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    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    It's been 11 months 8 days.
  2. Countrygrrl

    Jamie Murphy

  3. Countrygrrl


    From the album: Jamie Murphy

  4. Countrygrrl

    Back to fighting weight

    Me and this journey
  5. Countrygrrl


    From the album: Jamie Murphy

  6. Countrygrrl

    Looking for a buddy In northern cali

    I'm Just past Elk Grove
  7. Countrygrrl


    I was so scared before surgery. This was the best thing I've ever done. Period. I came out of surgery and was in minimal pain. The nurse had to tell me To slow down. I walked 5 miles the next day! Did I mention I'm freaking happy
  8. None anymore. In the beginning carbs were hard. Now if I want a bite of something I do. What's funny to me is what I can't stand now. I can't cook pasta for People the smell makes me sick.
  9. Countrygrrl


    Lol some months I would loose 2 pounds. Then I would ignore the scale for a while reminding myself stalls are normal. Then I would drop 5 pounds in a week
  10. I have the same problem. I find it so difficult that I'm so hard on myself. So I now do this thing where I tell myself it's not how I look it's how I feel. And I feel wonderful. I have all this energy and drive.
  11. Countrygrrl

    Depression, Anxiety and Anger

    ???? I 100% agree with weight loss comes this bat shit crazy feelings my coping mechanism was gone. I couldn't stuff my feelings then I was getting attention I didn't understand and it made me bitter at first. Now I'm happy and feeling free of the crazys
  12. Countrygrrl

    Before and After Pics

    360+ lbs in 2010 314 DOS 234 lbs today It's been 7 months and I now have faith that I will see ONEderland
  13. Rhabdomyolysis Is what they said I have in ER. Along with a 4mm kidney stone. Apparently 3 hrs of extreme workout followed by yard work in 95 degree weather can damage your kidneys and your body can instantly create kidney stones this picture isn't coffee btw
  14. Countrygrrl


    Kidney panels are better I haven't worked out yet and I'm a little freaked out about it. My pain levels are low now and I just want to be at full speed. But I go in now just twice a week for kidney panels.
  15. Countrygrrl

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    ha I'm not the only one doing dressing room pics! You look great!
  16. Countrygrrl

    Out patient or not

    I was outpatient. I was up and moving. By the next day I accidentally walked 5 miles
  17. Lol! You too! Your photos are crazy good!
  18. Lol!! Yes other than surgery. I'm watching this thread . Also six months out photo
  19. went shopping today and was told I could shop in the non plus section????
  20. Countrygrrl

    Before and After Pics

    Big mama!! You look great!!
  21. Countrygrrl

    Coconut Water ?

    I use it now. Just make sure it's not the sweetened kind
  22. I stay on the elliptical longer than any of the skinny young things ???? I'm sweating and huffing and puffing but if it's a race I win. ( oh and in my head it is a race)
  23. Try PB2 instead it's a powder and taste great!
  24. Countrygrrl

    Before and After Pics

    ignore the dirty mirror I took a full body shot. In a friends mirror.

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