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  1. i share but i just dont go out unless its a treat! how did we get here to begin with ?! we were being bad. we have to learn how to change our lifestyle. i still am that person that needs a little taste of everything and my husband just does not get it lol but so we can get 2 things to share and take home leftovers but he will usually bring for lunch to work.
  2. Do you still have these? I live in Long Island
  3. Hello! I am almost 5 months out. start of surgery i was almost 190, today i am 145, I may even be less I haven't weighed in over a week! i bought a size small dress! i think I'm like a size 6 in pants (i always had a big butt). and it took this long to finally hit my face so everyone is noticing NOW. i try and workout 3x a week but I have been busy the past 3 weeks with work and a summer class. But I do walk and bike ride on the days I can (no gym like weight training). But on average at the gym I do spin and weight train. I did hit the stall in the beginning but the MORE i ate the MORE i lost. I have NEVER EVER cheated. the only bad thing i did try was an ice with sugar in it and it made me sick. I am not used to all the sugar anymore and it makes my heart race. I have no never thrown up either. I am very careful BUT i do eat. I snack a lot which is bad I could most likely loose more and I don't drink enough Water. Its either water or food I have no found my happy medium. any questions please let me know! I bake a lot ! I still have a sweet tooth but i substitute health ingredients such as almond meal, oat flour, stevia, Protein powder, things like that to make my PROTEIN cupcakes and brownies and whatever else! i eat Quest bars also as Snacks. my downfall which is not a protein is fruit but hey live a little! any questions feel free to ask !!!
  4. I was given a liquid called carafate to coat my stomach 2x a day no drinking eating an hour before or after. Then Prilosec for 1 year. And I have not had any acid issues since surgery january 26th!
  5. Oh and last night ! I made some "ice cream" 1 scoop vanilla Quest 1/2 banana Frozen mango Frozen raspberries A drop of almond milk to get my blender going Added some enjoy life vegan mini chocolate chips and let set in the freezer! I was only able to have a few bites but the rest will last me a few days.
  6. I just bought the vanilla Quest Protein powder and it's amazing. I hate vanilla ! I wanted something to mix my fruits with. This is it. I've tried ever brand. 1 scoop quest vanilla Decaf coffee 6 oz Ice Torani sf vanilla cinnamon Tastes better than any frap! Quest bars. I have like 1/4 - 1/2 every night. I cut them into 8 pieces and bake them on 350 for 6-8 minutes. I like them crunchy like a cookie. And then I put some nuts n more brand pb on top. Amazing protein snack! I recently tried the b-up brand Protein Bars. They are more expensive than quest. I got sugar cookie and cinnamon bun. Amazing!!!!! It's a great snack to satisfy a sweet tooth which I do have. I had 1/4 of a bar mixed with key lime greek yogurt. Awesome!!!!!
  7. Hi! I will be 8 weeks out this Friday. I have no problems eating but I never exactly feel hungry. I make sure I have my meals and get enough protein a day. But I am not getting enough water. Max is usually like 2 bottles 16 oz each. Now what's more important. Getting my protein or water ?!! If indo feel hungry should I drink not eat? Breakfast is premeireprotein shake Lunch is either a yoghurt or a turkey and cheese roll up 1 oz each dinner is most likely seafood or chicken not much and I'll have a snack like 1/2 quest bar or 1/4 quest bar with a tbsp of nuts n more peanut butter.
  8. When is everyone allowed raw veggies??? I can't wait for a salad. My nut said 3 months. I'm getting bored with my food
  9. Well this is the thing I sometimes get hungry but idk if I should drink or eat. My nut said no raw veggies or anything of that sort til month 3 and NO carbs like breads and such til month 6. So the most carb thing I have tried was oatmeal but only because I made protein muffins with protein powder and called for a cup of that but oatmeal was on my list of okay foods in my soft stage. So i can go all day without eating but I make myself. Should i not be doing that?
  10. Well I have the pre made shakes just because it's easier in the morning on the go. And by water I mean any fluids. Water crystal lite g2. I try not to drink anything besides water because g2 even has a lot of sugar in it. And I find that if its not ice cold it makes me feel nauseous! I never felt that way before surgery. The only days I get more fluids is when I'm at the gym. Usually during spin I can finishing off a bottle (which usually takes me hours). It's so annoying
  11. My NUT said no raw veggies Til 3 months and no carbs breads and stuff til 5-6 months and no tomato sauce! I'm wondering at what point can I have protein bars and fruits? I use fruit in my shakes but haven't had raw yet. Everything I've eaten has been fine, never been sick yet. I haven't branched out much besides chicken, fish and eggs.
  12. Every morning I have a shake because it's easy and 30g - Premiere protein chocolate Lunch is usually a yogurt which is 12-15g of protein, they have Dannon Greek lite and fit which is 7g of sugar vs other flavored yogurts or Dannon Triple zero which has 15g of protein. You can add some nuts n more peanut butter which has 12-14g of protein per 2 tablespoons. I usually do 1 if I have it because I still can't finish a yogurt unless my shake and lunch are spaced out. For dinner is usually a food protein chicken or fish. I am only 4 weeks out and most days im at 60g or more. Just with a yogurt and shake alone is 45g so then I'm set for the day! A piece of babybel cheese has I think 6g of protein and the wedges has 3. So that's sometimes a easy snack. On days im not on the run I try for eggs hard boiled or scrambled with cheese for lunch and a yogurt as an after dinner snack. I can't get all my protein in without the shake hands down I can't eAt that much yet! ????
  13. Im 5 weeks out and had my post op appointment this week and I'm still not allowed much. I'm wonder what everyone else is eating too!! No raw foods til 3 months no carbs til 5-6 months. I'm actually going to call this week because I have some questions. Can I have nuts soon? Dried fruit ? Protein bars like quest ? I feel so bored of protein shakes !! Im basically eating shakes, yogurt and dinner a protein like chicken/fish or eggs but can only do about 1 ounce. Also I'm not allowed any type of tomato sauce ! ????
  14. ls27


    We were told bariatric advantage and that flints tones and gummy vitamins don't have the amount of vitamins we need. Basically a waste.
  15. ls27

    25, mom of 2 and sleeving soon

    I'm 25 from Long Island sleeved last Friday !
  16. ls27

    Low BMI

    My bmi was 35 and day of surgery 34. It took less than 2 months from the first day I went to the office. I'm pretty sure I was approved from day one otherwise they wouldn't have sent me on a wild goose chase. If your doctor is experienced they know the exact hoops to go through to get you in. Why would they want to loose a "customer"?! I was sleeved Friday after being postponed due to the "blizzard" from Monday the 26 to friday the 30th. I was 203 first visit. 210 second visit a month later. 195 the week of surgery. 190 day of surgery. Today I am going for my first post op visit ! We'll see how I'm doing. But other than that your bmi should be fine!!!
  17. ls27

    Empire bcbs?

    The first meeting with my surgeon they gave me a date. Does that mean i am approved? That was the beginning of december. I finished all my testing this week and going back Wednesday Jan 7 and am sccheduled for the 26th
  18. I'm in Long Island and mine was rescheduled from Monday to friday ! It wasn't even bad by me! I'm on the south shore by the beach. The wind kept moving the snow so it kept drifting.
  19. I was scheduled for Monday but doc had an emergency surgery and was bumped to tuesday now im thinkin the same thing!! I hope they don't cancel
  20. I'm My 3rd week pre op. I can have 3-5 optifast a day and 1-2 bars a day. Maybe try that so you don't feel hungry. They are called bariwise bars my doctors office gave them to me. I can have broth and jello. Sugar free of course. I got bored of broth plain chicken. So I got progreso soup and strained it. When I feel super hungry I have some hot soup and it helps settle that. Surgeries monday. I'm down 15 lbs from 3 weeks preop !
  21. ls27

    January 26, 2015

    I'm january 26th. On my pre pre op diet of 2 optifast shakes then a protein and veggies then 2 weeks optifast and liquids .
  22. I start my pre-pre-op diet today! shake for Breakfast and lunch and a bar and lean Protein / veggies for dinner. THE Optifast IS DISGUSTING! it has 20g of sugar and 14g of protein when PREMEIRE Protein shakes are 30g of protein and 1g of sugar and tastes way better. Does anyone know what in this shake "shrinks your liver" vs. the premier shakes? or is a crock of BS? For 3 dollars a shake it does not justify to me at all! =( I have to buy them at my doctors office which makes it super pricey. I can't find them online anywhere.
  23. ls27


    I have to go back Wednesday to get more. They're so disgusting im afraid if I tell them I won't buy them (mind you its 3 dollars a shake x 3 a day for 2 weeks) what if they cancel my surgery because I won't drink them?
  24. ls27

    How long did it take?

    I made my first appt the first week in December did all my testing and I'm set for jan 26. My insurance approved yesterday but I was given a date at my first visit. You should have your doctor do all the insurance work prior to your first visit