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    From the album: onmywaytobeingfound

  2. onmywaytobeingfound

    How about some NSVs!?!?

    I'm down to a 14 tall from lane Bryant and just got a vera Wang shirt size large!! Bra down to 38dd. I can't express how happy I am and I've still got around 40lbs to go. What an amazing journey this is! No regrets.
  3. onmywaytobeingfound


    I was advised to not do it in the hospital room. Other than that, what your comfortable with! Masturbation was just a few days after surgery. I think sex was 5 days. I was just careful. Have fun grabbing the ???? by the horns????
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    From the album: onmywaytobeingfound

  5. onmywaytobeingfound

    How bad is it to sleep on my stomach?

    I'm a tummy sleeper as well. 1st thing you should do is call and ask your surgeon or his nurse. With that said, my first night post op I laid on my side. I did that a few nights. I'm thinking it was a week out for me. Typically our bodies won't allow us to do something that hurts. One morning I remember waking up and I was on my tummy. From there I was fine. I didn't ask, I just went with what my body did naturally. Good luck with your journey☺
  6. onmywaytobeingfound

    Traveling...need food suggestions

    I love the p3. They're also available at most gas stations! That with cheese sticks, or mini babybel.
  7. onmywaytobeingfound


    My surgeon said to take pictures to document rashes. Just an idea.
  8. onmywaytobeingfound

    Whole Wheat Bread

    I will occasionally use this flat out bread that has flax seed in it. I get mine at ALDI. I only eat half of one though at a time and usually only one a day. Bread I have now is healthy life soft style 100% whole grain. 1 slice has 1fat, 12.5 carb, 1.5 dietary fiber and 3 Protein. But again 1 slice, once a day. Not every day. I deduct dietary fiber from carbs.
  9. onmywaytobeingfound

    Is / was your nutritionist all that helpful?

    Mine were great. One was extremely knowledgeable and was able to look at my food intake and kick my but into the right direction. However though... It wasn't until I was a member on here that I started reading about carb intake after surgery. Before surgery my nut encouraged eating couscous and sweet potatoes. Mashed potatoes after surgery as long as we get in our protein. Long story short I had to ask my surgeon about carb intake as it was never discussed in 3 nut counseling sessions. It's rather frustrating. I still have yet to have couscous post op! That craps good????????????????
  10. onmywaytobeingfound

    funny, but serious, female question...lol

    I started out at 48H I'm down to 40DD now and I love it. They're proportionate to my body and it's easier on my back.
  11. onmywaytobeingfound


    My new passion is hiking! 2 weekends in a row now. I have always loved walks in the park and being outside with nature. Now I'm doing some jogging while hiking and the elliptical is paying off because I'll take off going up hills. I climb on paths that a year ago I never would have. I go off trail like I never would have. My energy this weekend was zapped though. I go for another iron transfusion this week and am hoping that will do the trick. I still managed 4 hours of hiking, burning 2400 calories!
  12. onmywaytobeingfound

    Question about goal weight?

    I'm 5' 9" as well but my goal is 170. I'm starting to shrink height wise so if I can get lower I will! I'm down to 228 from 359. 335 was DOS. I lost my 100 right at 6mo. My Dr thinks my goal is doable. I really hope he's right!
  13. onmywaytobeingfound

    Does anyone totally regret this surgery? why?

    I suggest you read through this link if you haven't yet. There's a lot of honest answers on here relating to your topic. http://BariatricPal.com/index.php?/topic/342885-Any-Regrets?
  14. onmywaytobeingfound

    Where are you From ?

    Reynoldsburg, Ohio
  15. onmywaytobeingfound

    Did your style change

    Oh yes! My new style is tight clothes. I show off my curves now instead of hiding my fat rolls! Exercise pants are my favorite????
  16. onmywaytobeingfound

    How about some NSVs!?!?

    4 milish hike with the family today and I was in the lead for the first time ever and I was jogging some of it!
  17. onmywaytobeingfound


    I love wearing dresses now
  18. onmywaytobeingfound


    Able to ride on the motorcycle with my dad again!
  19. onmywaytobeingfound

    How many pounds are you suppose to lose?

    Your welcome. I know it's hard. It truly is. I've been in a bit of a funk lately. I'm trying to come out of it now. So I've been dealing with head hunger! As far as Vitamins I take a children's chewable complete. And I take Calcium chew tablets I ordered from the unjury website. I also do b12. I get my 6mo blood work done today so I'm hoping all my levels are OK. I just switched to a b12 liquid. Guess we'll see. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Take care and keep up the good work☺
  20. onmywaytobeingfound

    How many pounds are you suppose to lose?

    50, to goal is amazing! I'm losing hair as well. I just keep focusing on protein. The more the better and take your vitamins. There's a lot on here about hair loss and things people do to try and help. You might search for that.
  21. onmywaytobeingfound

    I want to eat

    I felt the same way after surgery. It got really bad around a week and a half out. Finally I took a bite of pork chop, chewed it up and sucked out all the flavor then spit out the meat. Hehe, gotta do what ya gotta do!

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