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  2. I'm going through all my appts now too. Looking at surgery to be in August. It's exciting and scary all at the same time. I'm having the loop ds.
  3. jeniker3

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    347. Yay water is gone
  4. jeniker3

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    Sry day late. 352. I went up, retaining water. Grr
  5. jeniker3

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    340 Same no weightloss
  6. jeniker3

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    340 starting weight. I missed Monday too. Hope to loose 10lbs.
  7. jeniker3

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    I'll have my exact weight tonight, forgot to weigh this am.
  8. jeniker3

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    I'm joining just to have motivation before my surgey.
  9. jeniker3

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    I'm in need to lose 15 lbs before surgery. Not sure what my current weight is I'll check in with it later.
  10. And I am really thinking about have a weightloss surgery. I have an appointment with Dr on January 7th to discuss. My question is if anyone else here has had the surgery and which one with a diagnosis of PCOS? Also how much weight have you lost and do you feel it was a slower weightloss due to having PCOS? Love seeing pics also...
  11. Mine in July sometime also. I'm doing 6 month preop.
  12. Just now starting mine. I go to my first Nutritionist visit tomorrow. 6 month supervised diet. Surgery not expected until July or August. Ugh long wait but I'm using this time to adjust my eating habits and hopefully tighten or tone my skin prior. This way maybe not have to much loose skin afterwards and be more prepared for the drastic change. I've seen girls go in and have sugery fairly quick and their results were not good. One girl lost weight and didn't commit to the change and gained it all back. I am going to follow step by step and hoping my willpower is strong to stick with it.
  13. jeniker3

    Excercise Machine

    Thank you both for your response I'm going to check out machines tomorrow.
  14. I'm wanting to purchase some kind of excercise machine that would help with toning of the arms and thighs. I know these are probably going to be my problem areas. I keep leaning towards getting the elliptical. Any suggestions or ideas?
  15. I've been recently told I would have to do a 6 month supervised diet prior to insurance approving the surgery. Please list a good diet plan to follow, or what has worked for you so far. Thank you
  16. I'm not going to miss all the things mention in prior post but there might be afew things I will miss. Being warm all the time in the winter not having to wear coat. Once weight is gone here come extra blankets and coats. Lol small price to pay but we'll worth it. I may miss cokes. I haven't had a coke all week and yeah I miss it a bit. I'm sure it will get easier. I have a 6 month supervised diet and have to lose 20 lbs so 1 month at a time I'm giving up some bad habits. Lost 4 lbs in a week just giving up cokes.
  17. jeniker3

    need advice in regards to vitamins

    Probiotics is found in alot of Greek yogurts
  18. jeniker3

    6 Month Supervised Diet

    I see. I'll ask my surgeon if he has something like that. My first appointment is January 7th. That would be easier for me.
  19. jeniker3

    6 Month Supervised Diet

    Ok that sounds good.

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