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  1. shedo82773

    Methadone and Gastric Bypass

    MAN O MIGHTY!!! I speak from experience, if at all possible PLEASE get rid of that METHADONE!! I don't know why you take it but it is straight poison to us!! I took it for my arthritis and fibromyalgia 2 times a day. I lost so much while I took them. I have permanent Cognative problems. I wasn't addicted to them, mentally but oh my I was so physicially addicted. When I tried to get off of them myself, I had sheet burns on my knees and elbows from moving them all night. I was going to a DR. for steroid shots in my spine. When I told him what I had done, he told me no way was I supposed to just quit them. I went home and started taking them again. I had an overdose that happened when I was totally out of it and my hubby gave me to many pills. I remember thinking to myself that it was to soon but he insisted that I take them. Low and behold I ended up being rushed to the hospital in a emergency. I had stopped breathing couldn't walk and having anxitiy over the top!! Needless to say they treated me like I was a drug using, searching for drugs!! When I moved back to my home state my DR told me that I was on toxic amounts of methadone and finally got me off of them and I started using FENTYAL Patches. What a life difference!! That methadone was so bad. I walked around like a zombie and would pass out while talking it even made me drool. Thank goodness I am so much better off with the patches. I hope you can find help and get something else!! Good Luck!!
  2. shedo82773

    Expected weight loss rate?

    The old saying here quoted from JUNGLE BOOK "TRUST IN ME"!! CHANGE it around AND REPEAT, REPEAT, AND REPEAT AGAIN!! TRUST YOUR PLAN!! It works
  3. shedo82773

    One more Major 2019 Resolution!

    I HATE SCALES!!! All those years that I felt so humiliated getting on the darn things. Weight Watchers, TOPS NUTRSYSTEM more than 2 or more times. Dr. Appointments. I HATE SCALES did I say that before? LOL But after my RNY it was exciting to weigh 1 time a week. Always on Monday morning. I found out that I can refuse to weigh when I go to the DR, so guess what it has kept me off the scales for 9 months at least. Until the last appointment, she asked me to weigh!! NOPE I told her I would next appointment. I know I am still maintaining between 125 & 130. I JUST HAVE PANIC ATTACKS ABOUT THOSE DARN SCALES!! I'm sorry I got off the wall about them!! I would just say weigh 1 time a week and at ur DR's
  4. shedo82773

    Learning to Trust the Process

    It is defintly a IT IS WHAT IT IS process. I know everyone of us get nervous about it all. We are just tuned that way. After diet after diet and losing the same weight over and over it is a hard obstacle to overcome!!! Trusting the process is hard for sure!! BTW I have decided to confront my DR about what she did the last time I seen her. I only go to her mostly for my pain management. I use FENTYOL Patches and she maid me take a UA every month at first, then it was every time I seen her, up until the last 6 months and she didn't even have me do one. She maid me feel like I am a DRUG SEEKER!! Even if I have to start using Medical Marijuna (which is totally legal here in Oregon) and be taken off my patches I am willing to find another DR. I don't trust her now. If she gabs at work about her PT who else is she talking to. One of the biggest draw backs of using Marijuna is it makes me HUNGRY!!! I actually feel like I can eat the paper of the wall. I can't smoke it because I'm afraid it will make me start smoking again. Oh such sorry. LOL TRUST yourself to do what is best for you!! We are all WINNERS in this game.
  5. shedo82773

    Learning to Trust the Process

    Hi, you said it right, We do flash right back to our OLD DIET thinking. I doubted it so bad I also was afraid to up my calories. I developed a ADVERSION to food after my RNY. First I tried getting help with a Pysychologist about it all. She had no idea. She had never worked with WLS Peeps. Finally, I talked to my Surgeon about it. He suggested I go to the Nutritionist. Now you would think because she was involved with the process of getting to the surgery, that she would know her stuff. Anyway, she weighed me first (I had lost below the weight my DR wanted me to be) I weighed 117#'s. Mind you I was getting scared due to strictures AND I was vomiting almost with everything I ate. Do you know what she told me to do? Eat every 1/2 hour that I was awake!! Niow you are talking to someone that is SCARED to death to up my calories!! I just knew I would gain my weight back!! Another thing I still struggle with is stepping on the scales!! I started going to a new PCP, because my regular DR retired Dang it!! I have been going to her for 9 months and I do HATE to admit this I have refused to weigh since the one time when I started seeing her. I know I am OK because I go by clothes. She cornered me at my last appointment. I did say I would weigh at my next appointment. But here is the corker, she thought I had left and I heard her talking about me with her personnel at me!! I am a little P***ed, what is patient confidentially!! She must have seen me because she stopped in mid sentence. I don't know maybe I am just being thin skinned. I don't know. What do you all think?
  6. shedo82773

    Bariatric doctor

    I was 249#'s when I started. But I did have my bases covered with diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis. Sounds like you are on your way!! 4 months will fly by for you. BTW I am 5'4 also. I lost 124#'s. Good luck and stay the course. CONGRADS!!!
  7. shedo82773

    4 weeks Post Op and gain

    Hang tight. I know how hard it is to be doing everything you were told. S*** Happens!! Just stay on your program it will come off. I just looked at your stats, Our starting weight is almost the same. I had my RNY 5 years ago. My beginning weight was 249#'s I am 5ft 4 inches. I lost 124#'s. I reached my goal weight in 6 months but...I had problems with Strictures ( kind of like scar tissue) I had 5 Endoscopes with 4 dialations. I believe that is why I lost my weight so fast. CONGRADULATIONS!!! You are doing great. Remember everyone loses their weight differently. Stay the course and it will happen for you.
  8. shedo82773

    Surgery and Divorce - Advice!?

    So very sorry : ( I don't have anything to add but...stay busy, hang out with your friends and family. Hold them close.
  9. Just a hint...I am 5 years out from my RNY, to this day I have what I call "My Food Rituals" with that being said Let me explain...I had BIG Problems with STRICTURES. I had 5 Endoscopes starting in Nov 2013. Every couple months I had to have another one done. Finally, I went to a different Bariatric Center. Jan 2015 was my last stricture. If your mom keeps having this problem you might want to ask her Surgeon about getting it check out. Not wanting to add more stress on you both. You must be your own best friend!!
  10. shedo82773

    Smells postop

    I am 5 years out, my sense of smell and my sense of taste is still in overdrive!! I get a certain smell when I (hold on I know this is gross) blow my nose!! It is so strong I even taste it. I loved onions and garlic before my RNY. I tell you what until just recently they both made me sick to my tummy!! My poor hubby, he was so sad. He was a CHEF in the Navy, and he knows what it takes to season. Thank goodness its so much better for those 2 things, I can do them unless the garlic is strong. I still would never state that I want the senses to stop!! To my way of thinking it just helps me out.
  11. shedo82773

    Worried about Mental Health

    HannahRB, I have had a few bouts with depression before my RNY, I should say I wasn't on any medications. I was always able to get over the few times I became depressed it was easy to pull myself back up and continue. Since my WLS, I started having anxiety bad. Like would have to leave the store or try to run to get stuff leaving my hubby to do his own stuff. I couldn't handle people standing in my way and I would think I HAVE to get this stuff done. I have a hard time getting out and going anywhere. So, I bite the bullet and talked to my PCP. She started me on a small dose of Paxil and guess what it was just enough to help me out of my worries. I still struggle some what but it has helped me out big time!! So, I guess what I am saying is just beware of your feelings and don't be afraid to ask for help. We go thru many changes afterwards, and we all know this can become serious very fast. But...it can be handled with ease. Good Luck
  12. shedo82773

    Finally scheduled for my Gastric sleeve

    Your message sounds like my hubby all over. He had the Lap Band for 13 years. It finally got to where he couldn't even hold down water. Went to a new Dr, and he went to have his Band removed and have a revision to the RNY, when they got in there his Band had eroded into his liver. He had to much scar tissue so he closed him up and told us he could have the revision in 3 months. Well...that didn't work at all. He developed 5 different stains of infections. And was deathly sick for 9 months. After he got well the Surgeon that did my RNY and his attempted revision told him they wouldn't do his surgery at all. So in 2016 he decided he would go to Mexico. He wanted the RNY, but ended up having a Sleeve. He has not lost much weight, but a total of 200#'s overall. He says the Sleeve just isn't restrictive as the RNY but..he actually doesn't do it consistently. He will do great for awhile but then he falls off his wagon again. I swear he loses 5#'s over night if he tries. Good Luck on your upcoming surgery. You definitely have been thru it all!! It will be here before you know it!!
  13. shedo82773

    Post Op Medical Care

    I know that my regular Dr. orders my blood work I have a list from my surgeon so she just adds the extra blood work that is required from my Bariatric Surgeon. Then they fax them the results. I'm far enough out that I only need mine done once a year now. As far as a counselor, I would try to find a Bariatric Nutritionist. I tried someone here locally and she had no idea about WLS. Check with you Primary Care Dr. for referral. I'm not sure about your options where you live. Good Luck My hubby had WSLS in Mexico. Luckily, he didn't have problems.
  14. shedo82773

    Yonanas.....it's a wonderful thing!

    I need to get mine out of our shed!! It is brand new and never have I tried it out. Your ice cream looks yummy. NOTE to self, its time to YOBANANA!!
  15. I miss my juicy T-Bone steak!! I have tried many times but I just can not eat it. I guess I will live without my BEEF. I can eat hamb when it is made in a casserole. I can no longer eat Pork either. I eat beans any way I can get them. It is a great thing that I love beans. LOL
  16. shedo82773


    WOW!! You look awesome!!
  17. shedo82773

    Bowels after surgery

    My heart goes out to you!! My husband has had major problems with fissures and hemmies also. He has had them removed at Dr.'s office. The stuff they removed stunk like something was dead!! His one time was the size of a softball!! Lo and behold the same thing happened to my daughter. Now I'm not sure if these tend to run in the family but it is one of the worst things to have. Now, before my RNY, I had the back door trots everyday and went poo after every meal and then in between too. Now I have constipation, and have to use MIRALAX, I used it once and awhile but sometimes it takes me 4 doses to get to go. It is really miserable for sure. For myself I would much prefer the Constipation. But...that is just me. I guess others would rather go the other way. You might try MIRALAX because it isn't a laxative at all. Just uses the fluids from your body. Again, I know how bad it can get and I hope all goes well for you.
  18. shedo82773

    Long term matabolism

    I am 5 years out and I don't get hunger at all. I hope and pray this never changes for me. Not that I don't fight with my mind all the time. The mind hunger is the worst to live with. Good Luck and I hoope everything works out for you too.
  19. shedo82773

    OMG I ate too much

    It is horrible!! I found that I had to eat PAPAYA ENZYMES. And lie on my left side. It helps so much. It happens but you will find your way for sure. The PAPAYA ENZYMES are from Walmart and cost less than $5.00. Saving my bacon many times.
  20. shedo82773

    Gas pains

    I use PAPAYA ENZYMES. I have used it since my RNY . July 2, 2013. It has and still is my saving grace. I still have gas a lot, also if I happen to take one bite to much it helps it go down that and lying on my left side. Before you take them please check with your Dr. They are natural and you can get them at Walmart for less than $5.00. It will get better. For sure. I am Lactose intolerant as I said they are the best!! Good Luck
  21. shedo82773

    6 week post-op update

    You look AMAZING!!! You are doing a bang up job of losing!! Congrats and Keep On Keeping on!!
  22. shedo82773

    How important is Exercise?

    I started walking in the hospital. Slowly but surely I built it up to 3 to 4 miles 6 days a week. I did this for 4 and 1/2 years. The last 6 months I have fell back to old habits before my surgery. I defintly feel the difference!! I have health issues with Fibromylgia, and arthritis and I hurt way worse now. I feel like I have undone all that I worked for. I haven' t gained anything but 4 or 5 pounds. BUT...I have to get er done. I was so obsessed with it that I almost had a melt down when I had to miss my exercise. TOTALLY unhealthy there Sherrie. Just start now and learn as you go. Exercise was important to my weight loss. I lost 132#'s in 6 months, so I owe much to my addiction to walking. LOL '
  23. shedo82773

    Food in Food out

    I had totally the same my whole life. Eat and go to the bathroom!! Like 6 weeks of it after my RNY. Lactose in my Protein drinks caused it also. Now for once in my life I am always having a problem with constipation, like *I go every 2 to 3 days now. By any chance have you had your gallbladder removed? Our family has had ours removed and they always have to run to the bathroom right after eating. Son it a sure thing that gallbladder removal will cause the back door trots.
  24. shedo82773

    Preop diet

    I am 5 years out from my RNY. My preop diet was protein drinks for 2 weeks , and then my postop was 4 weeks of protein drinks!! At the end of my postop my DR told me I was Lactose intolerant. Due to having severe back door trots. Well thanks a lot mister!! It was so bad I couldn't leave my house hardly. Fun Times for sure. Every thing that happened was WORTH IT!!
  25. shedo82773

    I was approved!

    Congrats!!! Hold on you are about to go on a SUPER EXCITING Journey!! Good Luck

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