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  1. I am a very open person, but when I decided to have wls, I decided I was only telling my husband, my very closest friends, and one of my siblings. I am scheduled to be sleeved in April and have started telling people that I'll be out for a few weeks. I haven't told anyone at work what I'm actually having done, but I never intended to lie about it. I mentioned having gallstones to one coworker (true) and it started going around that I'm having my gallbladder removed (not true, but I went with it.) I had to have a bunch of additional tests, and I was discovered to have gastritis and GERD. I've had coworkers ask me point blank what I'm having done (not supervisors) and I've started straight up lying. It should be so easy to say I'd prefer not to talk about it, but I've started saying I'm having an ulcer repaired and my gallbladder removed. I feel guilty for lying... but I'm in too deep to come clean now, right? I have been joking that the doctors are "taking care of all kinds of stuff while they're in there" which is technically true, I guess, and leaves the door open for me to tell the truth down the line. My guilt over lying doesn't change the fact that I don't want to discuss this at work. I don't know. I guess I just want feedback from people who understand. Do I come clean now? Or stop beating myself up about the lies? Is it messed up that I know my coworkers will send flowers, and a good part of the guilt comes from the fact that gallbladder removal feels like an appropriate occasion for flowers, while wls does not? Additionally I welcome anyone else to share embarrassing wls confessions. If nothing else, misery loves company! :)
  2. gofigure

    Belly sleepers

    I ended up sleeping on my side while I was in the hospital, holding a pillow against my stomach. My first night at home, I was back on my stomach, and I've been that way since. For me, once I got into position I was perfectly fine---so it hurt for a second while I got adjusted, and then it was okay. If you flip in your sleep, you may not even really notice it!
  3. My first attempt at an upload, so let's see what happens. First set was in October, before pre-op diet and at around 229 lbs. Surgery was April 2. Second set was just now at around 169 lbs. I'm 5'2". I still have at least 40 lbs left to lose, but it is nice to see the progress. Also nice to see my neck and collarbones again.
  4. Hi all, I listed a big lot of clothes that no longer fit me on eBay: http://m.ebay.com/itm/231591722978?nav=SEARCH And will be posting a number of additional lots in the coming days. The above listing is mostly business casual stuff. I'll also have a smaller lot of casual clothes (skirts, dresses, etc), a small lot of more professional pieces (suits) and a few listings for individual pieces. Feel free to get in touch if you're interested or have any questions! Normally I would donate this stuff or offer it up for free, but I just left my job earlier this month and will take whatever I can scrounge up to help afford some replacement pieces.
  5. gofigure

    11 months post op - WOW!

    You look amazing!! I'm also 5'2" and also weighed in at 196 on surgery day--this is so inspiring!! Any tips?
  6. gofigure

    Jealous Spouse

    Wow. I'm sorry you're going through this. I don't really have any suggestions, other than to say that you don't deserve to be treated that way. Your husband sounds like an asshole. Based on your description, you're not financially dependent on the guy and don't have kids of your own with him. You should treat yourself to a nice, relaxing vacation with the time off you have left. Maybe spending time alone will make him realize that you're not his mother/housekeeper and he doesn't get to act like a jerk because he's miserable. Sorry if I'm being overly harsh. As a woman who is the primary earner in my household, with a fantastic and incredibly supportive husband, I just have no patience for man children who take their insecurities out on the women who love them. In any case, I wish you the best.
  7. gofigure

    Any April Sleevers?

    Sleeved 4/2 and returned to work yesterday. I'm having a terrible time planning for meals and getting my water in. I've basically reverted back to full liquids. Really hoping I hit my stride and get this figured out. Physically, though, I feel pretty good! A tiny bit of soreness in my midsection and nausea if I take my meds with the wrong foods, but I think I'm getting the hang of that part.
  8. I am fortunate to have a job with a generous short term disability plan. I am at the end of week 2, and have 1 more week off before I go back. Like others, I physically could have gone back after 1 week. But I'm using the extra time to really rest up, adjust to the new eating/vitamin regiments, and walk ad much as possible. I am simultaneously dreading and looking forward to going back to real life on the 27th.
  9. I second most of what Jamie listed. I was given the same choice and my doctor said the same thing, he'd recommend me for either. At my age (29), he said I should do fine with either one. I went with the sleeve because it seems slightly less extreme as a first step, and the sleeve can be revised into a bypass down the line if necessary. I'm 2 weeks post op today and feeling pretty great. Good luck to you either way!
  10. gofigure

    I can't even imagine

    I really relate to this. It's also why I am 100% clueless in setting a goal weight. The smallest I have ever been as an adult was during a bout with Atkins when I was in college--and even then, I was still 45+ lbs over a healthy BMI. I'm only 5'2", but I don't know what 150 lbs looks like, or 140, 130, 120, 110... I have no idea what I'm shooting for... I just hope I know it when I see it. Best of luck to you.
  11. I bought a bunch of $4 off premier protein coupons online for a couple dollars and have been buying stores' whole stocks when they are also on sale. Gets them down to well under a dollar per shake, sometimes less. I'm not a big couponer (no patience), bit this was super easy and it took the stress out of trying to switch to a cheaper protein.
  12. I was sleeved 4/2 and am on clears until my followup with the surgeon on Friday. I've had no trouble with getting 50+ oz of fluids in since I came home, which I attribute 90% to dumb luck and 10% to mixing it up throughout the day. I can't do plain Water early in the day, so I do diluted apple juice or crystal light. I've been having a small cup of tea in the afternoons, and some broth in the evening. Keep at it. I'm sure you'll get there! Also, I'm currently jealous of your Protein shakes... Who would have thought?
  13. gofigure

    What should I pack?

    I had my surgery last Thursday and I was completely over packed. But it made me feel better to know that I had everything, even if I didn't use it. The only things I used were my own pillow, my stuffed animal (helped when I needed to cough), and my Burt's bees lip balm. The hospital provided all kinds of toiletries (which I was mostly too drugged up to care about). The only thing I could have possibly needed was a longer charger cord for my phone--but I ended up having an outlet right by my head which was perfect.
  14. gofigure

    Help liquid diet

    Take a deep breath. Warm broth/tea is your friend. Drink about 3x as much Water as you feel like you need. You can do this!! Tomorrow will be easier, and the next day easier than that. Trust me. Signed, Day 13/14 on liquids, and was totally there 10 days ago.
  15. gofigure

    Any April Sleevers?

    I'm on day 13 of 14 of liquids (surgery Thursday) and as of this morning I'm down 8.5 lbs. I'm a relative lightweight, though... I've seen some people say they've lost 15+ on the 2 week liquid diet. Good luck!
  16. I'm on day 9 of 15 for my liquid diet, and I had a few real meals when I was visiting family that I planned on and discussed with my nutritionist beforehand. I ate high protein, low carb and lost a few pounds while I was back home, which never happens. Other than those planned divergences, I'd say I'm following my plan about 85-90%. Maybe I'm just justifying my behavior, but I think in terms of "cheating" I haven't been that bad. For example: My plan allows for sugar free, fat free yogurt. I found said the artificial sweeteners really made me feel more hungry, so instead I have been having regular Greek yogurt. The difference of ~40 calories a day is worth it to me. I've also been getting chicken soup broth from delis instead of having the plain canned broth, which tastes bad to me. I have been finding an occasional piece of chicken or small vegetables in the broth, and I've been eating them. I don't eat any stray noodles. I gave up soda during my 3 month supervised diet, but I've been drinking some diet, caffeine free soda the past few days. It makes me feel full and the carbonation helps keep my stomach from growling at night. Finally, my plan calls for 3-4 shakes per day. Once or twice I've only had 2. Once I hit my post-op protein goal of 75 grams, I don't stress the third shake too much. So there you have it. My pre-op liquid diet confessional. Now that I'm just a week away from surgery (eeeeeee!) I'll run a tighter ship, but I'm (obviously) not beating myself up about the cheats.
  17. gofigure

    Any April Sleevers?

    My pre-op testing is today as well, surgery date April 2 in Philadelphia. Probably more nervous about the testing today than I am about surgery next week. I'll be bummed if they find something and I have to start the liquid diet all over.
  18. I started in October, so the holidays just messed up my scheduling. I think if I were starting now, I'd be able to get it done in 3 months. Good luck!!
  19. I'm literally laughing out loud. Thanks, everyone.
  20. My required period was 3 months, but it took me 4 to get through all my requirements. I lost about 25 lbs (230 down to 205ish).
  21. I understand why you're feeling torn, but don't let one person's opinion turn you away from something you are doing for yourself. He says you're too young and not heavy enough? I imagine there are hundreds of people on here who would say "If only I'd done this when I was still young, before I gained so much more..." This is a decision you have to make for yourself. If support is what you need, you'll find it here. I wish you the best.
  22. I can't get my Unjury to blend for the life of me!! Spoon, magic bullet, shaker bottle, warm Water, cold water, room temp--it stays clumpy no matter what! I do. Same thing with Syntrax! (I've only tried fruity ones so far.) I think I'm Protein cursed. I really had high hopes for those, but unless I'm doing it wrong, I can't recommend either brand. I like premier and for pre-op, I'm using GNC lean shakes.
  23. gofigure

    Affordable Bra while I'm loosing?

    Check Kohl's! If you don't care what they look like, you can probably find some decent bras on clearance. Last time I went bra shopping there, I found some nice Olga and Lillyette minimizer bras for $10-12/each. They're not the cutest bras I've had, but for the price...
  24. gofigure

    Best decision ever

    That's really fantastic! Congratulations! Speaking of walks in parks... Have you been exercising at all?
  25. I'm in a similar boat!! Surgery scheduled for April 2, 30th birthday October 20. I cannot wait to leave obese me in the past and start the new decade with a new, healthier body!