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  1. LisaLouBop

    Maryland sleevers?!

    @@fsulady I live in St. Mary's county - when and where are the meetings at St. Mary's hospital? Thanks so much, Lisa
  2. LisaLouBop

    BAM....and there it is.

    @@gowalking THIS exactly!!!!! You could be me. Or, I could be you. He's so darn hurtful and yet I kept doing the same thing, I finally told dear old dad that I had WLS, he asked me how much I weighed when I started. So of course, stupid me, I told him. He said wow - you were a real cow weren't ya? Groan, why did I fall for it again? The man is 82 years old, has always been and will always be a narcissistic misogynist. And so there he is, living 500 miles away from me asking my brothers why doesn't she ever call me? BAM...and there it is.
  3. 30.00 copay per Dr's visit, 40.00 copay per nut visit. Although my monthly insurance premium for the "Un-Affordable" Care Act was 809.00 for that year. I guess for some of us it's pay me now or pay me later.
  4. @@LemonPoppyseed Do you mean an app for logging your food? I use my fitness pal and I've not found anything better. Of course I haven't been looking either. I too had let a few things creep back into my life since Thanksgiving and Christmas. I re-started my pre-op diet this past Monday, 4 days in and 6 pounds down. Could be Water weight, but I'll take it. I geared myself up to cut out all the excuses, back to diligently doing everything @@Inner Surfer Girl mentioned above. So far what I've noticed, I'm real good most of the day, if I need something, I'll have another water or a listerine wafer (yuck). Then 4pm rolls around and it becomes almost unbearable, a whole or half Protein drink/shake about then takes the hunger/craving right away and I'm able to make it to dinner. Best to you, keep us posted
  5. LisaLouBop

    My First 5K!

    @@Essence46 WOW congratulations girl, what an accomplishment. I hope I look that good after running my 5K. Not sure when, but I'm going to run some day.
  6. LisaLouBop

    Four week liquid diet....

    @@breezy25 I found the isopure clear Protein drink is best really really cold I also cut it in half with cold Water. I can tolerate the grape, and I still drink it over a year out now. you can do this breezy!!!!
  7. @@Chrystee You truly are an inspiration!! Thanks for that. Lisa
  8. @@Chrystee I guess I'd keep pushing the counseling to see if I could change his mind. All kinds of awesome changes are happening to you right now, physically, emotionally, and hormonal as well. If you feel the need, maybe go talk to someone yourself. You finally feel really great about yourself and what you've accomplished and the most important person in your life is acting like, meh... That is mighty hurtful and I don't blame you for being concerned.
  9. @@prez You write about failure, but you can't fail unless you give up. Since you wrote on this forum maybe that means you might not be ready to give up yet. I could ask you all the obvious questions, but I'm not going to. I'll ask this one though, have you considered a revision from sleeve to bypass? Would that be an option you would be interested in?
  10. @@prez 40 lbs down in a little over a year? Wow, when was the last time you did that? Believe me, I'm not lighting the world on fire either, but I'm sure a heck of a lot better off now than I was before surgery. I know more than I did before, do you?
  11. LisaLouBop

    Snow Day Fun

    Just got home from work, Gas for the generator- check Fill the bathtubs with Water - check Propane tanks are full and the fireplace lights - check Turkey chili in the crockpot - check Veggie platter prepared - check Let it snow
  12. @@jensfaboo Congratulations, hope your appointment went well. I was sleeved 12/17/14, I am so grateful.
  13. LisaLouBop


    Yeah, 48 lbs in less than 3 months is awesome. What does your doctors' office say since you see them every month?
  14. @@JustWatchMe Awesome Job, I bet you feel like superwoman!!!
  15. LisaLouBop

    Stretching pouch

    I could drink 64 oz of water before I left the hospital 2 days post op vsg. What phase, type surgery are you?
  16. LisaLouBop

    Isopure Disgusting!

    6 months out from surgery and I still drink the grape from time to time. Try it over ice, anything less than ice cold is not tolerable.
  17. LisaLouBop

    Am I being a dishonest Christian?

    @@TeamMe No, not even a twinge of guilt. I'm far enough out from surgery and have lost enough to be obvious and it doesn't matter to me who knows what about anything. Acquaintances who comment about my transformation, get the "just working on getting healthy" response. Sometimes they might inquire further, in which I'll do the big reveal that I try to stay at 800 calories a day and exercise regularly. So far no one has asked any further questions.
  18. Sleeved 12/17/14 Height 5'2" Starting Weight/BMI 235/41.6 Current Weight/BMI 181/32.1 54 lbs lost so far. Amazing!!!!
  19. LisaLouBop

    Setting up my fitness pal

    @@Jessica Radcliff Yeah, I'm not exactly sure how she calculated it, but I've been sticking to it as close as possible. I feel real good about the results so far, and that's what matters to me.
  20. LisaLouBop

    The hard thing may not be what you think it is

    @@JustWatchMe Incredible post. Beautifully written. Thank you
  21. LisaLouBop

    What's the story behind your profile name?

    My nickname is LisaLou, it was already taken, so I just added a Bop on the end. My hooker name is Ciji French, ha ha ha... Too funny
  22. LisaLouBop

    Learning how to eat slowly!

    I still struggle with this.
  23. Dr. Alejandro Gandsas, Anne Arundel Medical Center, Annapolis, Maryland 12/17/14
  24. LisaLouBop

    TWO month stall!

    You are singing my song. Sleeved on12/17, stalled Jan 2nd - finally the scale started moving the last week of February. The last 8 lbs of my weight loss has been since the last week of February. I believe 2 major things contributed to it - my sister had a stroke (Jan 3rd - came home March 1st) I was NOT exercising like I should have been. I was not drinking enough Water. I found as soon as I did something where I worked up a sweat everyday, drank my water - that darn scale started moving.

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