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  1. Hi! I'm going 1/20 for my pre screening appointment. I'm very excited to do this. I've been fighting this weight issue since I was 10. My BMI is right at 35 but I'm diabetic, fatty liver, high cholesterol, snoring/apnea so I'm covered by insurance but I've been told to make sure that my weight is still at least 240 by 1/20. I have not been eating well but am worried about the weighing in. Do they do it naked? I'm worried I won't be able to gain. When I try to lose I can't and I can't gain!

    Also, the biggest worry I have about this surgery (besides leaks) is unwanted attention after weight loss. I have issues with compliments and not sure how to mentally deal with that. I'm very happy with my marriage and that is not the issue.

    And is there anything else I need to think about?