. I know my surgeon set my protein at 62 grams. I need to figure out if that is still a good number or would going higher help me lose a little better.
  19. NikkiDoc

    Cardiac Clearance

    I did not have to do a work-out prior to surgery.
  20. NikkiDoc


    When I redid my kitchen I got new pretty square red plates and bowls. I use the small appetizer plate for me and the large one for hubby. When I initially sleeved I did use toddler spoon and fork to make sure I did not eat too fast. Chopsticks work well for that too.
  21. NikkiDoc

    Honest opinion

    Only you can know your maturity level and whether you are mature enough to follow the rules on Bariatric Eating for the rest of your life. I didn't get my sleeve until I was 46. However I was pudgy as a teenager but not fat until my 20s. I will say I wish I could have gotten the sleeve sooner than I did. I would have had a lot less wear and tear on my joints and I never would have had high blood pressure or needed to take meds for that. Being fat for 20+ years left me with a lot of hang-ups about how people view me and how I view myself. If you can get the sleeve and help prevent or minimize the low self worth images many obese people have go for it.
  22. NikkiDoc


    I waited to have pizza about 3 months after surgery. I only like very thin pizza. I ate about 1/2 the slice and then scalped the rest. Much better than the 3 pieces I used to have. My dogs enjoyed my crust. I got it with cheese, sauce and meatballs for some extra Protein. Hubby is really picky so I didn't get any vegetables on it since he was going to eat all but the one piece I split with the dogs. In the 20 months since my surgery I have had pizza around 6 times. I follow the same pattern as above. Eat a little bit of it as real pizza, scalp the rest. Once again I do not like a doughy thick pizza. I like it really, really thin so I am not getting much bottom crust. I generally don't miss pizza. There are plenty of times my husband has pizza and I have one bite of his and something else. The one bite is generally enough to give my the taste so I don't feel deprived but don't blow my diet.
  23. I stopped taking my BP meds 1 week after my surgery. I was monitoring at home in the morning before I took my meds. It dropped too low with the medicine so I stopped it and then kept monitoring twice a day. This way if it came up then I could take a dose or half dose. I never needed to take any more.
  24. It would not have been allowed under my pre-op plan. Protein shakes, broth and SF Jello. During my full liquid stage post-op SF pudding was allowed but not pre-op
  25. NikkiDoc

    Completely Undecided.

    I had GERD before sleeve surgery. I took Nexium for 4 months post op. I am now 18 months post op and have not had one episode of GERD since surgery. My surgeon wasn't worried about my GERD. I was mild but enough that I was on Nexium prior to the surgery and still would occasionally have an episode of reflux.

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