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  1. Sorry, this is a bit long and it's getting late (forgive my typos). To avoid the tl:dr reaction -- does anyone take cholestyramine and how did you take it after your WLS surgery? See background details below for more info. Thanks in advance for your comments. Background -- My gallbladder was removed many years ago as I was finishing college, approximately 18 years ago. Since that time I've been living with chronic bathroom issues, namely diarrhea, that would present within minutes of eating lunch (generally the first meal of the day). It didn't matter what I ate - bread, Soup, iced tea, whatever. I might go once after eating or I might go for the rest of day (too many times to count). The diarrhea issues would last for several months and then might go away for several months or a year. However, the problem always returned. I went to numerous doctors about this problem and was always told something like, "you have IBS, or you have spastic colon" or something similar. Last year, I went to my (former) primary care physician armed with my internet diagnosis of Bile Acid Malabsorption. My physician didn't listen again and just said I needed more Fiber. Long story short, someone recommended their gastro doc to me and I went. The gastro doc said, "I know exactly what the problem is..." naturally I had to ask is it "bile acid malabsorption -- the result of my gall bladder surgery?" Ding Ding. That was the answer. I drink this gritty powder (that does not dissolve) called Cholestyramine (once a day) and my life has changed dramatically - problem solved. Has anyone else with a sleeve or other WL surgery had this gallbladder related issue and were you able to continue taking your cholestryramine after surgery?
  2. Post sleeve, just had the strangest reaction to these Vitamins. Within 2 minutes, sweats, diarrhea and the urge to vomit. I sipped Water to help move it on through, hoping to avoid vomiting. Anyone else had an experience with this particular Vitamin brand? I'm wondering if this happened because I took them on an empty stomach?
  3. no onions

    Sugar free gift

    It's your choice I would say -- based on your recovery and your Dr's recommendations though. Many programs would discourage it, mine included. In my case, that early, I wouldn't have even considered it and probably would have just thrown it away/given it away. I might eat a small piece of something like that today, but generally do not.
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    What are you having for lunch/dinner

    Yesterday I had naked buffalo chicken bites with some garlic roasted vegetables. Today... a Quest Cookies & Cream protein bar. No excuses, just in a hurry!
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    Vitamin Intake

    For me it was easier to just do the gummies. I like the vitafusion adult gummies and the kirkland signature adult gummies. They do have calories and carbs, but they were negligible in my mind.
  6. no onions

    Best Tasting Protein Shake

    I prefer Premiere Protein chocolate flavor. Sometimes I add PB2 and half a banana along with some ice and blend it. Generally I drink it plain. I've been drinking it for over a year now. Initially I liked the vanilla, but it became gross to me over time. I did not care for the strawberry flavor at all. It looks like the have Bananas & Cream and Caramel as new(er) flavors. I haven't tried those (or seen them to be honest).
  7. This might be stupid, but I'm also 10 months out (just about) and my energy wasn't good the week before last. I came down with strep and some sort of unknown virus. I think my energy level had more to do with my body trying to fight of an illness. So, while I hope you're not getting sick or anything, that is what happened to me. My energy level is slowly returning to normal.
  8. no onions


    Hell, who would have thought - I am in onderland! I just hit 197lbs this morning. I'm not at goal weight or anything, but I told myself that I would post pictures here showing before WLS to now. I'm attempting to post some photos in the gallery. Some of the pics are pretty bad, but they are accurate. :-) http://www.bariatricpal.com/user/244434-no-onions/ http://www.bariatricpal.com/gallery/album/23630-my-photos/ This website and its members have been an amazing source of information and I hope to have more time to contribute here.
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    Jan 2016

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    After Dec 2015

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    After July 2015

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    After July 2015

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    After July 2015

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    2013 work photo

    From the album: My Photos

    This picture was on all of my email and IMs... for a long time.
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    Friday NSV roll call!

    I ran 11 minutes on the treadmill without stopping. Unheard of. :-)
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    Ah... Goodwill/thrift shops

    For your amusement: I've donated hundreds (not kidding) of articles of clothing now and each time I donate, I take a peek at what they have inside. The irony here is that I sometimes see things I like, that are way too big, and then realize, "oh, that's something that *I* donated last week." :-) I've been AWOL for a bit (sold house, bought house, busy with everything) and thought I would peek back in. Best of luck to everyone!
  17. I can eat 1/2 a slice of toast with some Peanut Butter and have done it twice since surgery. Teeny tiny bites and over about 45 minutes. I hadn't considered it with cream cheese. And if that foul yeast spread was required, well, wouldn't be eating it ever again.
  18. Hi everyone, I have a UHC high deductible plan through my employer. My plan has a deductible of $1750 and a maximum out of pocket of $3250. This means I would never pay more than $3250 annually, even if I hadn't already met my deductible. I'm waiting on bills from the hospital so I can pay the remaining amount (out of $3250) I owe. Just as fyi - this is what the hospital, surgeon,etc. billed insurance and what insurance paid them. $4000 - Surgery; $2650 - insurance paid, remaining amount was labeled as "plan discount" $27691 - Surgery, hospital stay (2 days) and misc. services such as medication; $27046 - insurance paid; I owe $644. $270 - Pathology (hospital); $182 - insurance paid; remaining amount - plan discount $1680 - Anesthesia; $1322 - insurance paid; remaining amount - plan discount $114 - Xray of esophagus (1 week leak test - analysis); $86.00 - insurance paid; remaining amount - plan discount $632 - Xray of esophagus (1 week leak test - images); $239 - insurance paid; remaining amount - plan discount I was required to do the following before surgery approval - 1. Attend a seminar - surgeon requirement 2. Meet with a physical therapist - surgeon requirement (possibly insurance too) 3. Meeting with psychologist - insurance requirement 4. Meet with a nutritionist - surgeon requirement 5. 6 month supervised diet - insurance requirement. I met this requirement quickly since I had already participated in a Dr. supervised WLS program approx. 1.5 years ago (for exactly 6 months - who knew I would be that lucky!?). 6. Have my primary care Dr. sign off on this and include a 5 year history of weight. This was best guess since I have only been with this Dr. approx. 1 year. 7. Meet with the surgeon.