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    Hey there. Had RNY 2015 @cleveland clinic of Florida. Looking to meet new people. :)
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  1. LittLeFoot14

    After plastics

    Ax BFF
  2. Whose 5 years out or about? How are you doing? I’m 5 years post op gastric bypass. Sitting at 150. Still wanting to lose the last few lbs. started at 402. Looking for some new friends. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. But it’s nice to have friends who understand this way of life. ❤️ shoot me a message or leave a comment. I’d love to hear your journey! Ashley
  3. LittLeFoot14

    May 2020

    Almost 5 years out
  4. Where is everyone from?? I’m looking for a friend! Had RNY JULY 2015. :) I had surgery at Cleveland clinic of Florida but now live in Omaha Nebraska.
  5. LittLeFoot14


    This is me july 2019
  6. LittLeFoot14


    This is me.
  7. LittLeFoot14

    Feeling empty?

    Your rude. Follow me on instagram: ashuleem88
  8. LittLeFoot14

    Feeling empty?

    ***TWO YEARS Follow me on instagram: ashuleem88
  9. I'm 2 months post op and suffering from issues post op. Looking for a friend. Accountability and needs to be uplifted as much as I need it right now. Follow me on instagram: ashuleem88
  10. LittLeFoot14

    Looking for friends

    Looking for some friends. Since I had surgery I have lost a lot of friends because I don't eat out or whatever reason or another. Looking for people who are in the same position. Add me on instagram and shoot me a messAge! Follow me on instagram: ashuleem88
  11. LittLeFoot14

    I'm moving to omaha

    I'm moving to Omaha and looking for an awesome friend who gets this lifestyle and needs a good friend! If your interested message me!and if you don't live in Omaha and just need a friend message me too!! Follow me on instagram: ashuleem88
  12. LittLeFoot14


    I'm moving to Omaha in august. Looking for some great friends to meet some new people and have support. Something I haven't had in a few years since I had surgery. I am 2 years post op. msg me or msg me privately! I'd love to hear from you! Follow me on instagram: ashuleem88
  13. LittLeFoot14

    This is who i use to be- this is who I am now

    I'm at 23 months post op. I say by end of august /sept I'll be at goal Follow me on instagram: ashuleem88
  14. LittLeFoot14

    July 15/ June 17

    Thankyou!!!! Follow me on instagram: ashuleem88