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  1. LisaPunkinHead

    Easter... What the heck am I gonna do!?

    I had Easter right after my surgery. I ate at home and went and enjoyed my time with my family, concentrated on the conversation rather than the food. Everybody was fine and supportive and glad I was there. Wasn't an issue at all.
  2. LisaPunkinHead

    When are you able to start running?

    My surgeon said wait 6 weeks before strenuous exercise (like weight lifting and running). I was the same way -- walking and walking and walking and when that 6 week point got here, boom, out for a run I went!!! Running when skinny is much more fun.
  3. LisaPunkinHead

    Can anyone please help me?

    Could be a stricture. Could be taking too big of bites when you eat. I had an esophageal spasm a week ago and it was similar to what you described but without fever. I agree with other posters, see a Western doctor familiar with bariatric surgery.
  4. LisaPunkinHead

    I am really craving a salad

    I missed my veggies too. But understand -- you will never be able to have a meal-size salad. There's just no room for it!! I have about 1/2 cup of vegetables, only after I eat my Protein. I do crave those big gigantic fat-filled, totally unhealthy restaurant salads that I used to think were good for me. But the half cup of salad satisfies that!! I also have found that I need to chop the veggies for salad really small -- like a dice. That way I can get a few different flavors in the small bites that I take. At 10 weeks, I was still challenged with getting in protein, so I would have maybe a bite of broccoli or something.
  5. LisaPunkinHead

    Calorie intake

    That's interesting -- I noticed a stall when I started eating Quest bars too. I can have maybe one a week.
  6. LisaPunkinHead

    Weight loss 12 - 18 months after? Reasoning?

    But also remember in terms of percentage of body weight, you might be losing at the same rate -- but since you have less weight, there are fewer pounds in that percentage.
  7. LisaPunkinHead

    Alcoholism & WLS

    I am an alcoholic -- I have been sober for 15 years. I can see the transfer addiction issue because while I was doing the pre-op classes, I saw a clear connection between changing my life after weight loss surgery and the change I went through when I got sober. The stress management techniques and some of the other things they taught at pre-op class were very similar to the techniques I learned from my AA sponsor.
  8. LisaPunkinHead

    It's all so surreal...

    What's REALLY going to be surreal is when you try on a size 12 and they are too big!!! That's when I first said "this is so surreal." Good luck! You will do great!
  9. LisaPunkinHead

    Dizziness upon standing

    I have it too and have since surgery. My blood pressure runs naturally low, so now that I'm almost at goal I run 93/60. I just have to make sure I stand up very slowly!!
  10. I know a person who had the sleeve a few years ago and has gained almost all of their weight back. This person did not stick to the plan and I believe consumes a lot of calories from alcohol.
  11. The people at the hospital would be appreciative if you put it in your history and even brought supplies, although they will have supplies there. And if you feel embarrassed, remember that these are professionals who have seen everything. Things don't really surprise them. But I do think it is important to let them know so that if you do have an episode, they won't think it's a complication of your surgery.
  12. LisaPunkinHead

    The Plateau From Hell

    I was stalled for 6 weeks. I concentrated on getting my Protein and fluids in and did a couple of higher-intensity workouts. It finally broke!
  13. LisaPunkinHead


    I haven't tried heels yet, but they are definitely on the list!!!
  14. My father who died 2 years ago, and my mother-in-law who was one of my biggest supporters in life. She passed away from cancer 5 years ago.
  15. Gotta left the arm way up over and behind your head like a yoga master to get to the pit and shave it. The bony butt, the bony hips. And this morning I saw two weird growths between my neck and shoulders. What the heck are those things? OMG, they're clavicles!!!
  16. LisaPunkinHead

    face lift - "funny" realizations!

    I want to see pictures too!!! Pretty please!!!
  17. LisaPunkinHead


    How is your Fluid intake? It could be a sign of dehydration.
  18. LisaPunkinHead

    Nobody said anything

    @@LadyK44, a man at my church actually commented to my husband rather than to me because he didn't want it to look like he was doing/saying anything inappropriate!! Funny -- although I appreciate his sensitivity.
  19. LisaPunkinHead

    Nobody said anything

    I didn't get the "holy cow" comments until I hit about the 70 pound mark. Other people who know I had the surgery commented at about 50 lbs.
  20. LisaPunkinHead

    Feet sizes?

    I went down a full size and from a "wide" to a "medium" width.
  21. LisaPunkinHead

    16 days post op, new pain

    I had that pain about 2 weeks post-op too. Combination of sutures and gravity. You are losing weight, and even a millimeter or two off that area will cause your muscles, etc., to move around a bit and stretch that suture. I had to use my pain meds for a few days, took it easy over a weekend, and the following Monday I was back to normal -- apparently the suture had dissolved. Mine started on Tuesday, about 18 days postop, and resolved the following Sunday/Monday.
  22. LisaPunkinHead


    It's not hunger. It's stomach acid.
  23. LisaPunkinHead

    Shellfish Anyone

    At three weeks, shrimp was a little iffy for me. But I had it for dinner just tonight! Along with some delicious ahi tuna poke that my husband picked up at the store. I would start with a small amount of shrimp -- maybe bay shrimp or something that is already cooked, and is generally soft. Larger shrimp can get a little rubbery when cooked. But I haven't had any trouble with shellfish.
  24. LisaPunkinHead

    Gummi Vitamins

    No Gummi's -- can cause a clog in your anastamosis.
  25. LisaPunkinHead

    Whats for dinner?

    Hawaiian style cauliflower fried rice.